7 Tips To Increase Engagement To Improve Church Attendance

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Church leaders are always looking for ways to improve church attendance. Most of the time, it all comes down to finding ways to increase engagement. Even the most devout members may not want to attend if they feel bored or seem to have no purpose within the church. This doesn’t mean you have to give up. This means your members need you more now than ever. They need church leaders to engage them and make church something to look forward to every week. 1. Ask What Members Enjoy/Want Most While 40% of Americans say they attend church weekly, the real …

6 Ways You Can Grow Your Church This Year

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Would you like to see more members in your church each week? Maybe you want to have a bigger variety of ages. If growth has plateaued or decreased, don’t give up hope. You can grow your church this year by employing a few simple strategies. Let your church family help you and together you’ll be able to increase growth and reach far more people in your community. 1. Focus On Your Website Content First off, if you don’t have a website, you need one. Many people research churches online before ever walking through the doors. If you’re not online, your …

8 Tips To Using Social Media To Build Your Church Online

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A website isn’t the only way to build your church online. There’s also the ever important social media. Whether you love it or hate, you can’t deny how popular it is, especially with millennials. If you want to reach existing church members and gain new members, social media is a powerful tool. To make the most of it, you have to be active. Think of social media as a way to have conversations with anyone and everyone all at one time. 1. Interact During Peak Times One of the benefits of using social media to build your church online is …

Why People Blame The Church

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It’s far too common for people to blame the church for any and everything. Most of the time, the church isn’t to blame at all. However, there are some issues that church leaders may be able to learn from. You can take the complaints and use them to improve the church. While you’ll never make everyone that comes through your doors happy, it does help to understand why they’re blaming the church in the first place. They Can’t Find The Right Community Community is one of the top reasons people attend church, outside of worship, of course. In fact, 78% of …

Get The Unchurched Through Your Doors

How To Get The Unchurched To Walk Through Your Doors

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We know that most churches are looking for ways to improve attendance and increase their members. Sadly, it’s not always as easy as just posting a “welcome” sign outside the church. If you want to increase both members and attendance, you need to find ways to get the unchurched to walk through your doors. Don’t discount the unchurched. Many still have faith, but they’re just not sure where to go for guidance or which church might be the right fit for them. Understanding The Unchurched The most important to thing to understand about the unchurched is that many still believe, …

9 important church statistics for 2017

9 Important Church Statistics For 2017

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Sometimes it’s hard to see why church attendance is dropping or what things need to change to appeal to those still trying to find their faith. When you look at church statistics, don’t get discouraged. Yes, the numbers might make you want to throw up your hands and leave it all in God’s hands, but they just prove that the world hasn’t given up on having faith just yet. As long as millions are attending church, even if it’s not every Sunday, there’s hope. Use these statistics to help breathe life back into your church family and continue engaging members …