8 Top Church App Companies

8 Top Church App Companies To Help You Connect With Your Community

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One of the best ways to make your church more modern is with your own branded app to help everyone stay connected.

Unless you’ve got an app developer as one of your members, you’ll need to compare church app companies to see which one is best for your needs.

From keeping track of church activities to making donations, an app could be just what you need to improve attendance and engage your members. Compare these top companies to get your own church app.

The Top Church App Companies

1. Custom Church Apps

$1000 Startup | $50-$130/month

According to the Custom Church Apps site, they’ve helped over 4,000 churches create customized apps. The great thing is they have a 30-day trial to let you see if they’re the right company for your needs. Their team helps you choose the right theme and creates customized images, fonts, backgrounds and more. They’ll even walk you through the final product step-by-step and make changes as needed.

2. Aware3

$0 Startup | $79-$219/month

Aware3 is one of the best church app companies for engaging, professional apps. They focus their apps on generosity, communication and connection, which are three important staples for any church. They have a growing library of features, such as live polling, sermon notes, mobile giving and chat. A free demo is available.

3. Apollo Apps

$0 Startup | $69/month

If you’re looking for a feature-rich app, Apollo Apps may be at the top of your church app companies comparison list. You work one-on-one with professional developers to create a branded app perfect for your church family. The app grows with you because you can request changes anytime. Plus, any content you change or upload is updated live, so no app refreshes are necessary.

4. Go Church App

$1000 Startup | $27-$129/month

Go Church App is an ideal choice if you want to try the service before committing. They’re developers understand ministry because they have experience in ministry. Plus, the 30-day free trial allows you make sure the developers fully grasp your goals with the app. Built-in forms make it easy to engage volunteers and push notifications eliminate excuses for forgetting important church events.

5. The Church App

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Better engage your members with an app from The Church App. It’s one of the top church app companies focusing on increasing engagement. They also go beyond apps to help with podcasts, creating an Apple TV app to show your sermons and developing your giving solution. Their apps even focus on something that’s a precious commodity – saving mobile data.

6. Unify Church App

$99 Startup | $99/month

Unify Church App goes above and beyond in comparison to other church app companies. Their apps remind you more of mobile websites, full of great features. They focus on creating an active community and even include user registration and profiles so members are able to easily interact with each other via the app. Maps, prayer walls, a document library and even a blog are just a few of the features available with their apps.

7. FaithLink Apps

$300 Startup | $50-$80+/month

FaithLink Apps helps you design custom church apps by partnering you with developers who are experienced in ministry. This means they understand what your church family needs, how to better engage members and how to blend traditional church with a modern app. While their apps are optimized for Apple devices, they’re also compatible with Android. They have a feature list, but they’re eager to create custom features for your church.

8. Subsplash

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Among church app companies, Subsplash may be the best when it comes to video. Their apps are designed to showcase video in the best quality. You can also easily integrate audio, such as an audio-only podcast, as well. The company focuses on integrating the best parts of your website into a portable app for your members to carry with them. They even have a notes feature to let your members jot down important notes during service and even questions they might have for later.


Even before you have a church app, make sure you have a church website to further engage your members. Find out how our church website services perfectly compliment a church app.

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