Church Website Targeting

Church Website Targeting | Who Are You Trying To Reach?

When it comes to building a church website one of the first questions we ask every client is “Who are you trying to reach?” This is the question of church website targeting. While we have heard every answer under the sun to that question, there is one that we seem to get more often that all the others.  Churches consistently tell us “We want to reach everybody.” Often they will accompany that answer with a very spiritual backing.  “Jesus accepted everyone, so I think we should do the same.”  Well, we agree with you that both Jesus and your website should …

Church Website Content Is King

Church Website Content | Seven Items You Can’t Forget

In the web development industry we have a saying. Content is king.  When you strip away all of the graphic sliders, and parallax images, what you are left is the content of your website.  The look and feel of the website is what catches peoples attention but the church website content is what actually engages people. Before we go any further, we need to have a good working definition of what we mean by content.  For the purpose of this conversation church website content is any information including  text, images, audio and video that is created to communicate information to …

the anatomy of a perfect blog post

Infographic: How To Write The Perfect Church Blog Post

Does your church have a blog?  It probably should.  A church blog provides another avenue for leaders to reach their community and beyond with the Gospel. If you do have a blog, have you ever wondered how to write a post that will engage your readers and drive them to make your blog post go viral? While there is no hard and fast rule, here is a detailed breakdown of how to write a killer blog post that will have a higher likelihood of being shared by your readers. For help creating a church website with a blog that will engage …

Church Facebook Reach

INFOGRAPHIC: How To Improve Your Church’s Facebook Reach

Have you noticed a change in the number of people you are reaching when your church posts on Facebook?  Facebook has made it clear that organizations, including churches should expect that at some point their organic reach will hit zero. Facebook is becoming a pay to play environment for churches, but that’s not to say you can’t still reach people organically. Here are some strategies your church can use to make sure your posts are seen by a high percentage of those who like your page. Infographic Courtesy of QuickSprout

interactive church website

An Interactive Church Website Past to Present

What is an interactive church website, really? If you have been a part of or have known a little about the church web industry for a while now you will have heard the words “interactive church website” a time or two for sure. When church websites were born on the internet they all started out like very static brochures or were postcard-like pages. They just gave the user who came to the website the information the organization felt that user needed to have. But when did an interactive church website become important? Well after a couple years, the need for …

church website branding is important

Church Website Branding Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think

“Branding” is a bit of a buzz word right now out there in ministry and within church leadership. Over the past couple of years ministry leaders have started to realize that they need a brand for their local church or ministry. This is a good thing! I remember a time when churches just thought doing a couple different things for their marketing or just having a website out there was good enough. “It covered the base” so to speak and that was enough. It’s refreshing to now see pastors and ministry leaders knowing they need to go deeper and do …

Put a call to action on your church website

Call To Action | Why Every Church Website Needs One

A strong call to action is the foundation of every great marketing effort. For those who might be unfamiliar with the term, a call to action is where the marketer asks the person who is being engaged to respond with a desired action. It tells the person what they do next if they want the benefits that are being described in the piece.  In web development, a good call to action is the difference between a site that works and one that doesn’t. Successful businesses understand the importance of having a strong call to action on every page of their website. …

sitting on the couch looking at google search on computer

Church Website SEO | Four Tips To Improve Your Ranking

Church Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more important today that it ever has been.  It is the way we learn about just about everything. Need a plumber? Google it. Want to know if a restaurant is any good? Ask Siri. This is how we make decisions. The bigger the decision, the more likely someone is to start with an online search. If people are unwilling to go to a restaurant before they check out the reviews online, they are certainly going to do several searches before they buy a car, or a new home. And one of the biggest …

young man looking at website on mobile phone

Mobile Friendly Church Websites Are No Longer Optional

When thinking about mobile friendly church websites, it may be best to start by looking at the past. It used to be that when a church needed a website they would have one developed and check it in a variety of different browsers.  There a was a time when almost everyone used Internet Explorer (You are not still using IE are you?) but it was still important that you checked to make sure your church website worked well in Firefox, and Safari, and the fledgling Chrome browser.  The reasoning was that we wanted the doors to our churches to be …