11 Easy and Effective Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

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As a church leader, you know how important it is to inspire your members to give. Giving funds your church’s activities and allows you to serve your community. And, of course, there’s plenty of Scripture about giving that tells us how vital it is.

Along with collecting regular tithes and offerings, church fundraisers are great opportunities to encourage giving while building community with your congregation. If you need ideas for easy church fundraisers to fill your calendar this year, look no further!

Let’s dive into these eleven simple yet engaging options for fundraisers.

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Hosting Church Fundraisers

Hosting Church Fundraisers

Church fundraisers are events organized by the church community to raise funds for various purposes. These events play a vital role in supporting the church’s missions, projects, and activities. There are many creative ways to organize church fundraisers that engage both church members and the wider community.

Before we get into our list of our favorite church fundraising ideas, let’s quickly explore everything that goes into hosing one of these events.

Planning Engaging Events

Planning a church fundraiser involves several practical steps. First, decide on the type of event, such as a bake sale or car wash (or one of our many other ideas). Next, set a date and location, considering the availability of volunteers and attendees.

Then, gather supplies and materials needed for the event, like baked goods or car washing equipment. Promote the fundraiser within the church community and to the public through flyers, social media, and word of mouth.

Finally, assign tasks to community members, such as baking, washing cars, or manning booths. With good planning and teamwork, the church fundraiser can be a success in raising money for its goals.

Supporting the Church’s Mission

The funds raised through church fundraisers are essential for supporting the church’s mission and outreach efforts. Whether it’s funding youth programs, supporting local charities, or financing a mission trip, every dollar raised contributes to the church’s ability to make a positive impact in the community and beyond.

For instance, funds raised from a car wash could help finance a mission trip to build homes in a developing country, allowing church members to serve others in need while spreading the message of love and compassion.

Church fundraisers play a crucial role in raising money to support the church community and its various initiatives. By organizing engaging events and rallying support from both church members and the wider community, churches can continue to fulfill their mission and make a meaningful difference in the world.

11 Fundraising Ideas for Church

11 Fundraising Ideas for Church

Here is our list of the top 11 fundraising ideas for churches. From concerts to charity walks, this wide assortment of ideas is sure to lead to your next fundraiser!

Our first church fundraising idea is a classic: cookie dough fundraiser. But they’re a classic for a reason, and they’re easier to start than you may think. To set your congregation up with delicious treats, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a product fundraising partner to work with that offers wholesale cookie dough and online sales.
  2. Sell cookie dough by sharing the link to your custom online store and selling in person using catalogs.
  3. Encourage your congregation and wider community to buy cookies!

According to ABC Fundraising’s cookie dough page, these fundraisers can make up to 80% profit for your church with no upfront costs. Find out what your members’ favorite cookie flavors are, then start raising funds!

2. Concert Fundraiser

We all know how moving an experience a concert can be. Concerts are a perfect option for inspiring your community while fundraising. Contact a nearby Christian artist and ask if they’d be interested, or consider asking multiple local musicians to perform. 

Concert fundraisers are most effective when hosted in person due to how connected they can make live audiences feel, but you can also reach a wider audience by livestreaming the concert. Church members and their friends can make small donations in exchange for tickets, and you can raise more money by selling refreshments at the concert itself.

3. Car Wash Fundraiser

Car Wash Fundraiser

Organizing a Car Wash Church Fundraiser is simple and fun. Start by choosing a date and location, preferably the church parking lot. Spread the word about the fundraising campaign through flyers, social media, and announcements during church services.

Gather supplies like soap, sponges, and hoses. Encourage the church members involved to volunteer to wash cars or assist with logistics. Set a reasonable price for the car wash and offer additional services like interior cleaning or waxing for extra funds.

During the event, provide refreshments and play upbeat music to create a welcoming atmosphere. Car wash fundraisers are effective and enjoyable fundraising events for the church community.

4. Church Cookbook Fundraiser

Organizing a church cookbook fundraiser is a delightful way to support church fundraising events. Start by inviting church members to contribute their favorite recipes. Create a simple format for submitting recipes, including details like ingredients, instructions, and a brief story behind the dish.

Compile the recipes into a cohesive cookbook, adding some charming church anecdotes or photos to personalize it. Decide on a reasonable selling price for the cookbook, considering printing costs and fundraising efforts. Promote the cookbook within the church community and beyond, using social media, church bulletins, and word of mouth.

Organize a cookbook launch event where people can purchase the cookbook and sample some of the featured recipes. Encourage church members to buy copies for themselves and as gifts for friends and family.

A church cookbook fundraiser not only raises funds but also builds community spirit and culinary creativity within the church community.

5. Silent Auction

Organizing a church silent auction is a great way to raise funds and bring the community together. Start by collecting donated items from church members and local businesses. Items can include gift baskets, handmade crafts, and gift certificates.

Set up tables with the items displayed and bid sheets nearby. Promote the auction through church bulletins, social media, and announcements. Encourage attendees to browse the items and write their bids on the sheets.

At the end of the event, announce the highest bidders and collect payments. Thank everyone for their participation and support.

Here are some auction item ideas:

  • Gift baskets (themed or assorted)
  • Homemade baked goods
  • Handcrafted items (knitted scarves, pottery)
  • Artwork (paintings, photography)
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants or shops
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Spa packages
  • Electronics (headphones, speakers)
  • Home decor items
  • Outdoor gear (camping equipment, gardening tools)

6. TikTok Challenge Fundraiser

TikTok Challenge Fundraiser

If your younger members haven’t convinced your church to join TikTok yet, it’s likely only a matter of time. The social media platform’s wide popularity and potential for viral moments has convinced plenty of brands, organizations, and churches to create their own accounts.

Tap into TikTok’s potential by starting a video challenge that asks anyone who participates to make a donation to your church. Give users a task to film themselves doing, then ask them to donate and challenge their friends, too.

Ask for ideas from your congregation, or get inspired by other popular video challenges online. Also, if your members aren’t as active on TikTok as they are on other platforms, you could host the challenge on Instagram or Facebook instead.

This is one of the best youth group fundraising ideas because most members of your youth group are most likely already active on the app and know how to use it. If your youth group is trying to raise money for a camp or trip, this is the perfect fundraiser for it!

7. Peer-to-Peer Campaign

The statistics don’t lie: online donations are the most popular way to give to churches. You can encourage more of your community to give online and get your members directly involved in fundraising by starting a peer-to-peer campaign.

To start a peer-to-peer fundraiser, your church should:

  1. Ask for volunteers to raise money on your church’s behalf. 
  2. Provide your volunteers with tips and tools that they need to fundraise, including individual donation pages and donation letter templates
  3. Encourage volunteers to reach out to their personal social networks to find new donors for your church.

An added benefit of peer-to-peer fundraisers is that your members get a chance to share with their friends why they’re involved with your church, spreading your message and maybe even inspiring their contacts to join!

8. Discount Card Fundraiser

This easy fundraiser involves creating a custom discount card with your church’s name and coupons for several local businesses. You and your members can sell these cards at church, at events, and online. 

Your church likely already has some relationships with local businesses, but discount card fundraisers allow you to create even more. Ask your members if they have connections to any businesses that can help your church get your foot in the door. Discount card fundraisers also inspire a sense of community by encouraging support for the stores in your area. 

9. Charity Walk/Run

Charity Walk/Run

A church charity walk/run is a fun and meaningful way to support a cause while bringing the community together. Start by choosing a date, route, and location for the event, ensuring it’s accessible and safe for participants of all ages. Decide on a charitable cause or organization to support, such as local charities, missions, or community projects.

Promote the event within the church community and beyond through announcements, flyers, and social media. Encourage participants to collect pledges or donations from friends, family, and neighbors to support the cause.

On the day of the event, create a festive atmosphere with music, banners, and refreshments. Provide participants with t-shirts or bibs to wear during the walk/run. After the event, celebrate everyone’s efforts and contributions, and announce the total amount raised for the charity.

A church charity walk/run not only raises funds for important causes but also promotes unity, health, and service within the community.

10. Text-to-Donate Campaign

A mobile giving campaign is one of the easiest ways to raise money for your church’s operations. Using fundraising or church texting software, you’ll get a designed phone number and choose a keyword supporters can text to instantly get a link to your online donation page.

That’s not all texting can do for your church. Along with making it quick and easy to give, you can use texting to:

  • Promote events
  • Share prayer requests
  • Send out important church updates

Let your church leadership have a hand in creating your text communications plan. By meeting your members where many of them are—on their phones—you can inspire giving and build stronger relationships with your members over time.

11. Matching Gifts Campaign

A campaign promoting matching gifts is Double the Donation’s #1 church fundraising idea. This is an opportunity to educate your community about employer matching gift programs, which match eligible donations made by their employees at a certain ratio, often 1:1.

Some employers may have restrictions that prevent them from matching gifts made directly to churches, but they may match gifts that support specific church initiatives or other faith-based organizations that your church partners with. It’s still worthwhile to ask your donors to look into.

This fundraiser is easy to accomplish and can make a major impact on the amount of donations your church receives. By spreading awareness of the opportunity and letting your members know how to check their eligibility, you’ll encourage more matched contributions!

Church Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraising Ideas

No matter which fundraisers you decide to launch, make sure to consider your congregation’s preferences and habits when planning. Think about which fundraisers have been well-received in the past, and ask your members directly what types of events or products they’re most excited about. Then, you’ll be on your way to creating successful and inspiring fundraisers.

Good luck on your fundraisers and God bless!

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