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The Google Grant Gives Churches $10,000 per Month To Use To Reach Their Community.

How Will Your Church Use It?


Grow Your Church With The Google Grant!

Do you want to see more visitors at church on Sunday, but are unsure of how to make that happen?

Have you invested in marketing and outreach programs that have produced ZERO results?

With all the fluff and misinformation out there it’s hard to know who to trust or what advice to follow.

At REACHRIGHT, we have a proven track record of helping churhes take advantage of the Google Grant and turn those free marketing dollars into visitors on Sunday.

It’s really quite simple. Google gives non-profits $10,000 each month in free Adwords advertising. It’s yours to use as you see fit on their platform.

But the challenge for most churches is learning how to spend it. That’s where we step it. To put it plainly, we will help you spend the free money Google gives you.

Hundreds of churches have partnered with us to help them see more visitors. Let us show you why.

Learn how you can see a huge increase in visitors by letting REACHRIGHT help you spend Google’s money.

Let’s help you see more visitors.
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