8 best church apps for men

8 Best Church Apps For Men

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Apps are great for staying in touch on social media, playing games and checking email, but what about helping a Christian man explore his faith?

Church apps for men are designed to help answer the specific challenges today’s men face. From guidance to inspiration, it’s an easy way to stay close to God simply from your smartphone.

Don’t worry about trying to dig through hundreds or even thousands of church apps to find the right one. Start with one or more of these eight apps and get even more benefits from your phone or tablet.

1. Live Bold

The Live Bold app is a companion to the Live Bold site. It’s made for both men’s ministry and solo study and guidance. Receive daily devotions and prayers specifically geared towards men. For those who want to live an even bolder Christian life, there are insider podcasts, discussion forums and more. Some features do require a membership.

2. Kindle

While it might not seem like one of the best church apps for men, Kindle is a free app that offers access to millions of books through Amazon. Some books are free and others are available from fellow Christian men for less than $5. Enjoy study guides, inspirational stories, tips and advice, Bibles for men and much more.

3. Man Up God’s Way

Man Up God’s Way If you want to connect with other men to discuss issues and go beyond just being a passionate follower, might be the perfect app. It’s one of the top church apps for men as it goes beyond just an app and serves as an online men’s ministry. There are areas for confession, discussion, study and more, but all in an anonymous environment where you’ll feel safe sharing your trials and tribulations.

4. Soulcon

The Soulcon app is a companion to the men’s ministry website by the same name. The app is designed to help men stay accountable on-the-go. Through the numerous resources, you’re able to meet other Christian men and become stronger in your faith. Soulcon is a ministry designed to help turn men into warriors that are capable of facing the challenges that life throws in their paths.

5. YouVersion Bible App

Every Christian man needs a Bible app and the YouVersion Bible App is one of the most popular. Read or listen to the Bible, highlight scripture, make notes, create reading plans and set bookmarks. It’s easy to start using but has ample features to let men (and anyone else) study the Bible wherever they are.

6. iDisciple

If you’re particularly busy, you might want an app that does it all. With iDisciple, you get a Bible, articles, music, sermons, audiobooks and so much more. You can even curate what content works best for you, making it one of the best church apps for men. Pre-packaged growth plans are designed to jump-start your studies. However, all of the features aren’t free. While you can get the basics, premium features starting at $4.99 / month or $39.99 / year.

7. Giantslayers

The Giantslayers app is part of Cavetime, which is designed to lead and inspire men as they grow their relationship with God and their loved ones. The app provides daily devotionals, content, links to resources and even personal spiritual assessments to help you determine what to do next. While the app is free, you’ll receive discounts on products and events to further guide your studies and spiritual journey. You’ll also be able to connect with a large community of other Christian men.

8. He Reads Truth

He Reads Truth is a guided scripture app that encourages daily reading and reflection. It’s one of the more simple church apps for men, but no less effective. Start with daily scripture and continue your reading with the full-text Bible. Take notes and add bookmarks as you go. One thing that sets this app apart from the rest is daily questions to go along with the reading. Take a moment to truly reflect on the scripture and how it pertains to your life. Four questions help prompt you to journal your thoughts. Do this privately or share them with the community.

Does your church have its own app or men’s ministry resources? Add them to your church’s website today to ensure men are able to find the guidance they need.

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