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Can people find your church online? And, if they do, does your church website make an outstanding first impression? At REACHRIGHT, we understand the unique challenges busy churches and ministries face when it comes to online marketing. We're a team of pastors, church leaders, and marketers. And we know first-hand what it takes to create an effective digital marketing strategy for churches. Our goal is to help churches like yours reach more people and grow.
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Visit the REACHRIGHT blog for resources that will help you learn and grow. You'll find strategies, resources, and tips for pastors, ministry leaders, and church marketers.
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Join Thomas and Ian for the weekly REACHRIGHT podcast. The podcast tackles timely issues for church leaders and dives into various church marketing and church communications topics.
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Your digital presence is the front door to your church, and you only have one chance to make a first impression. Our free Online Strategy Review provides a downloadable PDF with a 100-point assessment of how your online presence ranks in ten key areas.

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Does your website showcase your church’s unique personality and DNA? Is it technically sound and SEO-optimized so people can find you? Let our team help you build a beautiful, cutting-edge website that helps you stand out and tell your story.
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What happens when someone types “churches near me” into a search engine? Does your church show up at the top or are you buried on page three of search results? Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the number one factor determining whether people can find your website online.
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Did you know that Google offers up to $10,000 a month in free advertising for nonprofits, including churches? The Google Ad Grant helps your church get seen by more people and it's completely free for you. Click below to check your eligibility.
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