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9 Best Commentaries on Matthew for Your Library

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Matthew is one of the most popular and powerful books of the Bible, telling the story of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. We’ve rounded up some of the best commentaries on Matthew to aid your study of this incredible book.

If you are a pastor or teacher hoping to gain deeper insights into the book for a sermon or teaching you are preparing for, or even if you are just someone who wants to understand the Word of God in a deeper way, Bible commentaries can be helpful. 

These authors have devoted time and resources to every word of the book of Matthew. They have created a collection of notes, answers, and insights into the various facets of the gospel.

Studying this book can be confusing or difficult. Thankfully, these nine best commentaries on Matthew can give you a framework in order to study it.

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What Makes a Biblical Commentary Effective?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of New Testament commentaries on Matthew’s gospel. Obviously, that’s a lot! We have collected the nine best commentaries to make things easier for you. You might also want to check out the best bible study software options to aid you in your study.

These widely known Matthew commentaries have received positive reception ever since being published. Some of these have been out for many decades, and have undoubtedly stood the test of time as tried and true biblical commentaries on Matthew that are effective and informative.

So, what makes these Bible commentaries so good?


Firstly, a commentary’s effectiveness is relative to its level of complexity. Some commentaries are meant for theologians and biblical scholars, while others are meant for beginners to the book of Matthew.

Both are important, but they will be most effective when used by the appropriate audience.

In our descriptions of the nine best commentaries on Matthew below, we detail the complexity level of each one and suggest its target audience.


Secondly, we must take into account the author of the commentary. The authors of these commentaries aren’t perfect, and they come from a variety of backgrounds and theological beliefs.

It’s important to know a little background about where the author is coming from before jumping in.

While all of the authors of the nine best commentaries on Matthew are effective writers, they come from a variety of different backgrounds and beliefs, so we provide that information for you so you know where the author is coming from beforehand.


Finally, it’s important that a commentary has had time to be read and studied by multiple people over multiple years. A high-level analytical study is often noted for careful and sane exegesis.

All of the nine best commentaries on Matthew below have received acclaim and praise. All kinds of people have had time to review and judge them.

9 Best Commentaries on Matthew

Expositor's Bible Commentary

1. Matthew by D. A. Carson

Expositor’s Bible Commentary

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary is one of the highest-ranked and most popular commentary on Matthew, with an intermediate level of complexity and depth.

This valuable resource on the book of Matthew is focused primarily towards pastors, and works great alongside the best bible study tools for church leaders. Carson’s commentary on the gospel is thorough but digestible. Thus, it finds the perfect balance of details and readability.

Presently ranked among the top commentaries on Matthew, Carson’s study provides notes and commentary on every passage and applications that are practical to everyday life.

The more technical notes, regarding the transliteration or translation of languages in the original text, are made accessible to readers with limited knowledge of these topics.

Carson’s study uses the New International Version (NIV) as a basis for its study. It also refers to other translations as well.

Carson, a well-renowned author known for his commentary on the gospel of John in the “Pillar” series, is a reformed, non-dispensationalist, evangelical theologian.

In controversial portions of the text, Carson provides information on all viewpoints in the discussion. He weighs all beliefs carefully to provide his best-judged conclusions.

The Gospel of Matthew New International Commentary

2. The Gospel of Matthew by R. T. France

New International Commentary on the New Testament

An accessible helpful commentary used commonly as a resource for pastors and teachers.

The New International Commentary on The Gospel of Matthew commonly ties with Carson’s Expositor’s Bible Commentary on Matthew as the best biblical commentary resource for pastors and teachers.

France’s study has proven popular and powerful. It focuses primarily on providing an exegetical look at the gospel of Matthew, meaning it is a study on the critical explanation and interpretation of the text, rather than all of the various views and beliefs surrounding it. It is often lauded as a great resource for pastors and students of Scripture.

R. T. France was a member of the NIV translation committee, an evangelical who served in the Anglican church and taught at Oxford University. While his commentary can get heavy and dense, France is praised for his clear and concise writing style, making it accessible to theologians and beginners alike.

Hagner World Biblical

3. Matthew by Donald A. Hagner

World Biblical Commentary

An advanced and technical study of Matthew.

Another well-known and well-reviewed biblical commentary on Matthew, Hagner’s study on Matthew 1-13 and Matthew 14-28 takes a technical and detailed look into the scripture. Therefore this is a more advanced commentary focused towards pastors, professors, and theologians.

This commentary is thorough and dense with insights and conclusions. The study heavily leans into the Greek text of Matthew, making it best for those with knowledge of the language and its biblical applications.

Donald A. Hagner is a pastor in the Presbyterian church and a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary in California. His commentary on Matthew’s gospel is clear, detailed, and well-organized. It has an emphasis on the weighing of various viewpoints surrounding the text, and the conclusions that can be drawn from them.

The New American by Craig Blomberg

4. Matthew by Craig L. Blomberg

New American Commentary

A shorter, but still equally rich study of the gospel of Matthew, accessible to pastors, teachers, and bible studies.

Blomberg’s commentary on Matthew focuses on the three stages of the ministry of Jesus Christ as told through the book of Matthew. It provides a deep and meaningful understanding of the text, as well as fresh interpretations and applications for the reader.

Though the commentary covers the birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection, and kingdom work of Jesus, it does so more quickly than many others, while still not lacking any of the revelation or insight.

Craig Blomberg is known for his 1 Corinthians biblical commentary in the NIVAC series and his James commentary in the ZECNT series. He teaches at Denver Seminary, a Baptist school. His commentary on Matthew in particular is praised for its accessibility and place as a resource for sermons, class rooms, and bible studies.

International Critical Commentary

5. Matthew by W. D. Davies and D. C. Allison

An expansive and dense commentary on Matthew generally meant for scholars and advanced students with a passing knowledge of Greek. This set is comprised of Matthew 1-7, Matthew 8-18, and Matthew 19-28.

Massive, technical, and detailed, this three-volume study of the gospel of Matthew may be the most thorough investigation of the text on this list.

Generally considered to be the best, most complete commentary on Matthew ever written. It commonly includes the study of the Greek language and its translation and transliteration. So readers without knowledge of Greek text may find it difficult to understand.

Davies was a Reformed pastor and Congregationalist, and Allison teaches at Princeton Theological Seminary. They are praised for their deep and thorough exploration of Matthew in this commentary.

The Gospel According to Matthew

6. The Gospel According to Matthew by Leon Morris

Pillar New Testament Commentary

Intermediate in its complexity, this commentary offers deep and enriching insights to scholars and beginners alike.

The Gospel According to Matthew is hailed as one of the best all-around studies of Matthew’s gospel. It deep dives into the details and technicalities while still being an easy read for most.

Though it often references the original Greek, Morris provides his personal interpretation of the passages, meaning those without any knowledge of the Greek language can still understand it.

The study moves through the book in a digestible fashion, spending enough time on each passage to provide powerful insights but never getting too bogged down. Suggested for pastors, professors, students, and general readers alike.

Leon Morris was an evangelical affiliated with the Anglican church and is well-known for his commentary on the book of Romans in the same series. His work is generally cited as a valuable resource for those hoping to learn all they can from the books of the Bible in a clear and concise way.

Concordia Commentary

7. Matthew by Jeffrey A. Gibbs

Concordia Commentary

Seminary-level in complexity, this commentary targets pastors, professors, and teachers in a way that is deep and profound without getting technical.

In Matthew 1:1 to 1:11, Matthew 11:2 to 20:34, and Matthew 21:1 to 28:20 commentary on the gospel of Matthew, Gibbs takes the time to focus on each and every word, pulling deep revelation and insight from the text.

There is also an emphasis on connecting the passages of Matthew with the rest of the Scripture, especially the Old Testament.

The goal of the entirety of the Concordia Commentary series is to keep the studies centered on Christ, never veering too far outside the lines of what is written in Scripture, while also providing practical applications for the readers.

Jeffrey A. Gibbs is an evangelical and Lutheran. His Matthew commentary undeniably affirms the power, divinity, and authority of the Scripture being studied. It primarily targets pastors and teachers.

Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

8. Matthew by Grant R. Osborne

Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

A rigorous and thorough commentary with an exegetical focus on Matthew. It still maintains approachability and accessibility to readers of different levels.

All in all, this Matthew commentary is heavily exegetical and expository, with a solid blend between history and theology. It is a suggested resource for pastors, teachers, or serious students.

Despite its higher level of complexity and depth, it is still accessible to most readers. The study has a specific outlook on the text, but looks at a wide range of views to provide the reader with an array of interpretations.

Grant R. Osborne was an Arminian that served on the NLT translation committee. His Revelation commentary in the Baker Exegetical Commentary series on the New Testament is what he is generally best known for.

Teach the Text Commentary Series - top good commentaries

9. Matthew by Jeannine K. Brown

Teach the Text Commentary Series

A digestible commentary aimed at equipping pastors with everything they need to teach or preach the gospel of Matthew.

Overall, this Matthew commentary is one of the most approachable and readable studies on this list. Dr. Brown’s commentary generally provides readers with everything they need to effectively communicate the Scripture.

Significantly, the study is split into units that break down the passages of Matthew into important themes. There are suggestions on how to teach various portions of the text, along with illustrations, maps, and photos. Certainly the perfect balance between interpretation and application that many pastors will find helpful.

Doctor Jeannine K. Brown served on the NIV translation committee and teaches at a Baptist seminary. She writes the commentary as a way to understand the book of Matthew as theological commentary. There are many connections with the text and other parts of Scripture, to fully support the life and ministry of Jesus.

Conclusion: Best Commentaries on Matthew

There you have our list of the top nine best commentaries on Matthew. These studies provide a vast array of options for your needs, whether you are a pastor or teacher, a theologian or a beginner. All of the commentaries on this list have stood the test of time, with outstanding reviews and praise. We know that finding the perfect bible commentary to fit your needs can be difficult, but hopefully, this list made it much easier!

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