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Make Life Easier With These 7 Church Giving Apps

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Tithing is a challenge many churches have had for centuries, but thanks to church giving apps, that doesn’t have to be as much of an issue as it used to be.

Let’s face it, sometimes you just forget to bring cash or you prefer to only carry cards. That doesn’t mean members don’t want to help support the church.

Instead, they prefer the simplicity and security of tithing via an app. Plus, it’s also easier for your church to quickly calculate amounts and manage your church’s account.

For more information – see our list of top online giving providers for churches.

1. is one of the most popular church giving apps. Not only does it feature several ways for your members to tithe, including texting to give, it also features advanced admin tools to generate reports and keep track of your finances. The great part is the app can be customized for your church to boost engagement while increasing donations. If you just want to use the free version versus the customized one, it’s only 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction or $59 per month for the premium version.

2. Givelify

Givelify works with all types of organizations to make it easier to accept donations online or via mobile. The great thing is there are no contracts or monthly fees. You only pay 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Deposits happen as early as the next day. It’s free for your donors and all it takes is three quick taps to donate. It couldn’t be any easier for your church or members.

3. Qgiv

Qgiv works much like Givelify. Collect regular donations and set things up to collect donations from special events. The app and platform is extremely flexible and takes only minutes to set up. The only downside is it does cost more. The free version is 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction. Plans then start at $49 per month along with the transaction fees. Most churches should do well with the free version.

4. e360 Giving

With e360 Giving, you get one of the most flexible church giving apps. People can tithe via the app, text or with a giving kiosk, if you want to add one. You also get access to powerful reports to help you track funds and see where the most donations originate from, such as mobile or text, to see what works best for your church’s needs. You can even add customized branding for your church. There isn’t a free option, but pricing starts at $10 per month and 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction.

5. SecureGive

SecureGive is one of the best church giving apps that fully understands a church’s needs. It was designed to make life easier by a pastor who knew the struggles churches face. The only real issue is it may not be as affordable for smaller churches. Plans start at $99 per month for mobile/online only. To add text, the pricing jumps to $129 per month. However, this includes all other fees, which may actually pay for itself for larger churches. The great thing is you can add an on-site kiosk for $70 more per month.

6. Donately

Donately doesn’t work exclusively with churches, but the company does understand budgets are tight for nonprofits. While there isn’t a set app, you create mobile responsive pages, which may be preferable to members who don’t want to download yet another app. This is also ideal for special events, such as raising money for a family that just lost their home to a fire. Pricing couldn’t be more transparent at 3% for your first $100K and lessening percentages for higher amounts. Your members will likely the love the ability to download reports of their donations for tax purposes.

7. Pushpay

Pushpay serves as a great alternative to PayPal and is becoming one of the more popular church giving apps. Apps are customized to your church to better drive engagement. Think of the apps as not only giving apps, but apps that fully explain what your church stands for. You will have to request a custom quote based on the features you need. However, you may be able to get better pricing than some other services that best meets your church’s budget.

Looking for other ways to increase tithing? Tie your church giving apps to your church website through giving forms.

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  1. I would also throw my company, GMG, into the mix. We offer a text to donate platform for the less technically inclined. Prices range from $18-$40/mo and they offer Facebook Fundraisers, QR Codes, and text blasts with some packages. One differentiator is we have a WhatsApp integration to allow nonprofits to get donations from donors outside the U.S. Check them out here:

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