Best Premium Church Graphics Platforms To Use

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While free graphics are always great to use, sometimes you might still need premium church graphics for certain projects. Luckily, you can usually buy packages or even subscriptions for continued use.

Often, churches look for premium graphics to create something more unique since free graphics are more widely used. Plus, some platforms even help you create completely custom graphics.

Finding the right platform for your church could take endless digging through Google, or try out some of the options on this list for even more engaging church graphics.


Canva is a popular graphic design platform for nearly any project. From sprucing up your church’s website to creating more engaging sermon visuals, there’s very little you can’t accomplish. On top of easy to use online graphic design and editing tools, you also get access to a library of photos to use. The free version is actually rather impressive, but if you’re searching for premium church graphics, Canva has you covered there too.

The Pro plan is $119/year. However, Canva Pro is completely free to non-profits. All you have to do is apply. This makes it one of the best overall platforms for churches. Not only do you get design tools for free, but an constantly updated library of photos to use in your church, on your website and on social media. If you want premium options, but your church’s budget won’t support it, look no further.

Also remember that you can upload free-use images from other sources and edit them to add your own text. There are other free platforms made to help you with this as well.


Rawpixel offers up a collection of premium church graphics for both private and commercial use. While some resources are free, you’re only allowed to download 10 per day. Also, the selection doesn’t include the premium options. However, all the freebies are available for personal and commercial use, which is good.

While Rawpixel isn’t made just for churches, you’ll find a wide variety of royalty-free images, PSD mockups, fully-licensed photos, vectors and templates. The variety is stunning and works well for sermons, ministry projects, marketing, social media and more. You can also edit anything you find here using graphic design tools, such as Canva.

Take the free version for a test run to see how you like it. Then, your church might want to consider upgrading for far more options. For personal use, which is defined as general purpose social media and blogging, it’s only $3/month. For commercial use, such as if you’re marketing your church or asking for online donations, it’s $19/month. Each premium plan also donates 10% of fees to Hope for Children.

Church Motion Graphics

One of the most popular premium church graphics platforms designed specifically for churches is Church Motion Graphics. As the name implies, many of the graphics are animated. Take advantage of highly engaging worship backgrounds, set up stunning slide templates and create eye-catching social media graphics.

New graphics are being added regularly, so you won’t run out of things to use. Plans start at $199/year. If you want everything Church Motion Graphics has to offer, it’s $349/year. Considering just how much is included, it could very well be worth it as it turns out to be just over $29/month. Try out some of the free options first to see what you think. Just remember, this is just a small sampling of what’s available.

Igniter Media

Igniter Media is all about ready-made worship media that doesn’t all look the same. Currently, the platform offers over 250,000 options with new things being added weekly. The great part about this you won’t need to spend much time at all customizing anything for your church. All you have to do is request a few changes and receive the final result from the Igniter Media team. You can make the following changes:

  • Titling and text
  • Edit Photoshop and After Effects layers
  • Edit PowerPoint slide text

Of course, if you have a little graphic design knowledge, you’re free to make more edits on your own. While there is a 30-day free trial, there aren’t any free options available after the trial. Plans start at $19/month, but limit you to one media type, such as title graphics, worship backgrounds or mini movies. The $59/month plan gives you access to everything, including print ready graphics.

Pixel Preacher

Pixel Preacher is a little different than most other premium church graphics platforms on this list. The graphics here are designed specifically for sermons. If you’ve been looking for ways to create more engaging services for your members, this is a great place to start. Everything is offered as series or sermon packs. These include both graphics and video.

The great thing is there are some free options to choose from. So, there’s no commitment. You can also buy a la carte for $99 per series. For full access to everything, it’s $29/month or $299/year.

You’re free to edit the graphics and videos. Both Photoshop and After Effects files are included. There’s also guidance to walk you through how to edit them.

Church Media Squad

Typically, premium church graphics platforms have ready-made creations for you to choose from. You can usually customize them to your needs, but you still have to pick something first. Church Media Squad creates completely unique and custom designs for you. If you’re looking for something completely different, this is the place to go.

It’s easily the most expensive option on this list, so it may not be in your church’s budget. However, plans have no limits to the number of projects each month. Plus, graphics projects are complete within just four days and you get unlimited revisions. At $497/month, the price is steep, but more affordable than hiring someone for each individual project. If you want to add unlimited custom videos, it’s $1097/month.


CreationSwap is actually well-known for their variety of free graphics. However, you’re limited to just three downloads per month. If you need graphics often, this simply isn’t enough. That’s why CreationSwap created a premium option that offers 100 downloads every 30 days. While unlimited would be nice, 100 is likely far more than most churches would need on a monthly basis. However, if you pay yearly versus monthly, you do get full unlimited access and the price is cheaper.

There are a wide variety of general graphics, videos, photos, social media options and sounds to choose from. Everything is designed with churches in mind. Test out some of the free options to see what you think. Then, you can upgrade for $19/month or remove the 100 download limit with the $199/year plan. Sometimes, the LiveSwap graphic design software is included in this price.


If you need graphics and photos for social media, worship, blogging, your church website or even marketing purposes, Lightstock probably has exactly what you need. Stock photos, videos, templates and graphics are all included in one marketplace. While there aren’t any subscription plans, you buy credit packages to get what you need. Everything except for brochures and footage are just one credit each.

The more credits you buy at once, the cheaper each credit is. For instance, the $12 plan includes just one credit. But, the $400 plan includes 50 credits, making them just $8 each. The cheapest option is the $599/year a plan that includes 200 credits, making them $3 each.

Death to Stock

As the name implies, Death to Stock is all about going beyond the same tired stock photos you find on every website. We’ve all seen the two businessmen shaking hands and smiling at the camera, right? This platform doesn’t just offer premium church graphics, but photos for every brand, organization and freelancer. You create your own carefully curated library of content to use.

Every plan includes unlimited access to over 4,500 photos with at least 100 added monthly. You’re also free to use the photos however you want. If you buy an annual plan, pricing starts at $12/month. This plan works best for brands, including churches. However, nonprofits can apply for a scholarship to reduce this cost.

Adobe Stock

If your church already uses Adobe for graphic design, you might want to consider Adobe Stock for premium church graphics. Choose photos, video footage, music, templates and vector art to make your church stand out. You can expect high-quality graphics with Adobe. While it’s not just church graphics, you’ll find ample options for creating an impact on your website, social media or even print media.

Pricing is a little confusing. Plans start at $29/month if pay annually for 10 assets monthly with additional assets costing $2.99 each. Higher level plans help reduce the cost of additional assets each month. For example, the $199/month plan includes 750 assets with each additional asset costing $0.99 each. For templates, videos and certain other options, you have to buy a credit pack to purchase them.

As a nonprofit, you can apply for a discount through Adobe. You get a discount on Adobe Creative Cloud plans and Adobe Stock plans.


Another custom graphics creation platform is Undullify. This service focuses solely on smaller custom graphics, which the platform defines as those that their team creates in around 30 minutes. However, this can include social media sets, logos, website graphics, blog images, ads and much more. The platform also calls itself the most affordable option for custom graphics.

If your church wants high-quality custom graphics on a budget, Undullify is well worth trying. All plans include unlimited monthly projects and revisions. You also get to keep all your source files. Plans start at $149/month for a 3-day turnaround time.

Faithlife Media

Faithlife Media has everything your church needs for worship graphics. Choose timers, motion graphics, stock photos, graphics and much more. Everything is Christian-based, so you’re not paying for access to graphics that don’t apply to your church. Even better is you get access to the Smart Media Editor to customize anything you download. This prevents you from having to go back and forth between platforms or tools.

Plans start at just $19.99/month for access to everything. For $29.99/month, each member on your team can have their own account. This works well if you have multiple church staff members managing different projects, such as social media, marketing, blogging, etc.

Church Butler

Church Butler is a bit different than other premium church graphics platforms on this list. It’s focused solely on social media. However, it’s more than just graphics. In fact, it’s a great way to create more engagement on social media.

Not only can you access a growing library of social media graphics, but connect your social media accounts to easily manage posting and scheduling. It’s kind of like mixing a graphics platform with Buffer or Hootsuite. By being able to create, set it and move on, you save time.

Pricing starts at $20/month. This gives you unlimited access to all graphics and allows you to schedule posts. If you want additional social media training, automatic post creation and scheduling and more, pricing starts at $249/month. If you’re struggling to stay consistent and want to improve your social media strategy, it may just be worth it.


One of the most inexpensive premium church graphics options is SundaySocial. While graphics are designed mainly for social media, they can also be used on your church website and blog. There are also sermon series graphics to use in your worship service.

The platform adds 110 new graphics monthly. The site includes social graphics, story graphics (for Facebook and Instagram Stories) and announcement slide packs. What’s really nice about SundaySocial is you have four daily recommended graphics if you just need something quick. Or, feel free to search for something else. While there’s only 3,000 graphics right now, that number continues to increase monthly.

Subscribe for just $9/month for access to everything. If you need Photoshop files, the prices is $19.99/month. If you need a truly affordable option, it’s hard to pass this up. There’s a 14-day free trial to help you get started.

Further Reading On Premium Church Graphics

Premium church graphics can help drive more people to your church website, increase social media engagement and make worship services even better. If you’re looking to bring even more people to your church, website or social media platforms, see how our Google Grant Management service can help.

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