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Management Resources For Churches – Google For Nonprofits

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Finding the right management resources for churches is never easy. You have to consider your budget and what works best for your needs.

What if there was an easier way? Google for Nonprofits is a program that does just that with a suite of marketing tools and management resources to help churches and nonprofits succeed.

Most churches will qualify for the program and gain access to some of Google’s best tools. From marketing to communication, your church is covered.

Stay Connected And Organized

How many of your church staff have random email accounts? Wouldn’t it be nice to have something more official? Nonprofits are able to benefit from the business version of Gmail, which means you get your own domain name. You receive unlimited email addresses, which is ideal for giving volunteers, members and staff custom email addresses.

Of course, that’s just the start. Churches are always searching for management resources to stay organized. Google Calendar, Docs and Drive do just that. Share files with each other, organize by project, set access permissions for better security and always keep track of what’s next on the agenda.

Finally, you’re able to collaborate like never before. You don’t have to gather everyone at a meeting to share an important document. Let volunteers update their progress on a shared spreadsheet or cross out tasks on a to-do list. This makes it easier to get more done without having as many meetings.

Naturally, G Suite comes with 24/7 support so your church is never without help when you need it.

Manage Marketing

If you’re looking for management resources for church marketing, Google for Nonprofits includes access to $10,000 of advertising through Google Ads. After applying for the monthly grant, you’re able to manage numerous campaigns to market your church to demographics that fit your church and goals. We’ve covered everything you need to know more in-depth here.

To summarize, the grant allows you to expand your reach through highly targeted ads that display on relevant Google searches. If you’re not marketing your church already, this is a management tool you should take advantage of.

Build Giving Campaigns

While there are plenty of online giving tools, Google One Today aims to help with boosting your giving campaigns. Share your campaign with the world or just locally. The best part is there are no transaction fees, which is ideal for helping your church reach your goals faster. It’s easy to set up detailed campaigns to let donors know who they’re giving to and why it matters.

You’re able to share your campaigns and collect donations via email, social media, your church’s website and the One Today app. Automatic receipting makes it easy to track your donations and see how your goal is progressing. This is one less task for you to have to manage manually.

Share Your Story

Does your church do mission work throughout the world? It’s hard to always keep track of the impact your church is making. A large part of increasing tithing is showing members and anyone who visits your church site or social media pages what your church does. Google Maps tools allow you and your staff to share data about where your church currently is and where you’ve been. You’re even able to show supporters a street level version to make it feel more personal.

Collect valuable data while you’re in the field to better understand your own impact and share it with the world. You’re also able to track where donors are located (if they share their location) and community participation privately. This gives your church deeper insight into where donations are coming from and where your members and volunteers are making the biggest impacts. Share the data you want and keep private insights just for your church.

One of the most important things your church needs before gaining access to the management resources included with Google for Nonprofits is a church website. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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