Who We Are

Pastors, Creatives & Strategists

Who we are.

The REACHRIGHT team is made up of a small group of professionals with a wide area of expertise. With decades of combined experience in the web development world we believe that our highest calling is to help churches reach their full potential online. When you do what you love, coming to work each day becomes a great joy.




Thomas currently serves as the CEO of REACHRIGHT. He has 15 years of pastoral experience and is currently lead pastor at The Journey in Madison WI. Since 2007 he has coached thousands of churches through the process of building a website that attracts more first time visitors.



Lead Strategist

Ian is our lead church strategist at REACHRIGHT. He has been helping churches reach more people since 2006. He has served as a pastor at his church in Austin, Texas and in 2009 stepped back in order to fully devote himself to helping churches reach their full potential.



Web Designer

Mellissa is the lead web designer on the REACHRIGHT team. She has been in ministry since 2003 and has served in creative and communication roles in churches across the nation. She has a passion to see churches better represent the Kingdom of God online with their web presence.



Project Manager

Magen is the lead project manger on the REACHRIGHT team. She has served in churches in the Austin Texas area as an Administrator and Executive Assistant. She has an amazing attention to detail and loves to help local churches get their websites done with excellence.

Led by a team of local church pastors, we are a boutique church marketing agency that will do anything short of sin to help churches reach people with the Gospel of Jesus.

We exist to help churches grow. Since our founding, REACHRIGHT has made it our aim to help churches reach people the right way. The era of "If you build it, they will come," has come and gone. Churches must embrace digital outreach strategies in order to continue to fulfill our mission of reaching the lost. Our team is made up of pastors and church leaders who have the wisdom and knowledge to help you navigate the complex world that is church marketing in the 21st century.


In a world where everyone has a website we will help you stand out and specifically hit your target. Visitors will walk through your digital door long before they walk into your brick and mortar doors. REACHRIGHT will help you guide them through the door of your website, engage them and bring them through your actual doors. Members will find a central place to connect and know how to engage with your community through your website. Good web presence is a vital part of ministry today.


Branding is an essential part of your identity. It helps define who you are and lets you stick to it. We will help coach you with questions and experience to discover your brand and communicate it. Whether you are at the beginning of this journey and need a logo to knowing how to bring many diverse things that you do and express your brand through them. Branding will help you be cohesive and effective with your message. It is essential to ReachRight.


We cannot emphasize enough the impact of the search engine for you as you REACHRIGHT. When a potential visitor goes to Google to look for a church whether you show up in the top few or twentieth down the line makes a huge difference. We will show you how to maximize Google search to your advantage. Google gives away $10,000 a month in Google ad grants to nonprofits. We will help you through the process of getting a grant and maximizing how to spend it. This will all translate into more traffic on your site and more visitors in your church.


For two decades Television was the highest grossing advertising medium in the United States. With the rise of the internet and social media, television has taken a back seat in the eyes of most marketers. The good news is that this makes TV advertising more affordable than ever. People still watch TV and quality TV Spots remain one of the best ways to get in front of thousands of eyes in your community. Our award winning 30 second spots will get you notice by those looking to get connect to a church.

How we work.

Listen At REACHRIGHT you are working with a team of Pastors and ministry leaders who know what the local church is all about. Still we know that God has made each ministry we serve unique. Before we do any work, we take the time to listen to the vision God has given you for you. Part of reaching people the right way is making sure they understand the story you are telling.

Plan As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. At REACHRIGHT, we want to help you come up with the plan to reach the most people possible with the exact right message. We don't expect you to come to us with a plan in place. Our team has helped hundreds of churches and ministries through this process and know what it takes to build an effective web presence.

Execute After we feel like we have a good grasp of who God made you to be, and a plan on how to tell that story, then and only then do we put pen to paper. With a clear understanding of the mission our team springs into action to build a presence that will stand the test of time.

Anything short of sin to reach people with the Gospel.