The Google Ad Grant for churches gives non-profits and churches free ads worth $10,000 every month.

REACHRIGHT helps ministries secure and spend the Google for Non-Profits Grant. What could your church do with an additional $10,000 each month in your outreach budget?

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REACHRIGHT helps churches grow by using the Google Ads Grant to drive more visitors to your website.

When people do a Google search and land on your website landing pages, we have the strategies to help you turn website traffic into Sunday morning visitors. Here's how we help churches GROW!

Google Gives Back.

Google gives $10,000 each month to churches who sign up for Google Ad Grants. Hundreds of churches, ministries and nonprofit organizations have signed up for this service. This is for real. There is no catch. And the best thing is that every church that is a registered non-profit qualifies. We will even submit the application for the Google Ad Grants program for you to make sure you get the grant

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You Get Free Ads.

Once you are approved for Google Ad Grants, you can immediately start running your ads. For most churches, managing a Google ads account can be a daunting task. Google Adwords is a complicated system to get the hang of, and you are competing against professional advertisers across the world. The average church only finds a way to spend about $50 of their free Google ads each month on their own. That’s $9,950 of unspent ad dollars!
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We Do The Rest.

At REACHRIGHT we have a team made up of Google-certified AdWords experts and pastors of local churches who know two things… Search Engines and Churches. We help churches get the most out of their Google Ad Grant and produce results that actually matter to churches. You can go it alone, or you can let the Pros at REACHRIGHT get your church the most bang for Google’s bucks!
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What could the Google Ad Grant for Churches Mean for You?

Google is Giving Churches
per day
Google is giving
per month
Google is giving churches
per year

Don't just take our word for it...

Hear from churches everywhere about how REACHRIGHT is helping churches reach more people.

Charlie Caraway, Executive Director

Active Faith Ministries

Josh Smith, Lead Pastor

Arroyo Church; Dublin, CA

Sherelle Bonner, Web Team

One Way Baptist Church

Chris Binion, Lead Pastor

Encounter Church; Fate, TX

We have even more client tesitmonials...

I wanted to let you know that we are starting to see some first time visitors over the last few weeks. Many coming from Google online searching! We used to get like 5 new people a month, check out the last 3 weeks…

Week 1 – 5 new people
Week 2 – 10 new people
Week 3 – 12 new people

So in the last 3 weeks we have had nearly 30 new people! Thank you so much, please keep doing what you are doing!

Ryan Keller | Church On A Mission

Below are some of the changes we've seen between our best month with our old Google Grant manager and this past month with REACHRIGHT. 

46,982 More people saw our ads last month
2,727 More people clicked on our ads last month
$7,471.91 More in grant money for ads last month
946 More people converted (In 15 months with the old company we saw a total of 130 conversions)

Not only are we getting so much more with the grant than before, but you're also saving us more than $300 per month!

Michelle Rux | Cypress Meadows Community Church

What kind of an impact would 30 additional visitors make to your church?  And that's just after 3 weeks! 

Check Your Eligibility

Google Grant Visitor Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the number of first-time visitors your church will see each month using the Google Ad Grant.

Estimate the amount you will spend per month on Google Ads. Churches are eligible for up to $10,000 every month in free ads. Our average client spends between $3000 and $6000 each month.

Estimate the percentage of website visits that will turn into church visitors. This is your visit rate. Our average client sees somewhere between 1% and 2% of website visitors turn into in-person visitors.

Estimate the average cost per click. This is the amount of the Grant you will spend on each visit to your church website. Our average client spends between $2.00 and $5.00 per click.

Estimate the number of people who visit with the person who does the search. Often people visit with their spouse or children. On average the typical family that visits a church is 2 to 3 people.

Here's How We Help

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. 

See More Visitors

We design our grant campaigns with one primary goal: To help your church see more visitors. We have a proven track record of doing precisely that. We spend Google's money to get people onto your website where we can inspire them to visit your church this weekend.

Grow Your Church

The average church we work with sees about 1400 free website visits per month. Even if only a small percentage of them turn into church visitors, that would mean hundreds of guests to your church over the first year. We'll get them in the door. You get them connected. 🤝

Reach The Lost

We don't just target people looking for churches. Some of our best ads target people who weren't looking for a church at all. But we know that for just about every problem, Jesus is the answer. Your campaign will reach people that you wouldn't otherwise reach.

Grow Your Online Audience

Are you streaming your services online? One of our most successful ad groups points people right to your online services. When we can engage people right where there are with Google Ad Grants, we have an even better chance of getting them connected for good.

Increase Tithes And Offerings

As a team of pastors, we know how important giving is to your church. We will create keywords and ads that encourage visitors to not only connect with your church online but also to invest in the mission of your church through tithes and offerings.

Help Those In Need

Some of our most effective ads will target specific questions that people in your community are asking. If people have questions on Prayer, The Bible, Marriage, Divorce, Parenting, or any other significant life question, we help them find your church for answers.

We Do It All

You won't need any experience at all. Our team is Google AdWords Certified, and we have you covered. We tackle everything from the Google eligibility form and application process to the creation and management of your Google AdWords account. We got this.

Fast Results

Most of our clients are approved for the grant and have their ads up and running in 2-3 weeks. While it takes a little more time to get the campaign dialed in and spending top dollar, we expect you to start seeing results right away. And we know what Google requires to help you stay active.

Dozens of Ads

Our team will build dozens of ads for your church. We then test them against each other and then optimize your campaign so that we show the most effective ads in Google search results every single time. Over time your campaign will become smarter and produce ever-increasing results.

Thousands of Key Words

If it were as simple as targeting people who search for "Churches in _________" anyone could do this. We use thousands of keyword combinations to reach more people. Our team of experts will add new keywords to your account each and every month.

Precise Targeting

While some of your content is useful to people all over the world, you will see the best results when we show your ads to very specific people. We set up targeting, so most of your traffic is from people who could potentially get plugged in at your church.

Proven Performance

Because we work with churches, we know what works and what doesn't. We don't have to build out this knowledge from scratch every time. Your Google Ads Grant campaign will start working right away. We know how to get results because we have done it over and over again.

Detailed Monthly Reports

Each month you will receive a detailed report about your Google AdWords account from our team. We'll outline how many people saw your church's ads, how many clicked on them, and how many took action once they got onto your website. Want more info - you can check your dedicated dashboard anytime.

Full Service

We are a full-service design and marketing company. If you have needs beyond Google ad grant management, we are here to help you tackle that too. Many of our Google Grant ads clients lean on us to help them take their website to the next level too.

Keep You Compliant

One of the tricky parts of the Google Grant is making sure you abide by all their terms and metrics. We'll ensure your account is kept in good standing every month. You won't need to worry about your account ever being suspended again.

Is Your Church Ready For More Visitors?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many have gone before you. Here's what they asked. 

One Low Price

At REACHRIGHT, we manage Google Grants for one low, fixed, monthly price. You never pay any set up fees, or hidden costs.

Most companies who manage adwords charge a percentage of the total amount spent.  The industry average is 20% of the monthly ad spend plus a full month ad spend for the set up cost.

We think thats way too much for churches.

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We never charge set-up fees, per-click fees, or percentages.

Industry Average Cost To Manage The $10,000 Google Grant:
Every Single Month

We think that's way too much for churches!

Our Simple Monthly Price:


No Set-up Fees for a Limited Time. Zero Hidden Costs. Never Any Long-Term Contracts.
Choose Your Package

Everything's Included

We secure the Google Grant for you.

You are awarded $10,000/month to spend on ads. 

We create your entire AdWords campaign.

We manage the Google Ads Grant so you can focus on ministry.

We optimize your campaign to get you results.

We send you regular reports to keep you up to date.

We help you see more visitors on Sundays.

You disciple those visitors and help them grow. 

Choose Your Package

Choose the right Google Grant and digital marketing package for your church, or if you need help tailoring a package, we would be happy to put together a quote for you.


For churches or ministries that want us to secure and manage the Google Grant and already have a great website that shows up on local searches in the Google Map Pack.



Setup fee is waived for a limited time.


Per month billed monthly
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Take advantage of the $10,000 Google Grant

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Up to $10,000 Monthly Goolge Ads

Program Compliance Guaranteed

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Expert A/B Testing

No Expertise Needed

Google Certified Experts

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Grant + Local SEO

Most Popular - For churches or ministries that want to claim the Google Grant and make sure they are found in local searches in the Google Map Pack.



Setup fee is waived for a limited time.


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See more church visitors with local SEO

Everything in Grant Packckage

Google My Business Optimization

77 Directory Submissions

Detailed Monthly Reports

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The REACHRIGHT team is here to help churches like yours and want to answer any questions you may have. 

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