7 Top Sermon Streaming Companies For Churches

7 Top Sermon Streaming Companies For Churches

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Sermon streaming companies help your church live stream your sermons to those who aren’t able to attend.

There are numerous reasons to stream your sermons. For instance, elderly and sick members may not be physically able to attend. Out of town members may┬ástill want to attend Sunday services. Even non-members may love your sermons, even if they don’t become a member.

Choosing the right company ensures you’re able to offer your sermons to anyone for whatever reason. That streaming sermon could be what helps someone to find God.

1. Church Streaming

Church Streaming offers unlimited streaming services for $139 per month. While it’s one of the more costly sermon streaming companies, it does offer the most features. Stream your sermons to any device, social media, your website, mobile app and video hosting sites, such as YouTube. Automatic video-on-demand replays are set up following your live stream. You also get real-time viewer analytics to see how far reaching your sermons are.

2. BoxCast

While BoxCast isn’t only for churches, it does offer streaming services for churches. Pricing starts at $19.99 per month, but the cost varies greatly based on your needs. Live streams are automatically adjusted to offer the best viewing experience on whatever device a viewer is watching on. Easily stream to your website, social media, YouTube and more.

3. Streaming Church

Streaming Church is one of the most affordable sermon streaming companies for the features. Get unlimited live streaming $79 per month. Get real-time analytics, moderated chat, sermon notes, social media streaming, website embedding and more. Get even more features for $127 per month. Plus, Streaming Church offers customizable setups to better match your church brand.

4. SermonCast

SermonCast actually has a free option, though 2 GB per month isn’t enough for regular video streaming. Though it’s ideal for sharing audio only. Paid plans start at just $15 per month and increase based on your bandwidth usage. You can also pay based on bandwidth use, though that does make it hard to budget monthly for your streaming service. Share your sermons on mobile devices, at online campuses and on your website. You can add optional chat and enjoy powerful analytics.

5. StreamSpot

StreamSpot offers multiple plans starting at $99 per month with 50 GB of bandwidth. Small churches can actually get a discount. The live stream automatically starts and stops based on your sermon length, so you don’t have to manually manage anything. You choose the platforms and StreamSpot syndicates them for you. Video-on-demand services are available immediately after your sermon is over.

6. DaCast

DaCast offers streaming services for a variety of industries, including churches. It’s also one of the most affordable sermon streaming companies, starting at just $19 per month. All plans support unlimited viewers, high-quality streaming, social media integration, website embeds, mobile device support and analytics. A unique feature is the ability to upload past sermons for viewers as well.

DaCast also allows you to stream one-off events, such as a Christmas play or service. You can also use the service to raise money with a pay-per-view option. This is ideal if you’re having a special concert that requires a ticket. Those who can’t attend can still pay a fee to watch online.

7. Livestream

Livestream is one of the most costly sermon streaming companies, but if you need unlimited bandwidth with no additional fees, it could be perfect for your church. It’s important to note that this company doesn’t deal exclusively with churches. The company is ideal for larger churches with a large number of weekly viewers. Pricing starts at $42 per month, but that doesn’t include streaming to Facebook or YouTube. That plan will cost you $199 per month.

All plans include video-on-demand support and unlimited viewers and bandwidth. Smaller churches that don’t mind skipping the social media integration may love the lower cost plan. One big benefit is you’re able to stream sermons, special events and more for one monthly price.

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