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8 Ways Churches Can Use Twitter Effectively

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When you’re using a platform with a limited character count, it might seem difficult to find the right ways to make the most of it.

However, churches can use Twitter effectively to reach a much wider audience. You’re able to send your message to millions of people at once.

The key is knowing what type of content to share. When you tweet things your target audience will love, Twitter could easily become your church’s best marketing and branding platform.

1. Inspire Through Visuals

Content that includes a visual element gets 94% more views, which means tweeting images, video clips, infographics and more allow your church to get more from Twitter. Of course, it’s easier than you might think to quickly turn a Bible verse into a stunning visual. A free graphic with a text overlay and you’ll get far more engagement with your tweet.

2. Promote Blog Posts

Churches can use Twitter effectively simply by sharing what’s already been written. You work hard on your blog posts, so why not promote them? Share an image with your post’s headline or just a headline with a quick description. It’s a simple way to provide Twitter’s 100 million active users with access to your blog’s content.

3. Share Useful Content From Inspirational Leaders

You don’t have to come up with content on your own. Find other inspirational leaders. Follow other ministries on Twitter. When they share great content, retweet it. It’s one of the easiest ways churches can use Twitter effectively. Plus, all that content gives you great ideas for improving your ministry and blog topics.

It also shows your Twitter followers that it’s not all about your church. When you prove the object is to inspire and explore faith, they’re more likely to engage with your account.

4. Suggest Bible Readings

A shocking 80% of Twitter’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Of course, the 280-word limit makes Twitter’s content easily digestible on mobile. You can use this to your church’s advantage. Since people are already on their phones and tablets, help them get more from whatever Bible app they choose to use. Odds are, they¬† have a Bible app or another faith-based app already on their devices.

Suggest Bible readings every day. You may even put out multiple options, such as one for men, one for women and one for teens. This allows you to connect directly with a much wider audience.

5. Market Upcoming Events

You’re probably wanting to use Twitter for more than just spreading faith-based messages. You also want to grow your church. While most of your Twitter content should be useful, such as inspirational content or retweets, it’s also good to share what’s going on in your church.

Remind people about weekly services. Get excited about special events coming up. Share community gatherings and volunteer opportunities. Doing this helps give potential new members an idea of what types of activities happen at your church.

6. Share Your Sermons

Your sermons are a vital part of your church. This is how you engage with your members every week. You don’t have to limit your sermons to just those who attend church that day. Instead, upload them to your website and share the link via Twitter.

A great way churches can use Twitter effectively is to make sermons more accessible. After all, some people aren’t physically able to attend church. Share links to the podcast version, link to the video version or even share excerpts as tweets.

7. Ask Thought Provoking Questions

Sometimes it’s fun to share thought provoking questions to help get a faith-based conversation started. You might ask a question about why certain Biblical figures made the choices they did and how that might differ today. You may just open up a live Q&A to better connect with your followers.

8. Share Inspiring Stories

People love inspiring stories. They’re uplifting and give people hope in their darkest hours. Even if it’s just a happy, good news story, people enjoy it. However, there’s so much negative content online, those more positive stories are hard to find. A great way churches can use Twitter effectively is to spread more positivity. Find inspiring stories and share them. That might come from retweets or links to blog posts you’ve read on other sites.

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