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The heart and soul of a ministry is its ability to engage and connect with the community. Video messaging, across its various channels, is changing how people connect, especially today. Churches like yours should be using video, too. You can cast your net even wider by sharing your message with clever use of some of today’s most innovative video tools for churches.

Videos can attract new members and keep existing congregations informed ongoing, and video messaging can unite faith communities in ways no other mediums can. 

Whether your church is just now exploring video production as a method of member engagement or you’ve been tapping into the power of video for years, this is the must-read list for you. Here are some of the best video tools out there right now that you might find essential for your member connection strategies.

Video Production Equipment to Create Amazing Church Videos

So, what equipment do you need to live stream a church service or start producing church-related video content? If you’re just getting started, you’ll want to add these hardware essentials to the equipment list.


There are quite a few “best-of” lists for church favorite cameras. Here are a few brands that offer some of the unique features church organizations appreciate most. The DJI Mini 2, the Sony FDR-AX43, the Insta360 One X2, the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III, the Fujifilm X-S10, the Fujifilm X-T4, and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k are all impressive cameras. Ultimately, it will come down to your videographer experience and budget when choosing the right camera for your video projects. 


Don’t presume you need a production department with all the latest audio and video equipment to make incredible videos. Many churches began their video engagement journeys with intelligent use of the everyday smartphone or tablet device. And while there are tips to follow for improving the quality of a device-created live-stream or marketing video, there’s nothing wrong with exploring your smartphone video capabilities. Smartphones are still some of the best video tools for churches.

Drone Videography

Don’t assume you have to have top-level video production knowledge to leverage great video drone footage. There are several drone models out there that are beginner and budget-friendly in operation. Imagine the footage your church could capture with your community, at a summer camp, or during an outdoor celebration. 

Live Streaming Software for Church Organizations

Virtual church services allow followers to join in the gathering without leaving their homes. This once served as a convenience model but has since become a necessity for those house-bound by health conditions or concerned with the pandemic risks of exposure. It’s much easier to invite new members, too, when you’re sending a link and an invite. Any anxiety about visiting a new church is eliminated when people can sample the church experience online. 

Here are a few of the live streaming software solutions to help your church take part in the virtual church service movement.


We understand that live streaming can be risky, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why BoxCast is the only company to provide a complete end-to-end streaming platform. As a result, churches, schools, and enterprises use BoxCast to broadcast video and activities.


Telestream LiveBroadcast’s Wirecast is a live video streaming production tool. It enables users to produce live or on-demand web broadcasts. Your studio has been waiting for Wirecast. Simply connect your cameras and microphones, then bring in your videos and graphics.

Wirecast can handle it all, so make your streams appear like TV. Professional filming techniques and an easy-to-use interface allow you to create a broadcast that looks exactly how you imagined it would. In addition, because Wirecast encodes your video appropriately, you may stream it wherever your audience is without sacrificing quality.


Propresenter is a live-event production and presentation program for both Mac and Windows. It’s great for beginner users, too. It flawlessly projects lyrics, slides, and video to create high-quality live presentations without any effort. It’s the must-have gadget for worship gatherings, athletic events, ministry conferences, trade shows, and TV studios.


Dacast Inc. is a live streaming video service that allows companies to host live and on-demand video content. It’s a software intended more for business-to-business rather than consumer purposes like YouTube or Facebook Live. However, it’s a great solution for any church on a budget but interested in exploring video for member engagement.


vMix is a Windows-based vision mixer. StudioCoast PTY LTD created the program. It allows users to change inputs, record outputs, mix audio, as well as live stream videos, audio, and more. Even more impressive are the resolutions of up to 4K, unlike other software. It’s also an excellent solution for those looking to create customized streaming projects.

The program allows a church service to be broadcast to various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Apple TV. also unclogs traffic by real-time transcoding. The streaming solution offers plugins that enable users to customize the layout of their viewers by embedding navigation buttons.

Open Broadcaster Software

The best place to look for free live stream software if your church is new is at Open Broadcast Software (OBS). OBS, despite being free, performs favorably when compared to other megachurches streaming software. It does not limit the amount of sequences you may transition between using custom transitions, as other software does. The OBS project is funded by a number of tech companies, including Facebook and YouTube.


mimoLive is a high-quality event recording program for Macs that’s suitable for professional use. This live streaming software for Mac produces professional live streaming tools for Apple devices, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The program offers “an all-in-one live switcher, video encoder, editor, and streaming software for Mac.”

It allows you to switch numerous cameras, add presentations, insert graphics, overlay lower-thirds, social media comments, transparency with green screens. The trial period of mimoLive is 14 days, giving you a chance to try it out. 


To live stream from any device, Truthcasting makes it simple. According to the creators of TruthCasting, “If you can count to three, you can live stream.” Whether you’re streaming directly from a webcam or a high-quality video camera, this program works well. You may also distribute your film using any encoder.

Audiences can view videos broadcast through TruthCasting on any device, whenever and wherever they have access to the internet. The Free Trial is 14 days. Churches with fewer than 2,000 members may join for $39.95 a month. Add-ons including YouTube and Facebook Live are available for $10 a month.


StreamShark’s creators claim that they “understand the difficulties faced by live streamers.” As a result, they have created a process that aims to “lessen the burden on the streamer.” StreamShark is a live video streaming platform that allows you to share live streams with your family and friends.

In addition, the site offers instant stream archiving, real-time statistics on viewer engagement, and live DVR rewind, allowing late arrivals to replay and see parts they have missed. The basic plan is $199 per month, with additional fees. The most expensive plan costs $999 every month. This software provides the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any moment.

Tapping into the Social Media Video Messaging Movement

If you’re not entirely ready to dive headfirst into some of the more advanced live-streaming options out there, your church can certainly dip a toe into the social media video world. Create candid and authentic messages for sharing with existing members and new potential members, as well.


Facebook Live is a brilliant social media marketing tool that can also be used to attract new church members. It’s simple to use for even the most novice of social media users. These are great for posting and sharing interviews and faith stories.


This is a simple record and go live tool. It’s fast and easy to use and get going. Create brief, yet engaging videos about church events, children’s corner activities, or announcements.


Instagram is an increasingly popular platform for sharing photos and videos with others. You may also privately send videos to friends through a direct message, as well as publish recorded events to your feed and stories. This is another great channel for sharing personal faith testimonials.


Users really have fun with TikTok, with most spending an average of 52 minutes each day using it. And 90 percent of them check in at least twice daily. This short video-sharing network comes with content-production tools built-in, similar to Vine and Instagram Stories. Quick TikTok videos are also the venue for the latest trends, great for positioning your church brand.


Having a church YouTube channel is only the beginning. Creating a video production strategy will help you load up that channel with amazing content to attract new members. Share church podcasts, videos of inspiring faith stories, and more right from your smartphone. And there are plenty of novice-attractive resources for editing, including iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Video Creation Tools Churches Love

Getting creative with your church videos, especially as they attract and engage members, will require certain tools. And there are some incredible editing resources out there to help transform your bland video into a professional-feeling production worthy of television – or the movies!

Adobe Spark

If you need a beginner-friendly video editing tool, check out Adobe Spark. It’s an integrated suite of creation applications compatible with web and mobile use.

Adobe Premiere

For the more advanced video editors in your church, Adobe Premier might offer just the creative freedoms needed. It’s a bit more complex to use but provides the high-level production quality and sophisticated controls that advanced videographers prefer. 

Livestream Studio 5

This live-streaming video option offers many of the same features that you’ll find with UStream or vMix. But there are some unique advantages to Livestream Studio 5, like the ability to create virtual cameras from one single camera input source.

Crop small screens out of larger ones and have the full tilt, pan, and zoom capabilities with the software, not having to move the camera itself. You can even record up to four videos at once. The entire video production process can be handled from the computer, making it an efficient tool for those churches with limited member assistance in the video department.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a non-linear video editing software for macOS, Windows, and Linux now backed by Blackmagic Design. What makes DaVinci Resolve so attractive is that it’s free and user-friendly, allowing church media members to get started as a novice.

And when they’re ready to advance to the next level, there’s an obvious path forward with the increased innovation. Because DaVinci Resolve is one of the most capable and sophisticated editing platforms available right now, some circles already consider it to be one of the best in the world.


If making videos quickly is your goal, check out Animoto. This drag-and-drop video-making model is easy for even the most beginner of beginners. This is a great video tool for creating social media posts, as well. 


This Instagram app is fantastic for generating those engaging, time-lapse videos. Have fun with your church engagement videos and bring a little creativity to your video production efforts.


Another great video tool for the church production room is Typito. This is ideal when you need to add text to your videos, like essential dates or recent announcements. It can allow you to reuse video footage with new messaging every time for an entirely new video engagement. Adding text means anyone watching your video won’t have to un-mute their devices to receive it. There’s a free trial period if you’d like to explore how it works before buying.


If you use videos to engage members, provide classes, or offer training, Screenflow is a great resource. It’s capable of screen-sharing with tons of features for the presenter to use. In addition, some churches use Screenflow to create social media ads, especially when promoting upcoming conferences or events. And editing these videos is a breeze with the super-intuitive interface.

Video engagement is the future of church outreach. So, if you still feel behind the times or are interested in exploring how you can enhance your video production, let us help!

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