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It’s Time To Start Reaching Your Community!

An adult in the United States watches TV 33 hours per week on average. That is a lot of TV! And this is great news for churches. Television remains one of the most affordable mediums for outreach. At REACHRIGHT we help churches produce high quality, customized Church TV Commercials that will engage your community and attract more visitors to your church.

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Quality Church Commercials

Sure you could make your own church commercial. At REACHRIGHT we create beautiful church commercials that are designed to go toe to toe with national TV commercials. Our 30 second spots are created match the excellence of the churches they represent.


  • Professionally Acted
  • ADDY Award Winning
  • Created With Excellence

Customized For Your Church

We invest tens of thousands of dollars creating quality church commercials and allow churches across the country to use them exclusively in their area for a tiny fraction of the cost.


  • Custom Voice Overs
  • Tagged For Your Church
  • Exclusive Licensing

Proven To Attract More Visitors

A recent study out of ORU found that these church TV commercials work. 85% of churches who ran our campaigns for 6 months or more showed measurable church growth. Take part in what has worked for thousands of churches across the country!


  • Proven Messaging
  • Gospel Centered
  • Attracts First Time Visitors

So… How Much Does it Cost?

Great Question! We’d love to answer it for you. If you were to produce these church commercials on your own you would invest tens of thousands of dollars to create something of similar quality. We want to help your church grow for a tiny fraction of that cost.

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