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Devotionals For Kids – The Best Short Lessons

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Devotions are a private way for you to connect with God and study God’s word. However, many devotionals are geared toward adults.

Devotionals for kids makes God’s word easier to for them to understand and helps them grow stronger spiritually. Plus, these devotionals are designed to be far more engaging for kids.

Many sites and apps offer devotionals designed specifically for kids, with some offering them for both kids and teens.

Church Blog

If you’ve already prepared your own devotionals for kids, post them weekly or daily on your church’s blog. A great idea is to create daily or weekly devotionals for kids, teens and adults so the entire family has guidance throughout the week. Try putting the final takeaway or lesson on Christian backgrounds to further engage kids.


Facebook is a great companion to your church’s blog. Post links to your devotionals on your church’s Facebook page. You could even have church volunteers ready to answer questions or provide additional guidance. You can also link to other kids’ devotionals from other sources as well. For optimal engagement, post these on a regular time each day or week so kids and/or parents know when to look.

Church App

If your church has its own app, create a daily devotionals area. Create different sections for kids and adults. Encourage kids to write about what they’ve learned in their own private journal. This could be a feature on your app or a physical journal. To get kids in your church more excited, provide free journals along with weekly reading plans to help them further study the Bible in their free time.

Keys For Kids

Keys for Kids offers daily devotionals using stories kids can relate to. Not only is there text, but audio as well. Parents can download the audio to play in the car on the way to school or preschool. The current day is always free, but if you want to view the archives, you must register for a premium membership.

The Bible App For Kids

While The Bible App For Kids isn’t a devotional, it’s a great resource for creating devotionals for kids. The app offers an interactive study guide Bible designed specifically for kids. When creating devotionals, add recommended reading from this app, which is free.

Truth For Kids

Truth For Kids is a site filled with Christian educational resources for teachers and parents to use. These include free online devotionals for kids. While you can buy the book, a month’s worth of devotionals are available for free at a time. Plus, you’re able to access other useful resources.

God For Kids

For kids who prefer tech over just reading, God For Kids might be the perfect solution. Instead of standard text-based devotions, kids work through devotional activities via a free app. While there’s only one free activity right now, others are being added as in-app purchases.

Free Books And Series

Kids love stories and Free Kids Stories offers plenty of Christian-based stories and devotionals to choose from. The site has listed free books, devotional series, songs (ideal for younger kids) and even devotionals for toddlers. While you may not use everything on the site, you’ll find ample resources to start daily devotionals with your children.


If you don’t mind providing your email address, Compassion offers daily devotionals for kids. They typically come in themes, such as generosity. Not only does the email contain the devotional, but suggested reading, a prayer and a conversation starter so your kids feel eager to talk about what they’ve learned.

Teach Parents

The best way to get kids excited about devotionals is to get their parents excited too. Offer free classes or a weekly meeting to help parents create their own unique devotionals to best fit their kids’ needs. You could offer guidance on your church’s website or social media platforms as well.

Offer Kids’ Bibles

If your church has the budget, provide free kids’ study Bibles to each child. Then, each week give them a list of suggested reading along with daily devotionals. These don’t have to be long, but a quick story or lesson that they can then use with their new Bible works well.

Want to use your church’s site to provide free devotionals for kids? Let us analyze your site to make sure it’s user-friendly and easy to find via search engines.

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