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Online Giving For Churches: RebelGive Review

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After the popularity of our post The 7 Best Online Giving Companies For Churches, we’ve decided to review each company separately to help you better choose the right one for you. The next in our series is our RebelGive review.

The easier it is for people to give to your church, the more compelled they’ll feel to give. However, collection plates just aren’t as effective as they used to be.

Instead, RebelGive offers an online way for people to tithe whenever it’s convenient. They can also use cards versus carrying cash, which is always safer.

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RebelGive is all about saving your church money and ensuring you get the largest portion of your donations as possible. The platform also takes ease of use to the next level with GivingFlows and straightforward reporting.

Our RebelGive review found that the company designed the platform to encourage more giving throughout your entire church website. The simple process makes givers feel more comfortable. And, without pesky fees, your church gets more of every gift you’re given.

While it may seem like a simple platform, that’s what makes it so unique. This makes it even easier for your church to implement and start using.

Main Features

Simplicity and affordability are the two standout features. Like most online giving platforms, RebelGive accepts donations via credit card, debit card and ACH (bank). However your donors feel comfortable giving, RebelGive has them covered.

The main feature of this platform is GivingFlows. This is the name of the process users use to give to your church. Instead of form, it’s a step-by-step flow to make it as easy as possible for users. This can be especially helpful for those not used to tithing online.

As users step through the flow, they choose how to give, how much to give and even what areas of your church to give to. Set up as many categories as you need. However, in the theme of keeping things simple, try to limit your giving categories as much as possible to avoid any confusion.

GivingFlows are easy to add to your church website. In fact, it’s available on every page of your site so users can give whenever they feel inspired to. If the page refreshes, GivingFlows let users pick up right where they left off.

Naturally, the giving process is customizable. Brand it to your church so users know they’re giving to you and not a third-party. Users can easily set up recurring payments, get email receipts and receive custom thank you messages. Users can also sign up to view a history of all their donations.

For administrators, the process is just as simple. Churches get a customizable Control Center versus a dashboard. Generate reports, search by transaction and even manage things via mobile. You can also enter in check and cash transactions for easier accounting from a single platform.

While many online giving platforms focus on different ways to give, such as text and kiosks, RebelGive only focuses on online. However, GivingFlows work easily on mobile devices and you can add a laptop or tablet to your services for in-church giving.

Pricing And Fees

Our RebelGive review also takes a look at RebelGive’s unique pricing structure. Instead of fees per transaction, you only have a single monthly fee. Users are given the option to cover any transaction fees or RebelGive covers them. Churches are never charged per transaction fees for any payment method.

There’s also only one main plan, no matter how big or small your church might be. It’s $99/month if you pay monthly or $79/month if you pay annually. You get all the same features no matter which option you choose.

For smaller churches, you can apply for a scholarship if pricing is too expensive. Churches who qualify pay a reduced rate for the first year. You either have to upgrade to the standard plan or apply for a new scholarship after that.

Larger churches who need more features can contact RebelGive for special custom plans. These may cost more, though.

Online giving makes a great addition to any church. While RebelGive is a wonderful company, we also recommend you check out

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