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Discover the Power of Vertical Video!


Learn how you can engage more people online with vertical video clips.

You have a wealth of social media content in your weekly sermon. Sharing short sermon video clips is the perfect way to connect with a broader audience. And that includes people who have never stepped foot in a church before.

But you need the right editing and formatting to share that content online…and that takes time, resources and energy!

Sermon Sling helps you share your message of hope and connect with people online.

Sermon Sling is a complete custom social media service specifically designed for churches. We’ll deliver professionally edited 30-60 second HD vertical sermon video clips that you can share on any social media platform. Up to three a week!
We’re a team of pastors, church videographers, and church communications professionals who understand your mission and are passionate about helping you share it with the world.
REACHRIGHT exists to help local churches reach more people and grow!

Services we Offer

  • Web Design — get a website that is fast, relevant, and visitor-friendly.
  • Local SEO — unlock massive amounts of SEO traffic to help your church show up in online searches.
  • Google Grant — take advantage of ads that will help visitors find your church.
  • Sermon Sling — transform your weekly sermon into powerful short vertical video clips you can share on social media.

We Have Served Hundreds of Churches in Dozens of Organizations Including:


How Does Sermon Sling Work?

Sermon Sling will streamline your church’s video content creation process so you can save time and effort while accelerating your church digital outreach. Imagine having three professional video shorts done for you every week. All you have to do is post!

You Choose How Many Videos

You can choose to receive one, two, or three unique sermon vertical video clips weekly. We’ll take it from there.

We Pick the Best Clips

We’ll download and watch your weekly sermon and pick the best shareable 30-60 second video clips.

We Add Engaging Elements 

Our videographers will create a hook and add captions, music, graphics, and color grading.

We Deliver the Videos to You

We’ll deliver edited HD vertical video clips to your Dropbox folder every week. Fully finished and ready to go!

You Share the Videos on Your Social Media

You can take these videos and share them across any social media platforms you choose.