Terms and Conditions

Updated 4/22/2022


We’ll always do our best to fulfill your needs and meet your expectations, but it’s important to have things written down so that we all know what’s what, who should do what, and when, and what will happen if something goes wrong. In these terms, you won’t find any complicated legal terms or long passages of unreadable text. We’ve no desire to trick you into something that you might later regret. What we do want is what’s best for both parties, now and in the future.

Below we outline the three different services offered by REACHRIGHT. Your organization has the option to purchase a subscription to one, two, or all three of these products. These terms apply only to the products your organization has purchased. 

Web Subscription

If you have chosen to purchase a website subscription, you are hiring us (REACHRIGHT Studios LLC) to design and develop a tailored website for a one-time fee of $997 and $97/month, as outlined below. The one-time fee is waived if the Client signs up for and keeps local SEO or grant management service for no less than 12 months.

What do both parties agree to do?

You: You have the authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of yourself or your organization. You’ll give us everything we need to complete the project as, when, and in the format we need it. You’ll review our work and provide feedback and approval in a timely manner. Deadlines work two ways, so you’ll also be bound by the dates we set together.

Us: We have the experience and ability to do everything we’ve agreed with you and we’ll do it all in a professional and timely manner. We’ll endeavor to meet every deadline that’s set and on top of that, we’ll maintain the confidentiality of everything you give us.


We create look-and-feel designs and flexible layouts that adapt to the capabilities of many devices and screen sizes. We create designs iteratively and use predominantly HTML and CSS so we won’t waste time mocking up every template as a static visual. We may use static visuals to indicate a look-and-feel direction (color, texture, and typography.) We call that ‘design atmosphere.’

You are purchasing a site built using a premade layout. We will tailor that site to match your brand’s colors and imagery. If a custom site is needed for your organization, we can provide you with a separate estimate. 

Logo Design

Unless specified, logo design is not included in this price.

If you would like to have a logo designed for your organization, we can provide you with a separate estimate for that.


You have purchased content uploading to the site. We have access to millions of stock photographs that we use on most of our website designs. You may supply your own photographs in a high-resolution digital format if you prefer.

You agree to get those to us in a timely manner so we can continue to develop the site in a timely manner.


We build our websites on the WordPress Content Management System. REACHRIGHT will provide regular updates to your site when the WordPress team publishes them. WordPress is not owned or managed by REACHRIGHT, and thus, we make no guarantees that the platform will continue to function as it functions today. 

Browser Testing

Browser testing no longer means attempting to make a website look the same in browsers of different capabilities or on devices with different size screens. It does mean ensuring that a person’s experience of a design should be appropriate to the capabilities of a browser or device.

Desktop browser testing

We test our work in current versions of major desktop browsers including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), and Microsoft (Edge). If you need an enhanced design for an older browser, we can provide a separate estimate for that.

Mobile browser testing

Testing popular small-screen devices is essential in ensuring that a person’s experience of a design is appropriate to the capabilities of the device they’re using. We test our work in:

iOS: Safari, Google Chrome on iPhone 12

Android 7: Google Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S21

We currently don’t test Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS or Blackberry QNX, Opera Mobile, Symbian, or other mobile browsers. If you need us to test using these, we can provide a separate estimate for that.


We will provide ongoing technical support for your website as long as you remain a client and are current with your monthly hosting fees.

We will provide support training at no additional cost to one individual of your choice within your organization. This individual serves as the go-between for all website managers within your organization and our technical support team at REACHRIGHT. You may change the individual of record at any time.

Our support and development hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00-5:00 CST. If you need support outside of those hours, we can provide that when available at $150/hour.

Our support system is run primarily by email, online tickets, and phone calls by appointment. We cannot provide support for third-party applications not installed and managed by REACHRIGHT.

Changes and revisions

We include one initial design concept and one set of revisions for all tailored website projects. After that initial design and revision, if you want to change your mind or add anything new, that won’t be a problem and we’ll provide a separate estimate for that.

We can’t guarantee that our work will be 100% error-free at all times and so we can’t be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if you’ve advised us of them. Finally, if any provision of this contract shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason is unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.


First, you guarantee that all elements of text, images, or other artwork you provide are either owned by you or that you have permission to use them.

When your final payment has cleared, copyright will be automatically assigned as follows:

You’ll own the visual elements that we create for this project. You will have access to all source files and finished files and we will continue to host them for you. You own all elements of text, images, and data you provided unless someone else owns them.

We’ll own the unique combination of these elements that constitutes a complete design. We’ll license that to you exclusively and perpetually for this project unless we agree otherwise. This ensures that you will not resell the completed design, and allows us to acquire standard software licenses for your unique applications.

We love to show off our work and share what we’ve learned with other people, so we reserve the right, with your permission, to display and link to your project as part of our portfolio and to write about it on social media, websites, magazine articles, and in books. We would also like to include a small link at the bottom of your site to our website, as is standard in the industry.

Local SEO Subscription

In short; You are hiring us (REACHRIGHT Studios LLC) to manage your Local Search Engine Optimization Campaign for the price of $197/month as outlined below.

REACHRIGHT will provide:

1) Claim And Optimize Google My Business Listing

REACHRIGHT will claim and optimize your Google My Business listing with location-specific information, including hours, days open, name, address, phone number, website, welcome video (if provided), and other pertinent information. We will also insert up to 5 optimized location images for each location.

If you need us to claim and optimize other Local Listing Profiles such as Apple Maps Connect or Bing Places For Business we can provide you with a separate quote for that.

2) Submit Organization Listing to Pertinent Online Directories

REACHRIGHT will submit your listing information to over 25 different local listing services. On each of these listing sites, we will create a profile for your organization, including your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). Other information will be included in these listings if available. We generally submit your listing to the following online directories:



























+ additional Data Aggregator submissions.

3) Monthly Citation Management

REACHRIGHT will manage each of these listings, making updates every month as needed, correcting any changes to the NAP citations that occur on the profile over time.

This will include but not be limited to duplicate listing suppression and redirection.

4) Monthly Reporting

Each month on the anniversary of your service start date, REACHRIGHT will provide a report on the performance of your Local SEO campaign. This report will include:

Local Keyword Rankings

User Review Updates With Instructions on how to best address

Site Audit with On-Page Recommendations.

Client Agrees to:

1) Provide Admin Access

The Client will provide REACHRIGHT access to listings for:

Google My Business

Apple Maps Connect

Bing Places For Business

The Client agrees to allow REACHRIGHT to make changes to these listings as necessary to optimize the campaign.

2) Billing

To allow enough time for the campaign to begin seeing results, we strongly recommend a minimum of 12 months of service. While this is our recommendation, this service can be canceled by either party with 30 days’ notice. This agreement (and billing) starts immediately.

No refunds will be given for partial months of service. In the event of cancellation, you will still have access to your online profiles. We will stop providing updates to the listing services listed above. The Client should expect most listings to disappear or change in a matter of months when these updates cease.

Should you choose to have REACHRIGHT manage your account again after cancellation, a $400 reactivation fee will be assessed.

3) Payment

The Client agrees to pay the amounts listed below for the services offered. Direct payment will be charged each month on the same day this agreement was initiated. If collection assistance is necessary, REACHRIGHT will be entitled to all collection costs. A credit card is required to be on file for all services. If payment is not received within 30 days, the service will be considered canceled. Should you choose to have REACHRIGHT manage your account again after cancellation, a $400 reactivation fee will be assessed.

4) Services Cost

$197 per month for the first location

$150 per month for each additional location (for multisite churches)

Google Grant Management Subscription

In short; You are hiring us (REACHRIGHT Studios LLC) to manage your Google Ad Grant Account for the price of $297/month as outlined below.

REACHRIGHT will provide:

1) Custom Campaign Setup

The setup phase of your campaign includes optimizing your Google AdWords account and taking a look at your current settings and goals. This part of the campaign will cover:

⦁ Creating a campaign

⦁ Location-based targeting

⦁ Setup of correct device types for your campaign

⦁ Understanding of overall market strategy, client goals, and market research

2) Keyword Research

In the keyword research phase, we’ll conduct a competitive analysis of 2-3 major competitors’ keywords to see which keywords your competitors are using successfully. This phase includes:

⦁ Breaking keywords into relevant ad groups that Google uses to increase quality scores

⦁ Inserting negative keywords as needed for terms that would not be valuable

Successfully implementing the keyword research phase will result in higher quality scores and more relevant traffic. We take these steps to meet Google’s recommended setup requirements and industry standards.

3) Ad Design

To create your ads, we’ll pair keywords in the headline with emotional calls-to-action in the body of the text. The ad design phase includes:

⦁ Inserting dynamic keywords where applicable

⦁ Featuring text from the destination page

⦁ Rotating between multiple ads in each ad group

These techniques will increase your quality score and improve your visitors’ user experience. This phase also allows us to improve your return on investment by allowing Google to display the most relevant ads in your campaign.

4) Monthly Campaign Management

Split-testing ads are a great way to optimize a campaign. After collecting a few weeks of data, analytics allow us to effectively narrow out keywords, ads, and ad groups that convert fewer visitors than others. Continually optimizing your campaign by testing ads and keywords, analyzing results, and refining the keywords and ads allows us to continuously improve your campaign, driving more traffic to your site.

Monthly, we’ll also deliver:

⦁ Evaluation of ongoing goals and account snapshot

⦁ Weekly account monitoring and optimization

⦁ Adding 10+ keywords

⦁ Adding 3+ ads

Client Agrees to:

1) Google Ad-Words Account & Ad Spend

REACHRIGHT will be obtaining and applying for the Google Grant on your behalf. The ad account and the grant remain the property of the Client. The Client will not add their billing information to their Google Grant account. REACHRIGHT will not be held responsible for any billing as a result of doing so.

2) Billing

In order to allow enough time for the campaign to begin seeing results, we strongly recommend a minimum of 12 months of service. While this is our recommendation, the services provided can be canceled by either party with 30-days’ notice. This agreement (and billing) starts immediately. No refunds will be given for partial months of service. In the event of cancellation, you will still have access to your Google Ads account, but the campaign built by REACHRIGHT will be removed. In order to remain eligible for the grant, you will need to rebuild a campaign that meets all of Google’s compliance requirements. Should you choose to have REACHRIGHT manage your account again after cancellation, a $400 reactivation fee will be assessed.

If we do not secure your Google Grant within 90 days of entering this agreement, we will refund any payments made for Grant Management Services, upon your request.

3) Payment

The Client agrees to pay the amounts listed below for the services offered. Direct payment will be charged each month on the same day this agreement was initiated. In the event that collection assistance is necessary REACHRIGHT will be entitled to all collection costs. The management fee is based on a total monthly budget target and is not calculated on actual ad spend.

4) Services Cost

$297 – Monthly Campaign Optimization & Management.

Sermon Sling Subscription

The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which REACHRIGHT shall provide services to the Customer, including the production of 30-60 second vertical video clips from full-length sermon videos.

1. Description of Services

REACHRIGHT shall produce one, two, or three vertical videos each week for the customer.

  • Video Production Services: REACHRIGHT shall produce 30-60 second vertical video clips from full-length sermon videos provided by the Customer.
  • Source material will be downloaded from youtube or provided to REACHRIGHT in an HD format. 
  • REACHRIGHT will select sections of the sermon that in their estimation will have the biggest impact on social media channels. While you may provide feedback, this selection is based on the sole discretion of REACHRIGHT.
  • Within one week REACHRIGHT will return one, two, or three video clips to the customer. Each of these videos will be in a vertical 1080×1920 format and will include:
    • Professional Editing
    • Captions
    • Background Music
    • Cover Image
    • Social Descriptions
  • Delivery: REACHRIGHT shall deliver the final video clips to the Customer in an mp4 format ready to post on social channels. 
  • REACHRIGHT welcomes customer feedback on all videos. That feedback will be used to inform future video production, but we will not provide revisions on videos already produced. 

2. Payment

  • At sign-up, the customer will specify if they would like 1, 2 or 3 videos produced each week. While the price is per video, billing is done monthly in advance.
  • Pricing is as follows:
    • 1 video per week –  $550/month
    • 2 videos per week – $840/month
    • 3 videos per week – $1000/month
  • All agreements are month-to-month. You may cancel at any time with 30 days’ written notice. No refunds will be given for unused portions of the month. REACHRIGHT reserves the right to cancel service without cause at any time. In the event of REACHRIGHT’s cancellation, a refund will be given for any service not yet fulfilled. 

3. Intellectual Property

The Customer affirms that they own the rights to all video content provided to REACHRIGHT. Upon completion of the work, the client will own the rights to any content produced for them by REACHRIGHT.   

4. Limitation of Liability

REACHRIGHT shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the performance of its obligations under this Agreement, except for damages resulting from the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of REACHRIGHT.

5. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin, and the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Wisconsin.

6. Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations, and agreements, whether written or oral.

General Terms And Conditions for All Products


We’re sure you understand how important it is for a small business that you pay the invoices that we send you promptly. As we’re also sure you’ll want to stay friends, you agree to stick tight to the payment terms outlined.

For all subscriptions, you may choose to pay your subscription annually in advance. Clients receive a one-month discount on the subscription fee when paid annually. 

We require that you have your credit card or bank information on file for payment. We will process these payments automatically each unless we hear from you otherwise.

If payment is not received, we will stop working on the project when the balance is 15 days past due. We will deactivate the subscription and accounts if payment is more than 30 days past due.

Like most small businesses, we do not like to give refunds, but if we get to a place where that seems the best solution, we will refund all monies paid for work that has not yet been completed. You agree to pay the difference for any work completed that has not yet been paid for. Do you see that? It works both ways.

There will be no refunds on monthly or annual subscription fees paid.


REACHRIGHT makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the results obtained from its services. Individual results may vary. REACHRIGHT disclaims all warranties to the full extent allowable by law, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

REACHRIGHT does not endorse and bears no responsibility for the content, accuracy, currency, reliability, or completeness of any information, text, graphics, links, or other items contained on any of the websites it serves. REACHRIGHT is not responsible for the websites’ use of intellectual property or copyrighted material.

Just like a parking ticket, you can’t transfer this contract to anyone else without our permission.

This contract stays in place and need not be renewed. If for some reason one part of this contract becomes invalid or unenforceable, the remaining parts of it remain in place.

If, for some reason we can’t seem to come to an agreement about how to resolve a dispute, You agree that under no circumstances will we file suit against each other as it relates to this project.

Any and all disputes concerning this contract or the services provided by REACHRIGHT Studios will be settled via binding arbitration in Madison Wisconsin.

The Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold REACHRIGHT and its agents harmless from any liability, loss, claim, and expense, including attorney’s fees and expenses that may be incurred as a result of this agreement. REACHRIGHT assumes no liability and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions with respect to its services, whether such damages arise in contract, negligence, tort, under statute, in equity, at law, or otherwise.

Although the language is simple, the intentions are serious and this contract is a legal document under the exclusive jurisdiction of Wisconsin courts.