best social media platforms for your church

The Best Social Media Platforms For Your Church

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Whether you love it or hate it, social media is a great tool for bringing people together, including your church members.

Social media platforms let your church connect with members 24/7 and meet new people, who could eventually become new members. The key is using the right platforms.

While there are numerous social networks, many of which you’ve probably never heard of, a choice few have thriving communities and are ideal for getting your church noticed online.


Facebook shouldn’t come as a surprise. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey, 68% of adults in the US say Facebook is their social platform of choice and nearly 75% of those users turn to the network daily. Plus, Facebook appeals to all age groups, though the survey did find Americans 65 and older weren’t quite as digitally social.

Plus, Facebook has 1.45 billion daily users worldwide as of March 2018. For sheer popularity, Facebook is a must-have for churches. With pages and groups, it’s easy to bring people together that share common interests. If you only choose one network, make it Facebook.


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms if you’re trying to reach younger members. It’s one of the top social networks for teens and those under 24. However, the Pew Research Center survey found 35% of adults use Instagram regularly.

This platform works a bit differently than Facebook. It’s all about being visual. However, it’s perfect for sharing photos of church events, members, sermons and more. Think of it as a way of showing off your church. You can even encourage your members to upload their own photos of their favorite church moments.


Snapchat is only slightly more popular than Instagram when it comes to younger users. It’s important to note that Snapchat is only helpful for connecting with those 24 and under. However, it could be perfect for teen ministry programs. It’d be a fun platform for teen members to hang out with each other. Much like Instagram, it’s all about visuals. Snap fun shots and be silly and creative.


Sadly, Pinterest is often overlooked when it comes to social media platforms, especially for churches. However, the site isn’t just for wedding planning and gathering recipes. Want to show off local community events? What about inspiring scripture? Pinterest is the perfect place.

Connect with parents by pinning fun crafts for kids to try or Bible stories to read to their kids at night. Create infographics of study guides for different interests and concerns. Take some time to see how other churches are using the platform to get ideas.

Don’t think it’s worth your time? As of 2017, Pinterest had 175 million monthly users. That’s no small number. However, Pinterest is typically far more popular with women than men according to Pew Research Center.


The closest social network to Facebook, in terms of popularity, is YouTube. As of 2018, YouTube has over one billion users. Currently, the network reaches more users between 18-49 than any US cable network. If you don’t mind making videos, YouTube is one of the best social media platforms for churches.

Upload your choir in action. Share your sermons. Host regular study sessions with some of your members and even answer questions from users. While your videos might not always go viral, they will reach people who want and need guidance in their lives.


Of course, no list of social media platforms for churches would be complete without Twitter. As of 2018, there are 330 million monthly active users on the platform. It’s a great platform for quick updates, sharing blog posts, inspirational quotes, links to study resources, and more.

As with Facebook, the user ages vary greatly, so you’ll reach a wide demographic. You might want to consider different accounts to correspond with different ministry groups for best results.

Ready to add social media to your church’s marketing strategy? Start by promoting your newly created social media channels your church website’s blog.

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