The Rise Of Online Prayer And How It Helps Your Church

The Rise Of Online Prayer And How It Helps Your Church

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Traditionally, group prayer happened either in person or through a prayer chain over the phone. However, online prayer is now on the rise.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are praying online. After all, millions use social media every day to connect.

Now, they’re just getting social in a different way. This is actually a good thing because it shows that prayer is still important and they want to pray with others even when they’re not in church.

How Does Online Prayer Work

Online prayer isn’t as strange as it may sound. People post prayers online from around the world. Others can then view those prayers and pray for that person. It creates a massive online prayer chain and brings together complete strangers who are sharing their faith through prayer.

It’s not meant to replace prayer in church. Instead, it’s just way to┬ápray with others even in the middle of the night or when you’re far from home and your home church.

How Often Do People Pray

The rise of online prayer serves as a shining light in a time when many church leaders fear that people are moving away from attending church. If people are praying online, then they’re still faithful followers of God and thus reachable by churches.

In fact, according to one study, 55% of Americans pray daily and 16% pray at least once a week. This proves that prayer is still important. If praying online helps people pray more, then that’s a good thing.

Why Is Online Prayer Effective

In some ways, sharing prayers publicly is what makes online prayer so effective. This is especially true for people who live alone or may not have any friends or family nearby. Of course, millennials and Gen Z are so accustomed to online sharing that it just seems natural to share their prayers too.

It’s a more modern form of prayer. For instance, churches now post on social media frequently and use apps to engage with their members. If those methods are effective, online prayer is just one more way to make churches more modern.

How Does Online Prayer Affect Your Church

For some churches, this might seem almost threatening. After all, if people are praying online, why come to church? Prayer just means people have problems that they’re sharing with God. It also means they need guidance in their faith to better understand how God is there for them.

As a result, churches who embrace praying online show the unchurched that churches truly do care. By offering a way to pray as a community without any obligation to come to the church, churches actually get more members. Plus, those people start engaging with your church’s website and social media channels. Even if they’re not physically at your church, they’re still attending your church.

It may not be the growth you originally intended, but it’s growth and it allows your church to help far more than just the members who come every week.

How Can Your Church Get Involved

Now for the most important part. How can your church get involved? The answer is simple. Start offering an online prayer option. For instance, have a place on your site for people to post their prayers. Allow them to post privately where only the church’s pastor or church leaders can see or publicly.

You could also have a daily prayer post on social media for people to comment with their prayers. This encourages others to share the post, which adds even more prayers.

If you’re not sure where to start with online prayer, see how some other sites and churches have implemented it:

Are you ready to help people all over the world pray? Find out how to optimize your church’s site for online prayer today.

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