8 Leadership Hacks To Boost Your Ministry

8 Leadership Hacks To Boost Your Ministry

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Does it seem like your leadership is less than effective? What if you could easily boost your ministry through proven leadership hacks?

Sometimes it’s simple strategies that make the biggest difference. Just changing how you communicate with church staff and members changes how effective your leadership truly is.

The great thing is you can implement these hacks starting today. Before long, you’ll master them and even teach them to budding leaders in your church.

1. Ask For Feedback

If you want to be the best possible leader and boost your ministry, you have to do one thing – ask for feedback. Of course, no one wants to risk hearing about their faults. However, how else will you grow as a leader? Despite how it might seem, your members and staff don’t expect you to magically be perfect or have all the answers.

It’s one of the hardest leadership hacks to implement, but one of the most important. Through feedback, you grow along with the respect your fellow church leaders and members have for you. This builds trust and helps grow the church and ministry.

2. Seek To Fix Simple Problems

This doesn’t mean you avoid the big issues. However, it hurts your confidence to¬†get stuck on one major problem that you can’t seem to fix. Plus, your church family might think you’re not actually doing anything. Change their perception and your own by seeking to fix simple problems. By at least fixing simple problems on a regular basis, you’re boosting your leadership skills and showing your church family you’re getting something accomplished.

Plus, those simple problems could actually be the solution to your bigger issues. Seeing a more active leader actually improves your ministry.

3. Provide Encouragement

Fellow leaders, staff, members and volunteers all want one thing from you – encouragement. It’s one of the easiest leadership hacks to try. For instance, when someone is working hard during a volunteer project, walk up to them, ask how it’s going and tell them how proud you are of all their hard work. You’ll boost their confidence and encourage them to volunteer more often.

4. Do As You Say

The easiest way to lose respect as a leader in the church or any other non-profit or business is to say one thing, but do another. It’s impossible to boost your ministry if no one trusts you. So, if you say you’re going to do something, do it. Yes, it’s fine to make mistakes, but admit them.

If you expect your members to follow certain rules, follow them yourself. Set the example and others will follow.

5. Let Someone Else Lead

It’s fine to step away and give someone else the chance to shine. It might not seem like the most effective of leadership hacks, but it actually works quite well. Letting someone else lead helps boost their confidence and shows others that leadership opportunities are available. This leads to more volunteers and happier staff and volunteers.

6. Smile Whenever Possible

No one is inspired by a doom and gloom leader. In fact, it just makes others uneasy. The last thing you want as a church leader is to make your members feel uneasy. Smiling is one of the most powerful leadership hacks. A genuine smile changes how you feel and how others see you. It also changes how others respond to what you say.

Smiling allows you to connect with others better. It makes them pay more attention and puts a more positive spin on what you’re saying. Just smile more often and you’ll boost your ministry.

7. Communicate Clearly

How well do you communicate? Do volunteers often make mistakes because they didn’t understand you? Does your church staff leave things undone because they never realized you wanted them to do it?

Make certain you’re communicating clearly. As a leader, everyone expects you to say exactly what you want to be done and why. Look people in the eye and tell them as clearly as possible what needs to be accomplished, why it’s important and how they can help.

Ask them to repeat things back to you and ask questions. Just doing this allows everyone to get more accomplished, which helps boost your ministry.

8. Delegate

Finally, delegate. Give up a little control and trust others in your church. You have capable leaders among your staff and members. Give them more responsibility. You can’t do it all on your own. Go ahead and delegate tasks that are better suited to others. In the end, you create a better sense of community and family within your church. It’s one of the most popular leadership hacks, but one that’s highly under-utilized.

Start delegating and you’ll watch your church and ministry thrive. All it takes is paying attention and giving the right people the chance to excel.

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