The Importance Of Empowering The Right People

The Importance Of Empowering The Right People

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Empowering the right people is one of the ways that most businesses and non-profits grow. After all, a single person can’t possibly do it all.

Great leaders know it’s important to not just lead but to encourage others to lead as well. This is especially important for churches.

When the right people feel motivated and encouraged, there’s no limit to how much they can accomplish. It all starts with inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Accomplish More Through Delegation

We’ve already discussed why leading as a micromanager is a mistake. Not only do you burn out quickly, but you also drive away your best people. You’ll accomplish much more by empowering the right people to take over other tasks. Delegation isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary. All you have to do is pay attention to which people are right for the job.

For instance, maybe one member is amazing at inspiring and motivating people to volunteer. That’s the person you want in charge of volunteering. It takes more than one person to grow a church and empowering others to take on various responsibilities is crucial.

Engage Members More Fully

Your church members want to follow faithfully, but they also want the opportunity to be more than just followers. They want to be a part of the church and all it does. They want to lead and participate. Empowering the right people shows members that you’re not just there to teach them, but to help them grow. This engages them in a unique way and makes them feel more like a part of the church instead of just attendees.

Create Leaders In The Church And Community

When members leave your church each week, they should leave as leaders ready to teach and help others in their community. Sadly, many churches fail at creating leaders. Just think of what could happen by empowering the right people.

For instance, a member who has always wanted to create a safe place for children to play in the community could gain the confidence and experience needed to spearhead this project. Another member may start holding a weekly Bible study for people who can’t attend regular services.

The right people already have ideas. They just need motivation and training by church leaders to go out into the world and walk the path God wants them to.

Inspire Church Planters

Every area doesn’t have a church available, leaving many of the unchurched without a nearby place to worship should they choose to. Unless churches empower the right people, new churches might never be created. It’s leaders created by the church they’re currently attending that step out into the world with purpose and overcome all obstacles to plant a new church for others to come and worship.

Grow The Church

As many businesses have found out, empowering the right people is vital to success. The same holds true for churches. Without empowerment, members tend to drift away. They might stop attending or go to another church.

For businesses, empowerment encourages new ideas, teamwork and a sense of joy. It’s this joy and excitement that makes employees give 110% each and every day. This helps the business grow and thrive. Wouldn’t you like the same thing from your members?

Empower them. Encourage them. You’ll be amazed at what they’ll give back in return. From more eager volunteers to incredible ideas to grow the church, your members will help your church thrive for generations to come.

Help Members Find Their Purpose

While this may not always directly benefit the church, it does lead to happier, more engaged members. Many of your members go through life on autopilot. They have a job, family and friends. However, they still don’t know their purpose. No one’s ever made them feel like they should seek it out.

Empowering the right people allows you to help members find their purpose. You create leaders who then inspire other members and this creates a chain reaction. While everyone doesn’t have to be a leader, empowering them leads them to figure out what they want from life and start taking charge.

Want more ways to empower the members in your church? Start by engaging them daily on your church’s website and social media.

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  1. This is good information. Empowerment of the members especially in church is the way to go. As church leaders, we really to do more on empowerment than just giving orders.

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