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6 Church Apps To Make Life Easier For Your Members

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If you want your church members to stay involved even after they’ve left church, it’s time to start recommending some digital options to make life easier for your members. What’s the one thing most, if not all, of your members always have with them? That’s right – their smartphone.

By recommending church apps to your members, you’ll keep them engaged with their faith throughout the week. From socializing to delving deeper into God’s word, these six apps are designed to create a more engaged community, even when your members can’t make it to church that week.

The Olive Tree Bible App

Many of your members may not even carry a physical Bible with them anymore. With numerous options to choose from, it’s important to choose the right app for their needs. They already have a personal favorite, but The Olive Tree Bible App is more than just the Bible in an app. It’s also a powerful study guide and allows users to create bookmarks, highlight passages and easily look up more information.


custom church website buttonInspiring contemporary Christian music is sometimes the perfect way to listen to God’s word while your members are out and about. K-Love is well-known for its great music, but the K-Love app provides online listening along with a community of other users to engage with. It’s not just a music community, but a way for others to discuss their faith and inspire others.

Not Just Words

When members need to quickly look up a verse, it’s sometimes hard to remember exactly where to look. Maybe they remember a few words or a phrase, but nothing else. Not Just Words serves as a search engine to help users find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. All it takes is a few words or a reference to find the right verse or verses.

Superbook Kids Bible App

Kids get bored easily and the Bible isn’t exactly easy to read, especially for children. This is where the Superbook Kids Bible App helps. It’s one of the best church apps for parents. When kids have questions, the interactive app helps them find answers that they can understand. They can read stories, play games and learn more about their faith in a way that’s more engaging to them. As a church leader, you could even suggest different games or subjects for kids to look at within the app so they feel more engaged during the service.


If members have prayer requests, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of everyone. PrayerMate helps your church family remember who needs their prayers. They can also use it to make notes of anything they want to pray for. Members can also subscribe to content to view prayer diaries and publications from well-known organizations and even local churches. You’re welcome to add your own church’s RSS feed.

Daily Bible Inspirations

grow your church buttonWhile many church apps focus on helping users read the Bible, sometimes your members just need a quick dose of inspiration. Daily Bible Inspirations provides a daily passage to help members connect with their faith every single day. Every passage comes complete with links to share the passage on social media, by email or text. This means they could be spreading the word in just a few taps. Users can set a custom schedule for receiving new passages.

Bonus: Amazon Kindle

While Amazon Kindle isn’t exactly a faith-based app, it is one of the more useful church apps. Your church family can keep a collection of books to inspire them and further study their faith. Many ebooks are free, making it a cheap and easy way to have books on the go. Your members don’t need a Kindle either. The app is available for iOS and Android devices too.

Church Apps Engage Members

Help your members get more from their phones. Tell them about church apps that make their lives a little easier when it comes to their faith. With hectic schedules, they’ll appreciate learning about simple ways to connect to their own faith and community throughout the week.

Don’t limit engagement to apps alone. Find out how a church website keeps church members connecting 24/7 and even brings in new members.

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