14 Top Church Presentation Tools For Amazing Presentations

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Church presentation tools help you turn scripture, lyrics and images into engaging visuals for your members. You can even use them for online worship.

The right tools make the job much easier. When you’re already strapped for time, you want to be able to sit down, put together a great presentation and move on.

There are presentation tools for every budget. The list below includes both free and premium options, ensuring there’s an option for every church’s needs.

1. Basic Church Presentation Tools

While there are dedicated church presentation tools, you can use standard slideshow tools to create a presentation. The good part of these tools are you may already know how to use them. Plus, there are several great free options, such as:

If you’re just getting started with basic presentations, these are great tools to get your feet wet. However, if you’re looking for something more robust, you’ll want to branch out from the basic tools.

2. OpenLP

OpenLP is a free open source church worship presentation tool designed to give you the freedom to create presentations they way you want. It’s also regularly updated, giving you even more features and support over time.

You can download to your computer, use it online or via the iOS/Android apps. You can even import presentations from other popular slideshow software, such as PowerPoint and LibreOffice.

Easily import songs, video content, Bible verses (import full Bibles for use or just certain verses), pictures and more. Create custom slides to play and loop or control them manually. You can easily control your presentation using the web, iOS or Android app.

3. EasySlides

EasySlides is one of the more simple church presentation tools. It’s made to project Bible verses and song lyrics during worship services. The great part is it’s completely free to use.

Despite being more scaled back, it does have some great features, such as:

  • Convert to HTML to add to your church website
  • Add notation to slides, such as chords/tabs
  • Incorporate a wide variety of Bibles
  • Countdown clocks/timers
  • Basic slideshows
  • Publish on EasySlides for live online presentations (requires a low-cost annual subscription)
  • Create worship booklets

If you’re mainly creating presentations to encourage more engagement during services, EasySlides is a good option. It’s also updated on a regular basis, completely for free.

4. VideoPsalm

VideoPsalm’s website may look a bit dated, but their presentation software is not only powerful, but free. They call the software mission-ware as it aids churches on their mission to spread God’s word.

VideoPsalm is compatible with many other church presentation tools, including EasySlides, MediaShout, PowerPoint, VerseView and more. This makes it easy to import presentations you’ve already created in other tools.

The free help library includes detailed tutorials and guidance to help you get started quickly. Plus, there are numerous Bibles and songbooks for you to import and pull information from. This makes finding what you need even easier.

Some of the other main features include:

  • Quick search features
  • Create image and video slideshows
  • Play music along with lyrics
  • Create live video feed background
  • Add music chords to lyrics
  • Quick editing modes
  • Organization tools to keep track of what you’re using

With 24/7 support, this is one free tool that’s hard to pass on.

5. BibleShow

BibleShow is another completely free church presentation tool. It’s only compatible with Windows though. This is one of the more basic tools as it only supports Bible verses instead of songs too.

It comes complete with hundreds of themes to use. There are also multiple Bibles and translations to choose from. It’s easy to project or use on any connected video device. You can even stream your presentation for live online worship.

Create a searchable list of favorite verses for quicker access. However, built-in search features allow you to search the Bible versions you’ve imported.

If you want more control over your slides and want to go beyond scripture, BibleShow might not be for you. Otherwise, it’s a nice light-weight tool especially if you have older equipment.

6. Lyricue

Lyricue isn’t just for churches. It’s made for live events, such as worship services and concerts. As the name implies, it’s main purpose is displaying song lyrics for a more interactive event. However, you can present more than just lyrics.

You can also add text passages, such as scripture or important takeaways. This makes it easy to ensure your members not only hear, but see the most important parts of your sermon.

One immensely useful feature is live editing. Even if your presentation is being shown, you can edit on the fly. See a typo? Edit in seconds. This is ideal if your church is hosting a live event and you want to add impromptu notes during the event. Or, if you need to change lyrics quickly.

You can also add text over a live feed, which is ideal if you’re live streaming. It’s easy to create custom screens for lyrics and verses. You can even create playlists for autoplay presentations.

7. FreeWorship

FreeWorship has a free and premium version. For simple church presentations, the free version is really all you need. However, if you want additional support, more integrations with other tools and more advanced search features, you’ll need the premium version for $13.67/month.

In the free version, you create customized presentations using FreeWorship’s intuitive interface. Add song lyrics, videos, images and Bible verses. Create custom slide sets for your church events.

The premium version does make it easier to add songs and verses thanks to SongSelect integration and an advanced Bible search function. This can help save valuable time. Unlike other free options on this list, you have to pay for addition Bibles, which start at $13.67 each.

8. Praisenter

Praisenter is one of the more straightforward church presentation tools. It’s made specifically to help churches create more engaging presentations without spending a dime. You don’t even have to register with your email address.

Praisenter uses The Unbound Bible to allow you to import various translations, based on your church’s needs. This is completely free. Import song lyrics or create your own. You can add unlimited lyrics. Plus, you can organize all your songs to make them easier to find when you need them.

Create fully custom slides, complete with transition effects. Every aspect of the slides can be edited. Add engaging images, video and audio to your slides. There’s even a media library built-in for managing your files.

You can even display alerts with ease. Let a member know they left their lights on or remind members about a meeting after services.

The only downside is the software hasn’t been updated in years, which is why it doesn’t have a very modern look. However, it still works well.

9. Datasoul

Datasoul is another free and open source church presentation tool. It’s rather barebones, but still highly effective for creating amazing presentations.

Easily import slides and presentations from PowerPoint and OpenOffice. You can even launch files from both programs directly within Datasoul. You can also import song lyrics from EasyWorship.

As with most church presentation tools, you can add song lyrics and Bible verses. Add chords and guitar tabs with any song. To make services even more engaging, print out any or all parts of your presentation for members to use during services or to take home.

For online worship, share your presentations online. This works well for live streaming and as an added resource for your church website visitors. You can even export your presentation as a PDF, making it easy to add a downloadable file to your website.

10. MediaShout

MediaShout is the first fully premium option on this list. However, there is a free 30-day trial to see if it’s right for your church before you pay. It’s a feature-rich presentation tool with all the bells and whistles you could want.

The intuitive and modern interface makes it easy to use. You can even customize it to your needs. Built-in templates get you started quickly.

The presentation editor allows you to customize all aspects of your slides. There’s also a sermon builder to help you create more interactive and engaging sermons.

Easily import PowerPoint slides. You also have access to both public-access and copyrighted Bible translations and versions. Plus, you can import songs using SongSelect.

Customize your stage display and easily display announcements. While there isn’t an Android app yet, you can remotely control your presentations via the iOS app. MediaShout is even planning to add social media integration and cloud storage options soon.

MediaShout starts at $399 or $409 for copyrighted Bible access for the Windows version. The Mac version is $249 and $299. You can also get additional support and exclusive content for $21/month.

11. Prezi

Prezi isn’t strictly for churches, but it’s still well worth considering among church presentation tools. What sets it apart is it’s actually a collection of three different tools – Present, Video and Design.

You get access to all three tools starting at $15/month. While a cheaper plan is available, it’s for personal use and doesn’t include nearly as many useful features. A free version is available to create up to five presentations. This is a good way to try it out, though free trials of al premium plans are available too.

Not only can you create custom presentations to show in your church, you can create online presentations to better engage your online worshipers. There are even hundreds of thousands of free images and icons to use.

Create visually engaging stories, which are great for Sunday school and children’s ministry. You can also create voice overs, which work well for online access when you’re not live.

While there isn’t any Bible or song lyric integrations, you can manually add any content you need. This is a major con, but if your church also needs tools for creating videos and image design, the tradeoff might be worth it.

12. OpenSong

OpenSong is one of the simpler church presentation tools. However, it’s designed specifically to be an easy to use tool for displaying song lyrics and Bible verses. Every slide can have a custom background or background color.

While it doesn’t have the customization of some of the other tools on this list, it is free. It’s a perfect addition to other tools, though, if you want to do more with your songs.

Easily transpose songs, add details about when a capo is used, add full song details (CCLI#, length, tempo, author and more) and customize individual elements, such as underlining certain parts.

You have access to 168 different Bible translations. While it’s a separate download listed on OpenSong, there is a detailed guide on how to do it.

13. Worship Extreme

Worship Extreme has a free and premium version. Create fully custom presentations using a variety of built-in Bibles and SongSelect (requires a SongSelect account) integration. Free users have access to limited number of motion graphics, while premium users have access to more.

Create cue lists which you can edit on the fly. Need to add something new during a service? No problem. These lists make it quick and easy to make presentations.

You can also sync you presentations to Worship Extreme’s cloud service. This ensures you always have a backup of your work and access wherever you are.

The premium version starts at $15/month. Get access to all features, including unlimited templates and graphics, for $25/month. Smaller churches will likely do well with the free version, though.

14. ZionWorx

While ZionWorx offers a free trial, there isn’t a free version available. There’s a one-time fee of $249 for your entire team to use the software. All minor updates are free to download, but if a new major version is released, there is an additional upgrade fee.

The intuitive interface lets you jump right in, creating presentations with ease. Add any audio, video or image file into your presentations without worrying about compatibility. All codecs are already built-in.

A layer-based approach makes it quick and easy to customize every part of your presentation. From backgrounds to the text itself, you have full control.

A color-coded layout makes arranging song lyrics easier than ever. You can import songs directly from SongSelect or even text files, though ZionWorx does state this can be glitchy at times. Use BibleGateway to search for and import the Bibles of your choice.

PowerPoint integration is supported. You can also export your entire playlist presentation to use on-the-go. This is ideal if another church wants to use your presentation or you’re presenting as a guest elsewhere.

Get even more from your church presentation tools by adding presentations to your church website. Want to attract more visitors to your site? Try our free website analysis today.

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