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Top 100 Best Church Websites of 2023

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Note: We update our list of the top 100 best church websites every few months. If you have a church site you think our team should consider for our next update, let us know in the comments below.

Looking for some church website design inspiration? Every year we scour the internet to find the absolute best church websites on the planet.

If you’re looking to create a compelling presence for your church online, an engaging website is essential. Having an outstanding website can help boost engagement and even draw in new visitors by presenting relevant content, providing helpful resources, and more.

But with so many churches out there creating their own websites, how do you ensure yours stands out?

To take the guesswork away, we’ve rounded up the best church websites of 2023, in no particular order. From modern designs to sites that focus on building community or highlighting upcoming events – these 100 examples are sure to inspire you!

What Do You Need to Be a Top Church Website?

We’re continually exploring the top church websites, but to really stand out you need more than just an aesthetically pleasing site. To get your website noticed by visitors and search engines alike, there are a few must-haves:

  • Intuitive navigation that allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for
  • Engaging visuals, like photos, videos, and infographics
  • Easy access to contact information, service times, and service locations
  • Simplicity and focus on the user experience of a first-time guest
  • Strategic keywords incorporated throughout the content to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Responsive design that looks great on mobile devices
  • Unique storytelling that gives people the vision, heart, and culture of your church

With these essential elements in place, you’re ready to make a lasting impression on your visitors and create a website that stands out among the competition. So let’s look at some specific examples.

Top 100 Church Websites 2023

1. Mariners Church

What We Love

Mariners Church website quickly pulls you in with vibrant colors and authentic photography. The home page image features an inspiring baptism photo that’s relevant year round. But you’re also greeted with a pop-up that communicates the latest upcoming event. You can also scroll down to watch testimony videos, and these types of videos always make a big impact.

They have a clear navigation menu that allows you to easily find your campus. Each campus page has tailored information about services, ministries, kids and youth programs, and more. 

The top menu is clear and simple. But Mariners Church also has a hamburger menu that pulls up an expansive array of ministries, resources, and viewing options. It allows you to easily find what you need. They also conveniently have all campuses listed at the bottom of the homepage with locations and service times. Overall, this site is well-designed, easy to navigate, and inspires personal connection.

2. Cornerstone Nashville

What We Love

The first impression of Cornerstone Nashville’s website is a high-quality video showing the life of the church. You can also immediately see service times and locations and the opportunity to “Watch Live.” The messaging on the site is geared toward the visitor and helping them find what they need.

As you continue down the page, you can easily find ways to get involved and the latest message. We also like Cornerstone Nashville’s event calendar. Upcoming events are easy to sort by location, keyword, or ministry so members and guests can find what they need. This site also has a blog, which we highly recommend for SEO and to serve as a ministry resource.

3. Kearney FUMC

What We Love

Kearney First United Methodist Church brings high energy to their homepage. The lead video feels interactive and features members of all ages. As you scroll down, the page has a varied design mix that helps information stand out. Including a large vision statement that paints a picture of what the church stands for.

The homepage also features a prayer section. You can submit a prayer request to be prayed for by the prayer chain or remain confidential with the pastors. Either way, it helps members to connect and feel cared for. Finally, visitors can view an interactive map to see exactly where the church is located.

4. NewSpring Church

What We Love

NewSpring’s website utilized a dynamic background video section. From their video, we can get a sneak peak at what going to the church might be like, for example, the type of people that attend, the worship style, the kids’ ministry, etc.

Location and media information is right on the homepage, so that makes it easy to find. No one likes to have to hunt around for service times and directions to your church. NewSpring has a very clean and well-done layout. This makes for ease of navigation and overall use of the site.

5. Renewal Christian Centre

What We Love

Renewal Christian Centre has campuses in England and Wales. Each location has a map and info about gatherings and ministries. When you land on their homepage, you’re immediately drawn in by a scrolling banner with four key announcements. You can find a gathering, read more about the mission, or learn more about youth programs.

The navigation menu is organized in a way that makes the site easy to navigate. You can also find direct links from the home page to prayer, Alpha, and their Freedom from Addiction program. This sends a message that all will be welcome and cared for. We also love the contact form at the bottom of the page, which makes it super easy to send a message and get in touch with church staff.

6. Saddleback Church

What We Love

Right away, visitors can see the positive inspiration through a tumultuous 2020 year in review. We loved that they have members sharing stories and testimonials, making the Saddleback Church experience more personal. These elements resonate with visitors and demonstrate how the church impacts real people who have overcome or let God use them. The website is simple in nature, yet packed full of resources, and leverages great photography.

7. 614 Church

What We Love

The first thing to jump out on the 614 Church website is the “I’m New” button outlined in red. Like many websites, 614 Church has an engaging high-quality video at the top of their home page. And we love the tone of their welcome message which emphasizes that absolutely everyone is invited to their diverse community.

A key standout on this website is the subtle use of the color red. The red pops and helps highlight key info and navigation. The website navigation and homepage easily help you find your place whether you need to connect, take a next to get involved, or want to watch a service.

8. Church on the Move

What We Love

Church on the Move is a major standout for one big reason, dynamic photography. The photos are large, vibrant, and full bleed. This means there are no margins. The photos fill the entire screen. They capture the real joy, connection, and emotion. The happiness on the homepage and throughout is contagious.

Church on the Move does a good job being a larger site for a network of churches. Each church can easily be differentiated as well as its lead pastors, providing valuable options for web visitors. We also like the simplicity of navigation where all the photos are links to the different pages of their coordinating ministry.

9. Seacoast Church

What We Love

Seacoast’s website has an intimate feel to it. The photography pulls you into the moment, and we love the pure colors. The pages are concise with information and never cluttered. Short blurbs are best, with supporting and easy next steps to learn more. We liked the layout of their About page. You can find most of their ministries there and the imagery is very soft and appealing. The simple layout of their small yet impactful sections make this website stand out. We were happy to add this to our list of Top 100 Church Websites.

10. Loft City Church

What We Love

We love Loft City Church’s bold logo and colors. The website also has a weekly newsletter sign up that slides into the lower right corner. We don’t always see this on church websites, but it’s a great feature. Email is still one of the best ways to stay in communication with people, so making this option obvious is a smart move. The navigation menu includes a “Plan Your Visit” link which is always key for first-time guests. This page features FAQs about visiting the church and what to expect.

The sermons page is organized by series, so you can find a topic or watch live. Sermons feature embedded YouTube videos. Some also have posted key points, questions for reflection, and an option to take notes and have them emailed to you. We love this interactive quality!

11. Cedar Crest Church

What We Love

First of all, Cedar Crest Church has a great logo. They also take advantage of having a highlighted “I’m New” button in the top right corner for first-time guests to click on. The main menu has everything you need clearly laid out, including next steps, events, services to watch, impact, and giving. Cedar Crest stays away from complicated submenus and instead links to landing pages with clearly laid out information.

Scrolling down the homepage also gives you an idea of how you might want to get involved in this church. For example, kids and student information is prominent. The homepage also tells the story of vision and values of the church.

12.  Cross Pointe Church

What We Love

Another great example of how to use video to convey fun, inclusion, and excitement. Visitors to the site will likely feel compelled to venture further. Highlighting the “Next Event” is a great entry point. Visitors won’t feel pressured either, with the many options to engage. Find a location, listen to a past sermon, or request prayer all with an easy few clicks of the mouse. 

There is great use of images throughout and a smart use of comfort color palettes. Anyone interested in learning more about the Cross Pointe Church can do so in tiny steps or giant leaps, but always with a feeling of soft encouragement.

13. The Avenue Church

What We Love

Having important information in easy to find locations on your website can make a good website experience or a bad one. The Avenue Church has their service times and locations bold and visible. Their “watch live” page links off of the homepage so one can get there with ease. 

We also liked how they used icons for their ‘know, grow and serve’ section. It features an engaging design feature that allows the browser to hover over the icons, and get a pop-up with the info and a call to action.

Their staff section is well done with great professional photos. For high traffic pages such as the kids and youth pages, it is important to have easy to find, pertinent information. A website visitor is not going to want to hunt down what is going on in these areas of ministry. They have also laid out a very easy to find way to locate a life group with many filters to fit different areas.

14. Granger Community Church

What We Love

Granger Community Church has a very intentional video at the top of their homepage. The scenes show worship services, which is a great visual for people to know what to expect. But they also showcase footage of kids and teens, church volunteers serving in the community, and a kids volunteer sanitizing the kids’ area. The best way to answer people’s questions and put their minds at ease before they even step foot in your church is to SHOW them with a well done video like this one. As you scroll down, you featured events and special announcements are clear and eye-catching. They also make it easy to connect with a newsletter sign up and app download in the footer.

15. Bayside Church (Granite Bay, CA)

What We Love

Using bold colors and good color choices can help your text and content to stand out and look clean. Your color palette is an essential step in the design process of a well-developed website. 

Granite Bay does a great job of all of these techniques. 

Granite Bay’s website has many locations and the site makes them all easy to find. You can find different campuses in the pull down right next to the logo so you can immediately find where to go. Their core values are laid out in an acrostic style poem which was pretty unique. They also have a ton of great resources on their website such as devotionals and links to other outside tools.

16. The Oaks Fellowship

What We Love

The Oaks Fellowship is clearly focused on outreach. They have great outreach and ministry opportunities listed throughout their website. We loved their homepage testimonials and visuals featuring church-goers wearing masks as a sign of the times. Testimonials are a great way to connect with visitors. 

They also use good images and high-quality photos all around the website to show the church, the people, and events. We also loved the personal quotes and stories they have on their ministries page. Those simple features can really help to make a connection with a potential church visitor.

17. New Vintage

What We Love

For our Top 100 Website list, we enjoyed hunting down some really cool sites. New Vintage made our list for a few reasons. They have very vivid, professional images. We can’t stress this element enough. Great pictures are a must. They have an awesome logo with bright, bold colors that really make their site pop.

Their staff section is nicely done and also has ease of navigation throughout the site. They have simple pages for ministries, bold headlines, and tons of CTA (Call To Action) buttons that push the website user to connect. They also have a unique newsletter sign up feature that we liked. And their message will strongly resonate with new website visitors.

18. GO Church

What We Love

We love this creative use of video to show people connecting with people. It pairs perfectly with the GO Church message of “Loving People to Life.” Each location is easily listed, directing visitors right where they want to go. The resources for youth activities and group opportunities are well showcased, too. Bright colors throughout inspire a feeling of energy, driving home the community spirit here. The tiles of people fading in is a nice touch, allowing new website visitors to easily identify with existing church members.

19. Maverick City Music

What We Love

Although Maverick City Music is not a traditional church they have some great community-centric aspects to their organization and website. We think they deserve a spot on our best websites list!

One of the more striking parts of the site is the modern and unique color scheme. The combination of rose pink and taupe with a sepia like overlay. In contrast to the more muted colors the black and white pops in the navigation. It’s clear that while this organization doesn’t necessarily offer traditional church-going services, members are certainly in the business of uplifting others in a fun and authentic way.

20. Woodmen Valley Chapel

What We Love

Woodmen Valley is another top contender for best websites. The majestic naturescapes signify a relaxing space and awe of God’s work simultaneously. The menu is easy to navigate, allowing new visitors to begin with an “I’m New” selection. Find upcoming events, learn more about the church’s mission, and connect with spiritual guidance with a few clicks of the mouse.

The website has a clean, fun look. They use nice photos, text, and headlines. A website visitor has clear links to follow to know what is coming up in the different areas of ministry.

21. Faith Community Church

What We Love

We love checking out the best church websites from coast to coast (and abroad). And we’re adding Faith Community Church to the best church websites list this year. They currently have two locations in Massachusetts. Throughout the website, you’ll see a distinctive green accent color that really pops off the page. The layout is simple and easy to navigate.

Here are three things we love about the homepage. There’s a sticky bar at the top taking you to current events. Many times, people are checking the website for that info. They also have a countdown to the next live event. We love that because it keeps people focused on service. Finally, they include a testimony video and link to stories. These are always exceptionally powerful!

22. Elevation Church

What We Love

Elevation Church makes great use of video footage throughout the site. We found this design element to be an effective way to show a short montage of those specific areas of the church. This is a great way for a potential visitor to better see what the church feels like instead of just in a still photo. Hiring a videographer and professional photographer can be a game changer when it comes to custom website design.

Their sermons are first in the navigation menu which is rare.  We liked this because a website visitor can quickly listen to online messages and see what the church ‘sounds like’ on a Sunday message. In addition, we love their large call-to-action buttons because you can’t miss them!

We also enjoyed their worship recordings and testimonials. These, along with the homepage opportunity to customize the journey and introduction to the church, make this site a stand-out job in our book.

23. Passion City Church

What We Love

Passion City Church is one of the top 100 churches in the US in terms of attendance. They’re also known for their Passion Conference, student ministry, and Passion Movement. So when you land on your website, it’s no surprise that you’re met with high-energy dynamic visuals and bold fonts that reflect the culture of the church and the big vision they’re known for.

At the same time, Passion City Church makes it incredibly easy for a visitor to navigate with a simple menu at the top. The “Start Here” page will spell out all you need to know to attend a service and get connected.

24. The Orchard

What We Love

The name of The Orchard church also ties into the mission and messaging. Their headline says, “We’re all about roots, life, and fruit at the Orchard.” Their six locations are clearly laid out on the homepage with addresses, direction links, and service times. As we’ve said many times – having this info consistent and prominent is vital for local SEO.

This site also features a great range of authentic pictures. You can tell exactly what the church will look like if you visit. Furthermore, if you visited The Orchard website this past December, you were immediately greeted with a pop-up for a Christmas Devotional. Although most churches emphasize coming for a visit, providing a resource like this immediately serves your visitor without asking anything in return.

25. Hill City Church

What We Love

Who doesn’t like a party?! We loved the fun, celebratory feel of what is happening here at Hill City. Each page has the same ‘fun’ theme in their photos. And promoting a “safe place” is a strong engagement point since many new visitors will likely be looking for a judgment-free community to join.

This looks like a fun place to do life and church! They use bold headlines and easy to read fonts. We liked their logo in the center of the navigation menu versus the usually left-hand side. Making small adjustments like that can make small things stand out more and make your website unique.

26.  CenterPoint Church

What We Love

We love this site for a number of reasons. The backdrop video is great at depicting real-life, busy, hectic, and connected. And right away, a first time visitor can easily identify with the church’s community. Front and center is a brightly contrasted and soft font menu of next steps. From kids’ outreach and at home resources to life groups and the food pantry, browsers can easily make their selection and connect further.

Additionally, each church campus location is a slight scroll down the homepage. Finding a CenterPoint Church community near you is easy. The “Events” page is full of various engagement points and FAQ on the “About” page is really smart. Address any reservations your browsers might have quickly and dispel any negatives with a well thought out FAQ section like CenterPoint Church’s.

27. Legacy Church

What We Love

Branding. We chose Legacy Church’s site for our Top 100 Websites list for their branding incorporation. They used the circle in their logo in many different ways on the website. Their image shapes, icon shapes and in their headers.

We liked their short pages with easy to find information that is broken up into many pages so as to not have to search through a lot of text to find what you need.

They have good quality photos and backgrounds for each page to personalize them. They have an attached school site linked up that also incorporates the overall branding.

28. Valley Creek Church

What We Love

Bold colors and large graphics make this site visually appealing. Valley Creek’s website uses large graphic icons for each of their ministries. This helps to separate the different areas of ministry but also keeps the consistent look about the site. And green is often a color most associated with natural or a natural connection, an inspiration that supports the organic and down-to-earth message of this church.

We liked how they had their worship songs and lyrics available on the site. You can download the music pages and download the songs directly from iTunes. How convenient!

They use the CTA’s well, and a site visitor can easily sign up to join groups, join a serving team and even audition for the worship team directly using those links.

29. Capo Beach Church

What We Love

Capo Beach has a neat logo (we love the tree) and we like the visuals throughout the site as a whole. They used lightweight fonts and have clearly laid out text for clear interpretation and easy navigation. Large block sections that have nice images and graphics help to make the site stand out. Minimal text and many link buttons help keep the simplicity consistent.

30. River Valley Church

What We Love

River Valley was an easy pick for our Top 100 Church Websites list. They had a great homepage video that shows all aspects of the church in a very welcoming way. And nothing welcomes strangers better than music.

They have very clear sections of content with minimal text. The site looks very clean and they have crisp photography to help bring it all together. The use of other online tools linked to member use is great. They have good resources for the youth such as devotional and video tools on their youth page.

31. Compassion Christian Church

What We Love

Compassion Christian Church has many locations, but they’ve succeeded in making each one feel personal. When you click on the locations menu dropdown and select a campus, you’re greeted with a video from the campus pastor. Every campus page has a unique video. And the campus pages also have tailored information for ministries and staff bios for the campus team.

It can be challenging to keep all the details straight when you have multiple campuses, but Compassion Christian Church has designed its church website in a way that makes it easy to find specific, personalized information. They’re also clear about what types of help you can get and how with Compassion Cares and Outreach.

32. Harbour South Florida

What We Love

Harbour South Florida is new to the best church websites list for 2023. There’s a lot to love here! When you land on the homepage, you have clear directions on how to connect with the church. First, there’s a popup with the upcoming service and a link to the “Visit Us” page that does a great job of answering questions.

The header also has two high-contrast buttons for your service options: Harbour at Home or Visit Us (in person). You can find similar bold buttons in the footer to fill out a guest connection card or submit a prayer request. Harbour South Florida maintains a clean and simple menu. The Series page features three recent sermons. Then, at the bottom, you can scroll through additional series in the archive.

33. Red Rocks Church

What We Love

Focused bold colors made this website stand out to us. And the glorious site that is Red Rocks. The site uses a different logo for each area of ministry which for a lot of larger churches is popular. The ministries navigation bar is located on every page, making it easy to reach those pages and get involved in all aspects of the church.

They have an entire page dedicated to personal stories of salvation and transformations. This is the type of message that inspires an emotional response and really moves people. Red Rocks also has sports leagues and events geared toward different sports events to make connections on the community and in their church family. We thought this was a great way to bring people together in a different way other than just a traditional church.

34. Bethlehem Baptist Church

What We Love

Bethlehem Church has very engaging photos all throughout the website. Capturing good candid photos of people participating in your church community really helps a website visitor visualize what it looks like to be a part of your church family. We can’t stress that enough – get a photographer for your website photos. Using bad images leaves a not so great peek into what is happening inside the church and that is not what you want.

Using blogs to connect with people is a valuable story-telling tool to use. Blogging can allow for deeper study or other topics to be discussed. Website visitors can ask questions or make comments which can help open up dialog between the blogger and visitor. They also have a very simple, easy to remember domain name. They continue to score big with a simple navigation menu and clean fonts.

35. Eagle Brook Church

What We Love

This site immediately landed our list of best websites for a number of reasons. But the slow scrolling video, featuring a joyous crowd gathered around music and messages, really fosters a feeling of community. The menu bar is clean and easily takes web visitors where they want to go. The locations listings on the homepage also offers visuals of each facility, making it easy to recognize the church.

The headings are bold and there is a great use of soft, yet eye catching color. This church is all about promoting laughter, fellowship, and connection. And the website promotes this messaging to a tee.

36. Pinelake Church

What We Love

Pinelake grabs you with a nice homepage video. Using good quality videos in many places on your website is a great way to get that sneak peak that a potential visitor wants. They have a ‘WHEN YOU ARRIVE’ video that shows you what to expect on your first visit: how to check your child in, where to park, where to go, etc.

They have good photos and a simple domain name. Using clear headlines and text is always a good way to make your website user-friendly. From parenting conferences to financial peace.

37. Two Cities Church

What We Love

This site is another great example of how to use the ‘I’m New’ menu selection, welcoming people who are new to the church experience. This trend is an ideal way to speak to a specific site visitor and welcome them into your church community. There are other welcoming features to this site, including a “what is a gathering like” section. 

The site uses a combination of vibrant colors, professional images, and videos for a truly interactive experience. We especially are fond of the testimonials and introduction videos, literally speaking to new visitors.

38. Church by the Glades

What We Love

Church by the Glades has a great mix of videos, graphics, and photos on its home page. They also have a unique palette with a distinctive blue-green highlight color that jumps off the page.

When you click the “I’m New Here” button, you’re directed to a well laid out landing page with handy buttons for navigating basic information about the church, leadership, and how to move forward with your faith. You can also easily sign up for email updates to get news.

39. Revolution Church

What We Love

Revolution Church is also new to our best church websites list. The big updates jump off the page at you. They utilize the sticky bar at the top for important announcements like schedule changes. Then, they have a banner graphic with the next major upcoming event directly below the menu.

We love the clean and simple homepage layout. You have immediate access to the message archive and options for how to get involved. This is followed by clearly laid out campus info and upcoming events.

40. Red Cedar Church

What We Love

Red Cedar Church has a dynamic layout that immediately pulls you in and encourages you to scroll. The church includes information about history, values, and beliefs under the About page that’s easy to find. We also love the tagline that pulls people in, makes them feel accepted, and gives them hope.

We also love the simplicity of the footer. They make it easy to get in touch directly by email or phone. Although many churches have to automate certain processes due to volume, you should always make it easy for someone to talk with a real person–human connection is what churches are about!

41. Grace Church

What We Love

We like Grace Church’s colorful icons used instead of just the usual navigation text bar. This is not something you often see on church websites and offers a refreshing take on browsing.

The overarching message throughout, and in the background, is “you were made for more.” This sentiment speaks to the mission of the church community and will likely appeal to casual web browsers.

Having a church app can be a great addition to your website. The apps have different tools and resources for your members. Online giving, keeping up to date on events, sermon notes, easy registration for events, are just a few ways having an app can help.  You can conveniently register your children and even sign up to serve/volunteer directly on the website.

42. Lancaster County Bible Church

What We Love

Lancaster County Bible Church (LCBC) is located in Pennsylvania and has great church website that puts a strong emphasis on faith resources. From your first visit to the homepage, it’s clear that LCBC wants to resource believers and those who may be seeking spiritual guidance.

Under the “Watch and Read” menu option, you can find weekend messages and more. They also have articles, studies, and Bible reading. The Bible reading page talks about the importance of reading the Bible and a number of Bible reading plans that visitors can follow. The Stories page contains numerous testimonies that will encourage, inspire, and draw people closer to God.

43. College Park Church

What We Love

College Park Church made our Top 100 Church Websites list for some cool reasons. Their domain name is simple and speaks to anyone visiting.

We liked that the headlines are in an accent color to make them further stand out and pop. There are also fun fonts versus the ordinary or run of the mill text varieties. The image on the homepage makes this church look diverse, fun and very family-friendly! Everyone is all smiles!

They have interesting ministries links for each of their campuses. College Park has also used bold, bright photography throughout the site.They have a very detailed children’s ministry and preschool pages. Parents and potential visitors always find these pages valuable. so it is necessary to have good info on here that will make those parents feel welcome and comfortable.

44. Churchome

What We Love

Churchome and Pastor Judah Smith are known for being cutting-edge and not afraid to try new things. So this website is one to keep an eye on when it comes to top church websites. The grey background and simple design are eye-catching and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

They also keep choices simple and obvious for how to join a group and watch services. They’re making good use of technology, offering media resources like guided prayer videos, and building digital community. You’ll also find a unique chat box titled “Pastor” chat that allows you to get in touch with church staff.

45. New Life Rehoboth Church

What We Love

New Life Rehoboth Church’s website is vibrant, personable, and energetic. The signature lime green color makes a statement. The graphics draw you in and the site is easy to navigate and find what you need. We also have to point out the value of a url that’s “bronxchurch” – this is great for local SEO!

The church has a library of video messages where you can watch past sermons and plan a future visit. New Life Rehoboth makes it easy for new visitors to connect. The “New Here” page has a welcome video from the pastors. Video always draws people in! It also has an interactive map and FAQs for both in-person and online. We love that they’re providing context for online visitors. Online visitors have questions too, but we rarely see this addressed in FAQs.

46. 3 Circle Church

What We Love

Next, we have 3 Circle Church in Alabama. They keep you engaged with important announcements in the top and bottom sticky bars. You can also immediately see that this is a family-focused church. They prominently feature six kids programs for infants through high schoolers in the center of the homepage.

We also like that 3 Circle Church has a downloadable annual impact report on the Giving page. This openly gives every visitor an honest, in-depth look at what’s happening in the church by the numbers. Younger generations in particular appreciate this type of transparency.

47. The Open Door Church

What We Love

Nothing is more welcoming than an open door. And this site is all about welcoming new visitors to the website and new patrons to the front step. This site uses great videos and professional photography. It’s warm and inviting, like a hot cup of tea.

Member testimonials are great resources to help connect the church to new potential members. Browsers see the experiences and journeys of others. They also can easily identify with shared challenges of others. This method of connecting is a proven way to convert visitors into new church members.

48. Orchard Church

What We Love

We enjoy the way Orchard Church had some life-changing stories on the homepage, easily found at the bottom. There are meme-worthy inspirational messages throughout, like “Nobody’s Perfect. Everyone’s Welcome. Anything’s Possible.” How the church frames the blog is great too, with “Life Brings Questions. God Has Answers.”

Knowing where to start isn’t hard with the GIANT font on the homepage, directing new site visitors where to begin engaging with the church. The colors are bold. The photography is sharp. And the Message is clear. There is great energy with this site overall.

49. Biltmore Church

What We Love

We chose Biltmore Church for our Top 100 Church Websites list for their photography and use of resources.

There are call to action buttons on every page and sometimes multiple sections on a page, great for capturing browsers at different points throughout the online journey. Using these links allows for someone to sign up and get involved, and increases the chances of conversions.

The site uses simple fonts and a crisp logo which we like. Biltmore has also made it easy to contact each staff member on the cleanly laid out staff page. It’s a great demonstration of a website making it easy to navigate through all of their ministry areas, too.

50. Elan Church

What We Love

We love how the Elan Church website makes it easy to get all the information you need. The home page lays vision, values, events, how to get involved, and past messages.

But here’s what really stands out about this website: Elan Church also knows something about local SEO. Local SEO has everything to do with getting your church discovered online. Throughout the site, note how often they refer to their location Naperville, IL. You’ll also see intentional keywords incorporating “church in Naperville” and similar phrases. Part of designing a great church website is ensuring visitors find it when they search online!

51. City Church Christ Church

What We Love

City Church, Christ Church deserves a spot on our Top 100 list for a few key distinctions. It’s another example of using soft colors and video footage to demonstrate the feel of the community. Music always brings in new audiences. So, using video footage of mission celebrations with music can be incredibly attractive to new church-goers.

Attracting new visitors is easily the core directive with this site. Selecting the “New?” option from the menu bar, a web browser is first met with testimonials of others who also once considered themselves new to City Church or worship, in general. Overall the site is easy to navigate and offers a robust menu of resources and next step options. 

52. Northgate

What We Love

Northgate, located in Benicia, California, gives you a full picture of the life of their church. When you open the hamburger menu, an extensive list of options including ministries, resources, locations, and social media are all laid out.

We also like the scrolling header and front and center declaration of mission and values. Another smart move is a “welcome letter” from the senior pastor. This keeps the focus on the visitor while allowing them to see and connect with the pastor. Northgate also has a cool interactive Upcoming Events calendar on the home page that allows you to easily sort events by ministry.

53. Christ’s Church of the Valley

What We Love

Christ’s Church of the Valley uses inspirational and authentic images from the homepage to the Children’s and Youth ministry pages. They make great use of student testimonials, speaking about their spiritual connection to the church community and how the church is ministering to them and their family. We thought that this was both a touching and cool thing to have on those important pages!

This site has countless options and CTA paths, ready to speak to any new visitor. Learn more about the church’s beliefs, meet the leaders, or explore the various ministries and outreach efforts. This is a great all-encompassing website with many of the industry’s best elements working together.

54. Mercy Hill Church

What We Love

We like how Mercy Hill uses great images on the children and student pages in a flip-book style design. This allowed for many more pictures than the standard 2-4 on a page in sections.

Their content was easy to navigate through and they also had forms directly on specific pages for quick use. We also like the transparency on their Giving page. And who doesn’t want to learn more about the “Weekender” experience? This site compiles professional images, clean layout, and inspirational video messaging throughout, too, for an engaging online experience.

55. Northview Church

What We Love

Our Top 100 Website list includes Northview Church’s site. They have a well-done homepage layout, including video and great photography. Using the bold headers makes that text stand out nicely.

They have easy to find student and children’s ministry info on the homepage. We liked how they break down the age groups so you don’t have to sift through too much information before you can find what pertains to your family. The staff section is nicely laid out with good images as well.

56. Bridgetown Church

What We Love

Explore the Bridgetown church community, join a Sunday gathering online, or sign up to pack and deliver lunches, right from the homepage. Choose your level of engagement right away, without having to search through countless menu options or landing pages. Huge blocks with good images made their site an excellent addition to our Top 100 Church website list. Using real photos of what church looks like and what the people of your church look like is essential for the website visitor.

57. Life.Church

What We Love

Great domain name – Simple yet clear. This church has many different locations all around the country, BUT their information is laid out clearly and is easy to find for each campus.

Life.Church has done an excellent job on their children’s, and youth pages using bright, vibrant colors helps make those pages warm and inviting.

Having great resources on the website for parents and social media links available is a useful tool as well. It’s another example of organizing pertinent information in a way that first-time visitors can explore their options.

58. Fellowship Church

What We Love

Fellowship Church used crisp images to capture what is happening at the church. There are  some amazing promo videos and direct invitations, with corresponding CTAs, around every corner. Meet the pastor, explore the church mission, or arrange a visit with a few short clicks.

Bold colors and excellent photography make the website stand out. Their youth and kids pages are laid out with great care, as well. The homepage features a pop-up text box, addressing brand new visitors and providing a path to introducing the church. Dialogue boxes with CTAs are a great way to connect directly with specific, niche audiences.

59. Crossroads Church

What We Love

Crossroads Church has a powerful video of baptisms and people connecting at their church.

We loved their ‘what to expect’ section – ‘loud music, free coffee, etc.’ – seems like an easy and casual place to connect. The tone of this site speaks directly to the visitor who maybe feels like something is missing, or maybe who is in search of something more substantial in life. Crossroads provides the poignant path for those seeking more.

They have parent resources on the youth page for their teachings which would help you connect with your student at home about the teachings they are hearing at church. This is a great tool especially for this age group to help parents stay involved in what is happening in their youth’s life and church life- making those connections together.

60. McLean Bible Church

What We Love

McLean Bible Church made our List of Top 100 Church Websites, in part because of its over-arching friendliness and authentic imagery. We chose this site too, because of the alternating parallax images on the homepage and their group finder page with added filters to quickly find a group to fit specific needs. The easier you can make that process for someone, the better the chance to get them involved.

This site uses real-life images and the banner style image size was a nice change to the full page width. Having all of their info for each campus’ ministries readily available is helpful to someone new looking for specific things.

61. Berean Bible Church

What We Love

There is a simplicity to this site that we love. And when many churches and organizations try to cram as much information as they can onto the homepage, this site stands out with concise messaging. The first block speaks to the visitor. Then a new browser can see the next meeting times and hear the most recent bible message. 

There is a clean and wholesome feeling to the design, which can entice new visitors who want a more traditional interaction with their church. There are soft colors and authentic introductions to the church leadership. This classic site is a reminder that simplicity attracts new users too.

62. Woodlands Church

What We Love

We chose Woodlands Church to add to our Top 100 Church Websites list for their high-quality images and excellent homepage video. This site is inviting and welcoming at every click. It features crisp, active videos for each of the ministry pages and offers a glimpse into each one.

This site also has a straightforward domain name that is not hard to remember.

Fun, yet informative kids and youth pages are also essential to get your families engaged and involved.

63. Northwood Church

What We Love

Northwood Church’s website made our top 100 list for its simplicity and over-arching ability to feel personal. All of the content is well laid out and relevant information is easy to find. There is great use of huge link buttons that grab your attention.

We liked the usage of real-life scenario photos, too. Northwood uses personal testimonial videos as well, and those always make a powerful statement about community happenings in the church. Find counseling resources, explore the family and childrens’ programs, or learn how to give with a few quick clicks through the easy-to-navigate side menu.

64. Lake Avenue Church

What We Love

The breathtaking mountain view is symbolism at its finest. Each visitor is likely facing his or her own mountain to climb, and Lake Avenue represents the way to the top.Lake Avenue has great homepage slider images and we liked the use of their sections with added parallax images. The contact information is easy to find and the current message section is featured directly under the header for quick access.

The site has added design features like the sliding text and fades that make the content stand out. Lake Avenue’s website has made it easy to sign up to volunteer or get involved in serving at church or even to find a small group that fits your needs. The stories on the ministries pages are inspirational, and it is also easy to see any upcoming events in each area.

65. Aloma Church

What We Love

Aloma Church made our Top 100 Church Website list for its ease of navigation. We like how there are large block links right on the homepage for each of their ministry areas. 

There is meaningulf text and not too many images throughout the various pages, but the content is easy to get to and straight to the point. The menu options are clear with a robust selection of paths for the web browser to follow. Find a group, learn about the childrens’ programs, or watch past sermons with ease. The soft colors and black and white imagery offers a soft feel to this church’s welcome, too.

66. New Life Church

What We Love

New Life Church has a nice background video and the upcoming events are nicely laid out on the homepage. All of the ministry pages are colorful and have great content with easy paths to involvement. We like how each ministry page has its own upcoming events section so visitors can quickly jump into and see what is happening.

The church offers connection with an extensive staff list, across all the various church locations. Hovering on the friendly face of each member allows for a quick access to email or contact information. New Life has an excellent FAQ section for the potential visitor, and it’s easy to find any location and service time within the many campuses.

67. North Coast Calvary

What We Love

North Coast Calvary has some significant resources for new believers that we like seeing these on church websites. Classes, bible reading plans, small group links, opportunities to serve, and getting involved resources are all easily available. Those tools are essential for authentically connecting with a new potential follower.

Simple ministry pages allow for quick access to the information one would need to connect in those ministry areas. The Children’s and Youth pages have easy ways to sign up and get involved. The age groups are also broken down into natural categories that are easy to follow and help a new family find its place. North Coast also has excellent photography to enhance the already lovely website they have!

68. Flatirons Community Church

What We Love

Great homepage videos showing all different areas of the church are an excellent way to capture a website visitor. Flatirons Community Church’s website has done just that, showing a sermon, children’s worship, and adult worship. And we can’t like the variety of browsing options enough! 

We like the side navigation menu with the bold accent color to help it stand out from the surrounding imagery. Having the service times/locations, watch live, campus info and give buttons directly on the main graphic allows for quick and easy access to the vital information a visitor may need, as well.

The individual ministry calendars on each of the ministry pages, makes it easy to see what is coming up and happening in those specific areas. Many churches cram the entire roster of events in a calendar, making it tougher for a new person to find an event to explore.

69. Scottsdale Bible Church

What We Love

We chose Scottsdale Bible Church’s website to add to our list of the Top 100 Church Websites. This is an expansive, multi-campus church that has made it easy to plug into the various ministries throughout the entire community.

We especially enjoy the small image in the navigation menu for each category. Just adding a little extra something can help a menu bar be more inviting and stand out from the surrounding background and text. The drop-down menus are broken down nicely into easy to find categories.

The church has a cafe open to the public, which is a great church characteristic to promote. It can be a comfortable place to meet friends, grab lunch, or to have a quiet place to find resources in the bookstore. There also a wide selection of small groups worth exploring and joining. The site overall promotes a sense of involvement and connection.

70. 121 Community Church

What We Love

Wow, 121 Community Church has a beautiful homepage! Just like its name implies, this is a community easily portrayed with videos of the nursery, children’s check-in areas, authentic worship, baptism, greeters, and mingling. A new visitor to this site can peer into what an average Sunday may look like walking through the church. We like the large text over the video with the service times and location.

Lots of CTA buttons throughout the website easily speak to site visitors and prompt for the next step in the online engagement. We are impressed with the ministries page where all service areas and involvement are featured. The children’s pages are broken down into age groups again, for easy access for parents.

It’s always a great idea to use images of real people and church activities versus using generic stock images if you can. People want to see themselves in their church, making it more appealing and inviting.

71. Bethel Redding

What We Love

Bethel Redding has a more straightforward website but it demonstrates a clean and tactful layout, so we wanted to add this one to our Top 100 Church Websites list. The majestic mountain side is always an inspirational image to incorporate with an introduction. And sometimes a simple site is better. Bethel Redding has done an excellent job with this design effort. Pastel colors and small text help keep the site consistent with its look and feel.

We like how the site has a small week view event calendar on the homepage, making that a quick look at what is coming up. The ministries page is listed out so visitors can either filter or see everything the church has to offer, right in one spot. Bethel Redding has also done an excellent job on the children’s and youth pages.

72. Cherry Hills Community Church

What We Love

Cherry Hills Community Church’s navigation menu was different and stood out to us. Instead of the usual “Home|About|Ministries,” etc., this site has “For my Family|Help Me Grow|Join the Mission.” We like the use of the different weight in the fonts to emphasize results on each navigation page.

There are large block images throughout excellent, high-quality photos. Having a sweet, short video message about the children’s ministry and placing some bible resources on the website are helpful for parents to have. A simple events page with a lot of filtering options demonstrates another way this website is easy to navigate.

73. Canvas Church

What We Love

Canvas Church wowed us in a big way. This site is beautifully designed with great use of colors, shapes, and aesthetics. The first three engagement points are relevant, offering visitors to choose a location, hear the most recent video sermon, or use the form to reach out with specific questions. These are each important entry points in any website journey.

Diving deeper into the site, visitors will find everything from new life groups, the various ministries, and how to connect with interactive events. Canvas Church uses blocks of text throughout that makes the message eye-catching and easy to read, as well.

74. Westside Family Church

What We Love

The logo and bright colors on the website stand out, and the homepage video shows how much this church can work for many different families and various individual life stages.

Westside Family Church also has a section on the homepage for personal testimonials and stories. We like that all of the interior site pages show actual church members genuinely engaged in worship or being together serving.

The site uses short videos on some of the pages to quickly show more about a ministry or serving opportunity. This is a great idea instead of using more traditional text. The site does a great job on the ‘Meet Westside’ welcome video, having narration and introducing new visitors to the Westside Family Church experience.

75. Sun Valley Community Church

What We Love

We added Sun Valley Community Church to our Top 100 Church Website list. We like that the logo is the church name in a bold font that makes that stand out nicely. The kids and student pages are well laid out, too, using good banner images to separate sections of text content. There are also high-quality photos used all throughout the site.

Finding a group or next navigation step couldn’t be easier. The lively grid of images with links to their main groups (women, men, MOPS, etc.) are especially helpful new visitors. The Devotionals page is a cool, blog style roster of videos, offering messages of inspiration in short, topic-specific conversation. 

76. Only Believe

What We Love

We love it when a church’s website presents a vivid picture of the life of the church. That’s certainly the case with the Only Believe church website. The welcome video shows a variety of scenes and people displaying what you’ll see in a service, and what’s happening outside of the weekend.

Moving on, you can easily find service times and location, get in contact, or watch livestream services. Another unique feature of this website is a library of free ebooks that can be downloaded from the “Media” section.

77. Surfers Paradise Anglican Church

What We Love

This website pops with personality. Even the name of this Australian church, Surfers Paradise Anglican, is fun and inviting. The homepage features a Welcome to Surfers Paradise Anglican video. Below, is a well-laid-out block of options phrased from the visitors perspective.

We love how this site emphasizes their faith-based community, not just services. You can easily donate online from the homepage, find weekly news in the “Surf Report” and listen to music tracks.

78. TNCBC Ikola

What We Love

Our next featured website is The New Covenant Baptist Church Ikola. This website comes alive with the sights and sounds of the people of the church. You also see the heart of the church from the logo: Colossians 1:27, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

The site has two bold red bars on either side of the screen. When you click the option to “Visit Us” you’ll find a map and contact form. The other sticky sidebar option takes you to social media and the latest messages. This site is also easy to navigate on mobile. As we’ve said many times, a mobile-friendly website is a must in today’s world.

79. Ada Bible Church

What We Love

Ada Bible Church has a very visually appealing website. Using large images, anchored scrolling, and bold fonts make the first impression of the site inviting and graphically intriguing. They have a neat logo that ties into their overall look.

The internal pages are easy to find and navigate through; finding all vital information quickly. There is just the right balance of text along with great photos showing each ministry in action. Resources are available that coincide with the weekend’s message that is pretty cool. You can do a daily devotional on the website to dive deeper into what was discussed the previous weekend. There is even an option to sign up for email delivery of the devotional. What a great way to find a way into the inboxes of potential new church members.

80. Mount Pleasant Christian Church

What We Love

We chose this website to add to our Top 100 Church Website list for its beautiful simplicity. There are a good selection of landing pages, each with relevant information and direction. But these pages aren’t overloaded with busy content. There are complimentary sections of colors, leaving little to no white space.

All of the photography on the website has been toned to match and filtered for a neat and polished look. The church has been able to capture good candid images of life at the church. The menu navigation is easy to follow and get where you want to go, too.

81. One Life Church

What We Love

We love the way One Life Church has incorporated an engaging way to connect, even with virtual services. The church offers micro groups that meet at coffee shops, for a more intimate setting with a less intimidating audience. There are resources for those in need, available bible services, and ways to give back, all right there on the homepage.

This site offers a great example of how to capture the important features of the church and its community and make it readily available right away. The colors are soft and complimentary. The text boxes, links, and coordinating landing pages are easy to navigate. The imagery depicts friendly and warm personalities, welcoming new members into the fold.

82. The Bridge Church

What We Love

The name of this church carries throughout the theme of website messaging in a unique way. We have to add The Bridge Church to our list of Top 100. Connecting two sides, the faithful and the community, is what The Bridge Church appears to be doing online. The imagery is authentic. The text boxes, relevant links, and additional information are all easy to find and explore.

From The Bridge College to the kids groups, this community is making sure newcomers can find and participate with ease. And keeping with the mobile demand of the general public, this church also features an iPhone and Android supported app that offers sermons and more.

83. Calvary Chapel

What We Love

Calvary Chapel has a beautiful media section on the homepage that links to different videos and media resources. The layout of that section is visually appealing. A new visitor can quickly sign up to receive the church bulletin and to receive a daily devotional by just entering a few pieces of info. Great photography, good content amounts and a quick call to action.

They have additional resources for new believers that are helpful to offer on the website. We like these extras a lot, considering more resources increases potential reach and frequency. Downloadable pages, audio resources, webcasts, radio programs and more, all available from the site, makes it a truly engaging opportunity.

84. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

What We Love

We chose New Birth for our Top 100 Church Website list. They have some stunning photography and you capture that right off the bat with their homepage imagery. Nothing says passion and enthusiasm for the good message quite like these engaging photos. The list is simple and easy to follow.

Each of the subsequent landing pages has a beautiful large header area with a coinciding image. The large text and font choices go well together and make the content easy to read and follow. The ‘return to top’ arrow feature on each page is also a nice touch, especially when there is a great deal of scrolling and information. This makes the user experience more convenient.

85. Water Of Life Community Church

What We Love

Water of Life Community Church does a great job with homepage photos! Right from the start, you get the feeling that this is a family church, full of energy. The images are welcoming with a sense of community. Experiencing this homepage alone leaves a newcomer with very few questions about what to expect.

We really enjoy the ministry pages with welcome type videos. This is an element that we think more churches will be adopting. A video message can deliver emotion, tone, and comfort along with the original message. Videos like these and great website information help alleviate apprehensions and awkwardness. If you have the tools to pull these off, DO IT!

86. The Simple Church

What We Love

This church’s website really ties into the church name: The Simple Church. They have made a very simple, yet well-done site. Which is of course, why we chose to add it to our Top 100 list.

This site doesn’t overdo the graphics or imagery, which helps keep it clean and allows the important texts to stand out well. It almost feels elegant. The color and font choices tie together very well, and each page has just enough information to answer common first-time visitor questions and direct the online journey to available resources.

87. The Sanctuary

What We Love

The Sanctuary has a very appealing website for a number of reasons. Very crisp, high-quality images give the extra real-life tone to each page. We like the font and text color choices as well. Bold, bright headlines; bright text in specific areas help those to stand out just a little more than the classic black, as well.

Like some of the other sites in our Top 100, this site offers most of the important information and resources right on the homepage. This design helps keep the user engaged without forcing a new visitor to search for information. Using some simple design features like parallax images and clear section breaks makes this layout work well, too. The site features great headers with images and headlines, contact info for each ministry leader, event and or blogs for according ministry, etc. 

88. Traders Point Christian Church

What We Love

We really like Traders Point’s logo and the small graphic elements added to the church website. Instead of just using the standard image elements, this site features engaging graphics, including, images, boxes, and zooming effects.

The service videos are well-done and inspirational. The pages are laid out nicely with great text content. There are also great calls to action in each section, inspiring a new website visitor to engage with ease and without pressure. 

89. Golden Hills Community Church

What We Love

Golden Hills Community Church makes great use of professional yet authentic images. And we absolutely love the content on this website. This is a larger church, so getting all of the ministry opportunities and information out there can be tricky. But Golden Hills Community Church has done so beautifully, here. 

We additionally like that each ministry page has the contact information listed, along with upcoming events and information for specific areas. This keeps the content consistent throughout each page. The ‘I’m New’ page is clearly laid out, too, with maps for each campus, service times, and ministry information.

90. Park Community Church

What We Love

Right away, the homepage video grabs your attention. Very clear, high-quality video that shows the city, serving the city, and baptisms. We are so impressed by this video and website first impression, that we chose to add this website to our Top 100 Church Websites list.

For this website, you do have to visit each location’s page to see their ministry options, service times, sermons, and next steps info. This can be tedious, but each is well labeled and appears to be easy to navigate. It also demonstrates a fresh take on an old way to feature multiple locations.

The photography throughout the website is worth writing home about and can be such a point of inspiration for new visitors. Candid, location, and landscape shots can capture browsers’ attention effortlessly. And the text and font size work nicely with the flow of the website, as well.

91. Lincoln Berean

What We Love

We like the very large section this site features for the first time visitors. This “New Here?” section allows for a website visitor to quickly gather the new visitor information needed quickly, without having to get lost in a sea of community content.

There is a very large staff at Lincoln Berean, which may also be one of the differentiating benefits of this church. So it’s easy to see why the staff page is very well done with added filters which is a neat feature. And the message is clear throughout, “online or in person, Lincoln Berean cares.”

92. Pathfinder Church

What We Love

This website is another example of using the drone footage to capture the size and stature of the campus. And just when you feel how big the community is, the message reinforces just how dedicated the church is to the individual journey. The graphics are great and connotate a friendly, more conversational tone through text. We especially love the outreach message of finding unconditional acceptance. In today’s society, many who seek out the guidance of the church do so in an effort to feel accepted and belong somewhere. Addressing that need up front can be a great way to funnel new visitors further into the site.

The other aspect of this site, that specifically supports the message of acceptance, is the imagery. There are people in worship, people on stage, people having coffee, and people enjoying conversation. In each of these pictures, different demographics are represented well, reinforcing the idea that anyone can fit in here. Beautifully done!

93. Christ’s Church

What We Love

Christ’s Church was chosen to be added to our Top 100 Church Websites list for a few reasons. For starters, this homepage is clean, with relevant information front and center. Another demonstration of how showcasing the most important details, can inspire new visitors to explore further.

Scrolling down a site visitor can easily embark on the introduction to the community, with the “Starting Point” tile. The additional tiles offer paths for more information about giving, joining, available groups, and family support, as well. 

94. Cross Point Church

What We Love

This is another example of how a site’s first impression can land it on our Top 100. The message may say “welcome,” but this is clearly a community of accepting newcomers as they are. This image demonstrates acceptance and joy in an authentic way. 

The informative tiles are all available on the homepage, as well. We especially like that the church calls the kids’ programs the “Next Gen.” There are clear paths for next steps for first-timers, ways to explore groups, and learn more about the key church leaders. This site is very user-friendly and designed for a unique online user experience.

95. Vineyard Cincinnati

Our Top 100 Church Websites list is coming to its end. Only a few more to go!

We love the way Vineyard Cincinnati uses small design details to make a big impact on the users’ experiences. The images are realistic and authentic. The headlines and fonts even feel friendly. There is a warmth about the overall site, idea for welcoming new potential church-goers.

Starting with the cityscape background video, the site visitor can quickly feel connected to the region. The resources are easy to find throughout, from groups to watching YouTube videos of past messages, anyone can experience Vineyard Cincinnati. There are testimonials and stories from the global outreach efforts, too, that are truly inspirational.

96. Faith Church

What We Love

This is a very visually appealing website. As you can see, the church uses clean graphic images, nice lines, text spacing, and the bold accent colors. All work very nicely together to create a welcoming first impression.

Another way to inspire new visitors to learn more about the church or explore further into the community, is by building suspense and enthusiasm. This site offers a countdown until the next service, capitalizing on the excitement to receive the message. 

The Ministries page has a quick overview of each ministry offered and contact info, good images, upcoming events, and how to connect/follow on different social media. This site does a great job of speaking to not only a new website visitor, but for the browsing church family, as well. 

97. Grace Fellowship

What We Love

This site may at first feel similar to others with graphics and homepage menu options. But we like this particular site as an example of a well-thought out blog and relevant content. Connecting with others through real-life storytelling and sharing the message through relevant advice, is a great way to engage.

We also like the sidebar of quick tips, venturing through the “Explore” menu option. There is a menu offering quick, upcoming bible study times and answers to “Sunday Common Questions.” There is even a “Helpful Hint” featured there, recommending new patrons to grab a coffee, find a seat, and allowing extra time for child care before their first service.

98. Cottonwood Church

What We Love

Cottonwood Church is another website example that belongs on our Top 100 Church Websites list, in part for the simple, yet well-done visuals. This site uses collage style backgrounds, motion text graphics, and authentic photos throughout most of the various landing pages.

There is a super-resourceful “Communities” page using a grid of vivid tiles to showcase the many opportunities available, based on various needs and interests. Most of the interior pages are text heavy, but the style of layout they use still makes them appealing, easy to consume, and not at all too busy. Large graphics and links to connect on social media are a good highlight feature on this website, as well.

99. The River

What We Love

The River has a truly interactive website and the homepage video adds to the welcoming, friendly feel of the church. You almost feel as though you’re shaking hands right along with the others. We like that the homepage is broken down into many sections, each offering a unique CTA or link button. This keeps the homepage from becoming too busy with too much going on, but still has a ton of info about the church, one quick away.

The “Starting Point” page is great! There are welcome videos, from the pastors, testimonial videos from members, FAQ’s, and even basic church contact information. For a first-time visitor, this landing page alone addresses most newcomer questions and concerns. It’s another example of a church leveraging its best design features to attract and welcome new potential members.

100. Hope Chapel Santa Rosa

What We Love

Every church needs a good tagline, specifically, a statement that speaks to the heart of a new visitor. Hope Chapel Santa Rosa does this well, and as an introductory message on the homepage. There is an authentic warmth about it as well, defining the church community as a group of real people, building real friendships, and inspiring real hope.

We also love that this church puts together a path for everyone. Clicking on “Connect” from the main menu bar, a new visitor will discover a landing page with categories for each member group. Find children’s ministries, young adult groups, and family support. But there are also options for women and men-specific resources, as well. It’s likely that everyone visiting will find something to explore within this church community. And that gives it an A+ in our book for engagement strategy.

Wrapping Up

We really hope you got some good website tips from our comments and that you enjoyed looking at the top 100 church websites with us.

Do you have one that you think we missed?  Let us know in the comments below.  We will be sure to check it out, and maybe put it on the 2023 edition!

Contact us and let us see how we can design a website for your church that can not only look great but can reach more people for your cause.

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  1. The best thing I glean from these sample church webs sites, is that from the second I land on them, I know to look elsewhere. They all are selling a church as a rock concert, ho-down, theme park, or tent show carnival.

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  2. Thanks for putting this list together. I’m currently redesigning our church website and I’ll surely make use of the sites here for inspiration.

    In the meantime, please check out our church website and consider us for your 2023 compilation: The New Covenant Baptist Church Ikola. It is a Baptist church in Lagos, Nigeria.

  3. Our brand new website is being launched October 2021. We are two small churches located in Northern Ireland with less than 100 members who are pre-dominantly aged over 65 years

    We decided to build our website in the middle of Covid lockdown which wasn’t easy, as no opportunity to take new photos, but thankfully we had some photos taken in 2019 pre Covid which helped to populate the new site.

    Since the Covid pandemic our church attendances have dropped significantly as many of our elderly members afraid of picking up Covid-19 have stopped attending in person, though some watch our streamed services

    We are keen to encourage existing church members and new people back into our beautiful two churches and to let them know we care for them and are there for them. Through our website we hope to be able to reach out more effectively not only to our church members but to other people particularly within our parish who are looking for help or searching for a spiritual home where they will be accepted.

    We are one of the few Inclusive Churches in Northern Ireland and we are keen to let people know that all are welcome to share with us and be welcomed and loved. Our website we hope gets this key message across.

    We hope you might consider including our website in next year’s listing. But thanks for looking anyway. And thanks for the encouragement of sharing all these amazing church websites in 2021.

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  4. Hi, We are a church in Norway. We’ve tried something a little different on our homepage but would love to hear your thoughts… even though you may not understand everything.

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  5. Great list! It’s really helpful to see what others are doing. We’re a small town church, but would love to get some feedback on our website and discover what you like and what might be improved. Thanks!

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  6. Hello,
    I am the branding and content editor for our church’s website. We would love for you to check out our church to see if we can make the list. If not, tell us what we need to do to make your list. Looking forward.

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  7. Thanks for the kind words Thomas. It would be awesome to be included on the list if you do another one of these. You have our full permission.

    An additional note, this list was helpful in designing our site. It is nice to be able to look at other sites and see what would benefit our site (and what wouldn’t). Thank you for your work.

  8. This is great, but a little deflating for those of us who are trying to improve a website for a small church. All of these websites have pictures of packed congregations, hands raised, or large buildings or rock bands – but that’s just not the case with many of the small churches out there. What would you suggest for us?

    1. Post

      Great question Suzanne! Thanks for asking it.

      You are correct that most of the churches on this list are larger, but there are a few small ones. We can’t tell you the exact attendance for each but I can tell you that and are between 75 and 250 in attendance.

      What it comes down to is telling a compelling story about your church. What do you want to be known for? For many of these churches, it is vibrant worship and the excitement that goes with it. For others, their story is the way they love the community and a heart for the city.

      For many smaller churches, the compelling story is the way they love people and are a warm and friendly place.

      Remember that your job is to tell a story that makes someone say – “I want to visit this church on Sunday.”

      Be honest, be authentic, have great photos, and you can make that happen.

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    2. As a small church (30ish typical on a Sunday morning), we just launched our new website (some final touches still being finished up). Although this list represented many churches very different than ours, it was very helpful comparing how different churches approached various common features (such as sermons or leadership pages).

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  9. Great list and job Magen! Thanks for taking the time to research and put together! I personally like Risen, The Journey Madison, Celebration, and Mount Pleasant Christian! Great sites.

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