How To Keep Your Focus On The Spiritual Battle

How To Keep Your Focus On The Spiritual Battle

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Focusing on the spiritual battle when the world’s constantly filled with distractions isn’t the easiest thing to do.

God is right there with you, but you have to be willing to keep your focus on Him instead of all the temptations and evils that occur around you.

While everyone loses focus sometimes, it’s always possible to get back on track. With faith and prayer, you can win your spiritual battles.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

Your emotions are one of the quickest ways to lose focus on your spiritual battle. They cloud your judgment and make you lose sight of what’s most important. Keeping your emotions in check is a battle all unto itself. Start by reminding yourself of how God would lead you in this situation. Next, take some time to truly analyze what you’re feeling. It’s okay to have emotions, but it’s important to understand why so you can deal with the underlying issues.

Finally, figure out what God is trying to each you. For every negative emotion, there’s a lesson to be learned.

Seek Help When You Struggle

Everyone needs help sometimes. However, it’s hard to admit that you might be going astray. This is especially true for church leaders and pastors who are used to being the ones offering guidance. Whenever you find yourself losing focus, seek out guidance from someone you trust and respect. For instance, church members often go to their pastor. A pastor might speak to another pastor or fellow church leaders.

Focus On God

When you lose focus on your spiritual battle, it usually means your focus is on Satan versus God. Despite all the claims of multi-tasking, you can only truly focus on one thing at a time. If your focus wavers, you’re not leaving room to focus on God.

Start replacing negative and discouraging thoughts with positive ones. Read your favorite scripture aloud. Seek out inspiring sermons. Even in the worst situations, there is a way to find the light again. It’s all a matter of regaining your focus.

Give Yourself Over To Prayer

Prayer is one of the most powerful things Christians have when it comes to fighting spiritual battles. It’s your one-on-one time with God. As these inspiring Guideposts stories show, prayer is incredible. Even if you don’t fully understand it, all you have to do is believe in it to feel its effects. No matter how big or small your distraction might be, talk to God about it.

He’s there to hear you out and help guide you. All you have to do is pray. The simple act of starting up a conversation with God is enough to help you regain your focus.

If your church has a website, consider starting a prayer forum. People can add prayer requests and respond to requests. It can even be anonymous so people feel more comfortable sharing their struggles.

Seek The Support Of Loved Ones

You don’t have to just talk to church leaders. Sometimes, you just need the support of your loved ones. For instance, when pastors begin to feel unworthy, they might seek support and guidance from a spouse, parents or friends. Just sharing your concerns and issues with someone else helps you regain the focus you need for your spiritual battle.

Remove Toxic Elements From Your Life

Finally, try to remove any toxic elements from your life. For instance, are you part of a Facebook group that does nothing but discourage and bash each other? That just wears you down. Eliminate it. Do you have a friend that always tries to drive a wedge between you and God? It could be time to move on, especially if they’re making you question your own faith.

Toxic elements, including people, are some of the greatest distractions. Even the evening news can distract you from walking down God’s path for you. You may start to question why so many bad things happen and let anger take over. This goes back to taking control of your emotions. You can’t avoid everything toxic, but eliminating some helps improve your focus.

Keeping your focus on your spiritual battle isn’t easy, but it is possible. Use your church’s site to help guide members and non-members through regaining their focus in times of need.

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