2024 Social Media Video Trends for Churches

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In episode #135, Thomas and Ian discuss the vertical short video trend sweeping social media and how your church can take advantage. Although some trends aren’t worth chasing, vertical short videos are here to stay and they’re changing the game. Let’s look at 2024 social media video trends for churches.

As we step into 2024, here’s a formula for creating standout short video content for your church social media accounts.


[0:00] Intro: 2024 Social Media Video Trends

[2:35] Which social media platforms are prioritizing short video content?

[3:39] Why is short video so popular?

[4:43] Formula for creating short video content that gets noticed

[7:04] Types of content your church can create

With the right approach, your church can step into the latest 2023 social media video trends and get your message seen by ore people.

So, format and edit your videos in a way that catches peoples’ attention. An engaging video will keep them watching.

Formula for Creating Short Video Content

Here are three things to focus on.

  1. The Hook – compel them to continue listening.
  2. Body – the fulfillment of the hook or promise.
  3. Call to Action – always end with a next step, what you want people to do.

The tips in this post will help you stay on top of 2024 social media trends for churches!

Finally, what questions do you have about social media, vertical video, or other topics related to church communications and marketing? Post your questions in the comments below!

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2024 Social Media Video Trends for Churches

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