6 Things Your Church Needs To Know About Gen Z

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In today’s episode, we discuss six things your church needs to know about Gen Z.

Generation Z are already busy making their mark on the world, but does your church understand them and what they’re looking for in a church?

This generation ranges from those born between 1996 and the early 2010s.

Some of this generation may currently be in your church with their parents.

Growing your church long term means working to engage each new generation.

If you’re missing out on these members, take the time to better understand Generation Z.

Things You Need To Know About Gen Z

  1. Social Media Impacts Their Lives
  2. Screens Are Their World
  3. They’re More Uncertain
  4. They Crave Role Models
  5. Gen Z Is Lonely
  6. They Like Causes
6 Things Your Church Needs To Know About Gen Z

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