These Are The Best Gifts For First Time Church Visitors

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We all know first impressions are key, right? That’s super true for first-time visitors to your church. Making folks feel welcomed and valued from the get-go is mega important. And what’s a great way to do that? With a thoughtful gift, of course! It’s more than just a nice gesture – it’s a sign that your church cares, appreciates their visit, and is excited to be a part of their spiritual journey. It’s a way to share the love, show your church’s personality, and hopefully, encourage them to swing by again next Sunday. Trust us, the right gift can make a world of difference!

Here are six ideas your church can use to welcome your first-time visitors better.

A Book

Gift a spiritual or inspirational book that reflects the teachings of your church. This could be a Bible, a book on Christian living, or a devotional. The book will serve as a constant reminder of their visit and provide spiritual nourishment.

  • A pocket-sized New International Version (NIV) Bible. It’s easy to carry and provides a modern, accessible translation of the scriptures.
  • “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. A classic of Christian apologetics that might answer questions they have about the faith.
  • A daily devotional book like “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It offers daily messages and reflections based on scripture.

Coffee Gift Card

A simple yet appreciated gift, a coffee shop gift card can offer visitors a comforting beverage on you. This not only shows your church’s hospitality but can also encourage fellowship outside the church setting, over a cup of coffee.

  • A gift card to a popular chain like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. These are widely available and offer a wide range of beverages and pastries.
  • A gift card to a local coffee shop. This supports local businesses and may provide a more unique coffee experience.
  • A gift card for an online coffee retailer like Blue Bottle or Stumptown, for those who prefer to brew their coffee at home.

Church Swag

Branded items like a church mug, t-shirt, or tote bag can create a sense of belonging and pride. These items serve as a daily reminder of the church community, and the visitor can use them in their daily life, which promotes the church organically.

  • A high-quality church-branded T-shirt. Choose one that’s soft, stylish, and features your church’s logo or an inspirational message.
  • A church-branded mug. It’s useful and offers a daily reminder of your church as they enjoy their morning coffee or tea.
  • A tote bag with the church’s logo. It’s practical for grocery shopping, carrying books, or a variety of other uses.

Donation to a Charity

Donating to a charity on behalf of your visitor shows your church’s commitment to giving and serving others. Choose a charity that aligns with the mission and values of your church and provide the visitor with a certificate or card explaining the donation.

  • A donation to a local food bank. This reflects a commitment to caring for the needy in your community.
  • A donation to a global charity like World Vision or Compassion International. These organizations support children in need around the world.
  • A donation to a charity like the Salvation Army, which provides a wide range of services to those in need.

Large Candy

A sweet and fun gift that can add a touch of joy to your visitor’s day. You can opt for an oversized candy bar, a box of luxury chocolates, or a selection of local sweets. It’s a simple, yet delightful gift that appeals to all ages.

  • An oversized chocolate bar, like a Toblerone or a Hershey’s. These are universally liked and make for a fun and sweet surprise.
  • A box of luxury chocolates, like Godiva or Ghirardelli. This provides a more premium and indulgent experience.
  • A selection of local sweets or candies. This not only supports local businesses but also gives a unique and personal touch.

Locally Made Product

Support local artisans and businesses by gifting a locally made product. This could be a handmade soap, a jar of local honey, or a piece of local craft. This gift not only supports your local economy but also gives a unique, personal touch.

  • A handmade soap from a local artisan. These are often high-quality, and the visitor might appreciate the unique scents and textures.
  • A jar of locally sourced honey. This could be a sweet treat that also introduces the visitor to local flavors.
  • A piece of local craft or art. This could range from a handcrafted mug to a piece of jewelry or a small painting. It’s a unique, memorable gift that also supports local artisans.
These Are The Best Gifts For First Time Church Visitors

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