dealing with your churches declining numbers

Dealing With Your Church’s Declining Numbers

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Church attendance is shrinking across the country. For many, the initial response is to blame the declining numbers on COVID-19, but there may be deeper underlying issues.

This reality is depressing to many church leaders. The old methods look like they will never again work the way they used to.

But if we are willing to change our models in the local church (without compromising the message), this can become the most significant ministry opportunity of our lifetimes.

  1. The New Metrics – With the attendance metric becoming less and less useful, what should churches be counting?
  2. The New Assimilation Model – Churches can’t afford to sit back and wait things out. We need new assimilation strategies.
  3. The New Staff Roles – If most of your staff is dedicated to in-person ministry, it may be time to rethink those positions.

We hope this podcast leaves you encouraged and equipped to make the biggest impact in the new digital default world.

Dealing With Your Church's Declining Numbers

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