7 Church Salary and Compensation Tips For 2021

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In today’s episode, we unpack 7 Church Salary and Compensation Tips You Need To Know For 2021.

We have all heard of the extremes of pastors who are paid way too much or way too little. 

But how should pastors and church staff be compensated? 

Join us as we do a deep dive into some of the compensation trends we see in 2021.

We hope this conversation helps you reach more people and grow. 

7 Church Salary and Compensation Tips For 2021

  1. Keep An Eye on Glassdoor
  2. Have A Smaller, Well Paid Staff
  3. Remember The Rule #75
  4. Don’t Vote On Compensation 
  5. Let Pastors Determine Their Staff’s Compensation
  6. Keep Your Total Compensation Budget In Check
  7. Look To Outsource When Possible
7 Church Salary and Compensation Tips For 2021

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  1. What to do when a senior Pastor and founder of the church is ill with dementia and no longer can preach or teach with his salary? Also the pastor is no longer in all the church meetings but sometimes is present.
    The assistant pastor is taking the roll of leading, preaching, and teaching weekly now for more than 18 months.

    We don’t know what’s the right and just thing to do.

  2. My fulltime pastor paid over 50. 0000 Per year with church size 60 members . He just came to our church for 3 years . Recently he got another support 18. 0000 that he applied for his own membership from canadian baptitst organization. So the congregation likes the pastor should consider the benefit of the church that should contribute some money from 18000 that he got extra $ because the congregation income negatively each month. Is this right for the to get high salary when congregation is poor

  3. I am on the Board Leadership team. I started coming to the Church in May 2022. Become my attending the Bible Study that started meeting in a family members barn some time in 2021. Which since has move to a building with rent and other expenses but no employees or paid positions except for the praise and Worship team

    The gentleman who started teaching the Bible study has said the Lord has called him to pastor. Beginning 2021 when the Lord told him to pastor he did not decide until Apr2023 to tell God okay He is going to be Ordained Now we need to get a salary for him. We have around 250-300 people (not families) attending the church. We are a non-denominational church who does not have members.
    Right now we are renting a place. Wanting to purchase a building one day. Soon hopefully
    I have no idea how the pastor should be paid. He hasn’t been to school for this, but he does have a high school diploma.
    The money that is coming in now is good, but we are trying to get 501(c) 3
    Need an attorney and an accountant to take care of the church.
    The church has two Sunday morning service that totals around 3 to 3.5 hours l. We also have a few outreaches.

    My question is how can we know what the right amount to pay him is correct.

    Currently we will now have 2 staff members plus the P&W team. If we did 50% that would not leave any room for Children’s ministry, preschool or youth just to make a few

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