Eight Rules For Online Sermon Videos

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In today’s episode, we discuss the eight new rules for posting your sermon videos online. 

The pandemic forced thousands of churches who had never done a video sermon to put their sermons online. 

There there are some elements to preaching that work well in person that don’t translate to digital. 

Join us as we discuss the ways your church needs to adapt your sermons to better reach a web-based audience.  

We hope this conversation helps you reach more people and grow. 

Eight Rules For Online Sermon Videos

  1. Don’t Neglect The Description
  2. Be Careful with Crafty Titles
  3. Consider a Transcript
  4. Make a Cover Image
  5. Load It To Multiple Channels
  6. Provide Related Links
  7. Create a Short Intro
  8. Ask People To Interact (Like, Comment Subscribe)

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Eight Rules For Online Sermon Videos

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