6 Must-Try Video Content Ideas for Churches That Aren’t Sermons

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In today’s digital age, churches have an incredible opportunity to reach and engage their congregations and communities beyond the pulpit. With the rise of online services, podcasts, and social media, there is a growing demand for captivating, faith-based content that speaks to the hearts and minds of believers.

In our latest podcast episode, “6 Must-Try Video Content Ideas for Churches That Aren’t Sermons,” we explore unique and innovative ways to harness the power of video storytelling to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Discover how to inspire spiritual growth through testimonies and personal stories, dive into Scripture with Bible study and small group discussions, and learn how to use Q&A sessions to address important topics and strengthen the bond between pastors and church members. We’ll also explore the potential of worship and music performances, daily devotionals, and special event recaps to foster a sense of unity and excitement within your church community. Join us as we uncover the vast potential of video content to amplify your ministry’s impact and bring your congregation closer together.

Testimonies and Personal Stories

Sharing the transformative power of faith, testimonies and personal stories from church members can inspire and encourage others on their spiritual journey.

Creating video content that captures these heartfelt stories of redemption, healing, and personal growth can foster a deeper sense of community and remind viewers of God’s grace and love in action.

By showcasing the diverse experiences of your congregation, these videos can resonate with a wide audience and provide a powerful testimony of your church’s impact on individuals’ lives.

Bible Study and Small Group Discussions

Engaging video content featuring Bible studies or small group discussions can help viewers explore Scripture and various topics in a more in-depth, interactive manner.

By offering different perspectives and facilitating open conversations, these videos can provide a welcoming environment for learning and spiritual growth.

Additionally, they can serve as a valuable resource for existing small groups within your church or inspire viewers to form their own study groups, further fostering a sense of community and shared exploration of faith.

Q&A Sessions with Pastors and Leaders

Addressing frequently asked questions or tackling complex topics in a relatable format, Q&A sessions with pastors and church leaders can provide valuable insights and guidance for the congregation.

These videos can cover a wide range of subjects, from theological discussions to practical advice on living a faith-filled life.

By engaging in an open dialogue, pastors can demonstrate their approachability and help strengthen the connection between church leadership and the congregation, while also encouraging viewers to reflect on their own questions and beliefs.

Worship and Music Performances

Uplifting and inspiring worship and music performances can serve as powerful tools for connecting with your congregation and expressing your shared faith.

By creating videos featuring worship sessions, choir performances, or special music events, you can reach a wider audience, providing an opportunity for viewers to engage in worship at their own convenience.

These videos can also showcase the musical talents within your congregation, fostering a sense of unity and shared appreciation for the creative expression of faith.

Devotionals and Prayer Guides

Offering short, daily devotionals or guided prayer videos can be a valuable resource for helping church members stay connected and grow in their spiritual life.

These videos can provide moments of reflection, encouragement, and inspiration, while also guiding viewers through specific prayer topics or scriptural passages.

By regularly producing and sharing devotional content, you can create a sense of routine and commitment among your congregation, fostering spiritual growth and deepening their relationship with God.

Special Event Highlights and Recaps

Creating engaging recap videos of special events, such as retreats, conferences, or holiday celebrations, can serve as a powerful way to keep the church community informed and involved.

These videos can showcase the highlights of each event, convey the atmosphere and energy, and share insights or key takeaways from speakers or workshops.

By sharing these recaps, you can encourage those who attended to reflect on their experiences and inspire others to participate in future events, ultimately fostering a sense of unity and excitement within your church community.

Stats To Consider

  1. According to a 2021 study, 43% of churchgoers reported watching online church services, indicating a significant demand for digital content within religious communities source.
  2. A 2019 survey found that 52% of U.S. adults had listened to a podcast, highlighting the potential for churches to reach a wider audience with engaging content beyond sermons source.
  3. In a 2019 study, it was discovered that 54% of people wanted to see more video content from the brands and organizations they support, indicating a growing preference for video-based communication source.
  4. A 2018 study found that social media users were 10 times more likely to engage with video content compared to other forms of content, emphasizing the importance of incorporating video into a church’s digital strategy source.
  5. In 2020, it was estimated that 92% of marketers believed video was an essential component of their marketing strategy, demonstrating the widespread recognition of video as a powerful communication tool source.
6 Must-Try Video Content Ideas for Churches That Aren't Sermons

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