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Online Giving For Churches: PushPay Review

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After the popularity of our post The 7 Best Online Giving Companies For Churches, we’ve decided to review each company separately to help you better choose the right one for you. The next is our series is our PushPay review.

Every church would love to increase their online giving. However, most people don’t carry cash like they used to.

Instead, offer a more convenient way for people to donate online so they can give even when they’re not in church.

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PushPay is one of the major online giving providers for churches. While the company offers several different tools for churches, our PushPay review will focus on their digital giving option. However, the company does offer church apps, church management software and donor development tools as well.

When it comes to digital giving, churches can accept donations online, by text or via a mobile app. You can also accept payments via credit card, debit card and ACH (bank).

While giving is PushPay’s goal in helping your church, the focus is really on recurring giving. In fact, the company says most churches experience a 76% increase in recurring giving in just six months. The platform is designed to gently guide donors into becoming recurring donors.

Main Features

Our PushPay review uncovered a variety of powerful features that help you grow your church’s online tithing. Set up branded forms to link to from your church website and social media platforms. The forms work great online and on mobile devices.

With the text option, people give easily by texting your church’s custom number. You can also add a branded church app that integrates giving and tithing so users can give however is most convenient for them.

One thing that helps increase digital giving is the donor engagement tools. Quickly see where donors are in their giving journey, such as starting a donation, but not finishing. You get guidance on how to encourage them to finish their transaction and even help turn them into recurring donors.

Set up giving forms to let donors give to the portions of the church they want. Set up campaigns and pledges with ease. Givers simply choose where their money is going. And, PushPay is PCI Level 1 compliant for secure transactions.

The powerful, yet easy to use dashboard makes it easy for administrators to keep track of all donations and where they’re supposed to be used. You can even enter cash and check gifts too. Donors can also see all of their transactions too for their financial records.

If you already have church software you love, PushPay may integrate with it. The platform integrates well with many popular tools to make managing your church even easier.

Pricing And Fees

One thing that really stands out in our PushPay review is the lack of straightforward pricing on the company’s website. However, there are three individual plans – Core, Advanced and Complete.

Core is designed as the basic plan that offers everything you need to increase online giving. It also includes a church app, which you may or may not need.

In order to get a branded giving experience, you’ll need the Advanced plan. This adds customization features, campaigns and software integrations.

The Complete plan is designed mainly for multi-site churches. It allows you to customize and manage the giving experience per location.

Every plan is subject to undisclosed fees, which also include transaction fees. You have to contact PushPay to get a custom quote based on your specific needs. The company creates a plan that includes only the services your church needs. Our previous research did find that plans start at $199/month, which may not be a good fit for smaller churches.

Online giving makes a great addition to any church. While PushPay is a wonderful company, we also recommend you check out Tithe.ly.

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