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7 Top Online Giving Companies For Churches

If church donations are down, the problem might be with your giving options. Take a moment to consider how many of your church members actually carry cash with them anymore.

Odds are, many members, especially those under 50, are more used to carrying debit and credit cards. This means when the offering plate comes around, they don’t have anything to put in it. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to give, though.

Online giving options give these members a chance to give on their terms. They can make occasional donations or set up a schedule, so they never forget. It’s a great way to boost tithing and take advantage of technology for your church. is the best online giving option for churches1. is designed to increase online giving through a free mobile giving app, online and text giving. Their commitment to customer service, fantastic software tools, and low fees give them the top spot on our list. There are no setup or subscription fees to deal with, making it a more affordable giving solution for churches. You only pay 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for accepting cards and 1% plus $0.30 per transaction for ACH/bank account giving. There is even an option for donors to “cover the fees” and allow them to add the fee amount to their donation, making it free for churches.

kindrid online giving2. Kindrid

Kindrid is a robust giving platform used by some of the largest churches in the world.  They have roots as a text giving platform, but now offer a full suite of online giving options under their brand. While there are no start-up costs, Kindrid does cost $45 per month. Kindrid can process both credit card transactions at 2.5% and ACH transfers at 0.5% making it a great option for growing churches.

continue to give online giving logo3. Continue to Give

Continue to Give is another great option, with plans that start out with no monthly fee. The platform offers mobile, online and kiosk giving. It can integrate with your existing church website, so members never leave your site to tithe. Pricing varies, but transaction fees are usually 3.9% plus $0.60 per transaction.

secure give logo4. SecureGive

SecureGive was actually created by pastors who wanted to offer members an easier way to tithe. The platform is well-known for putting security first, which may help put members’ minds at ease who are hesitant to donate online. The online, mobile and kiosk plan starts at $69 per month, while the plan that includes texting starts at $109 per month. Transaction fees vary based on the payment method.

push pay logo5. PushPay

Pushpay offers a wide range of online giving services. The service can accept both cards and checks. It can integrate with your website or create a mobile app just for your church. Text giving is also an option. Users love Pushpay because of its mobile-first approach, which is perfect for the modern giver. While they do not state their pricing on their website, our research shows that their plans start at $199 per month plus transaction fees.

mogiv logo6. Mogiv

Mogiv makes online giving easy for both members and churches. There are no fees except for transaction fees. It’s free to try and supports online, mobile and text-based giving. It’s one of the best options if you’re new to online giving and want to try it out before committing to a service with monthly or setup fees.

easy tithe logo7. EasyTithe

EasyTithe is a popular online giving tool. It’s easy to customize it to match your church’s branding, so it looks familiar to users. The platform offers mobile, online, recurring, text and kiosk giving. There are no start-up fees for any plans and the highest transaction fees are 3% plus $0.39 per transaction. Free and monthly fee plans are available.

Non-Ministry Specific Options – PayPal / Stripe

PayPal and Stripe are similar online giving options. While they’re mostly used for e-commerce, both tools allow you to incorporate a payment area on your church’s website to accept donations. PayPal can’t be customized and the only fees are 2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction. Stripe can be customized, but it’s more difficult than the church specific giving options. Fees start at 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

Add Online Giving Today

If your church hasn’t tried online giving yet, now is the time to try. The majority of your members probably have a smartphone with them at all times. It’s easier for them to donate with a few taps than try to remember to carry cash around with them. Choosing the right provider is important. While you should consider cost, look at additional features, such as custom branding. The right solution can and will boost tithing.

Need help integrating online giving on your website? Contact our friendly team today to see how we can help.

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  1. Wow!

    Thanks for the mention here. We’re honored to be on the list and grateful for your kind words. We’d love to get to know the person behind the post if you’re up to chat some time! Just say the word and drop us a line.



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  2. You may want to retract your MoGiv statements. Apparently, after being acquired by a Tennessee company not too long ago, they have fallen on hard times. They are totally non-responsive to customer inquiries via e-mail or phone.

    We have used them for several years, and had no problems. However, all of a sudden, all payment processing has ceased. There was no warning. There is no explanation on their site, and there is no response from Customer Service.

    Our church has now missed over $3,000 in donations this month (September 2017), with no explanation from MoGiv.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the feedback on your experience with MoGiv Pastor Marty. I’m sorry to hear about your missed donations. That’s terrible.

      We heard from several churches with positive things to say about their service, so hopefully, this is just a little blip for them and it will get back to business as usual very soon.

      If not, there are 6 other providers in this article that serve churches well.

  3. Um … you better take another look at EasyTithe. I am a NEW customer (1 month) and am already having problems with their customer support. I asked a question on the 6th of this month .. they didn’t reply until the 17th. I have another question I asked 4 days ago .. they have yet to reply. I am on Facebook in hopes that I can get them that way. You listed them under your “7 Top Online Giving Companies For Churches” article heading … if customer support means anything to your ratings, you would be good to reconsider this company.

    1. Post

      Hey Mike, thanks for your feedback on EasyTithe. I’m really sorry to hear about that experience. I hope that it is just a hiccup for them, and they will get you back on track soon. Customer service definitely plays a big part in these reviews so we appreciate you chiming in. God Bless!

  4. Mike, I’ve been with EasyTithe for a couple of years now and I’m currently looking for a new provider because of their lack of customer support. There service has not ever been real great but as of this year it’s gone down hill significantly. Best Wishes!

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    1. Post
    1. Post

      We have heard from a few of our clients who really like them. The team there gave us a tour of their system and we have to say we were impressed. If you have any experience with them – We would love to hear it!

  5. We currently using easy tithe but now looking into another provider their customer support is really terrible they are getting over $1200 from us monthly in commission but when we call the support line you could easily wait over 1 hour

    1. Post

      I’m sorry to hear that Emmanuel. We have heard positive things about them in the past. If they aren’t working for you, there are some other providers on this list that are providing great online giving service for churches… Maybe try Tithely, or Kindrid?

  6. Donorbox is a great donation platform for churches. We offer incredibly low processing fees (the first $1000 per month is free, thereafter it’s 0.89%). We support recurring donations (perfect for tithes) and our forms take only a couple minutes to complete. Donorbox gives organizations a comprehensive dashboard to manage their campaigns, donations and donors.
    P.S I work there. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information.

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  7. We give faith based churches and ministries processing for our costs and do not profit on your account. We do this to keep money in ministry work. We can integrate with most software companies through one of the public gateways or we also have a donation portal option as well. Unless you are doing less than a couple of thousand dollars in volume per month, we will always be the cheapest option for you because we are passing interchange rates directly onto you. You can see more about our ministry by visiting our website at

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      Hey Brian, I don’t personally use F1, but the feedback we are hearing from clients is that they haven’t seen a lot of ongoing development there since the acquisition. Many of the largest churches in the US still use F1, but Church Management Software is very hard to change, so I am not sure if that is saying anything about their current satisfaction. I would love it if some of our other readers who use the software could weigh in…

      1. Well said, Thomas. was approached by Ministry Brands (and others) and we always wonder what would happen to our creative spark if we were not responsible for our own success. I think Ministry Brands seeks to homogenize and profit from mature ventures…which is fine for business but not necessarily great for innovation. Just my 2¢.

        Also, you make good points about church management software becoming an appendage of churches that is hard to change. It always amazes me how adaptive church admins are to figuring out ways *around* various product shortcomings…and they fear that change will just be the whole thing all over again…reality not measuring up to marketing hype and more innovative workarounds. Can’t blame them for fearing change, I guess!

  9. Thanks for the article.

    Ministry Brands seems to own EasyTithe, Tithely, Kindrid, MoGiv, eGiving, Clover Donations, SimpleGive,, Giving Kiosk, EFT PLus, eGive, HaloPays, DonorDirect, ShareFaith, and Faith Direct giving and others. Maybe a theme going with poor customer support?

    They are trying to sell this group of giving companies, so that could lead them to be reducing staff at these companies.

    1. Post

      You are right Tom. Ministry Brands now owns a few of these companies. At the time we wrote this they had not acquired Kindrid yet. Also to our knowledge, is not owned by Ministry Brands.

      Have you had experience with one of these brands? We do our best to give an honest assessment of these services and really appreciate your feedback.

      1. Oops, sorry about You’re right. They are NOT owned by Ministry Brands. My church does use It works fine. I can’t speak to the customer support, since I have not personally experienced that. Thanks.

        1. Post
        2. What? A company is not owned by Ministry Brands? How is this possible, Tom?

          Must be just and GivingTools left! (Oh, and Blackbaud. Nobody will ever own Blackbaud unless Emperor Palpatine gives his personal consent.)

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