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Online Giving For Churches: SecureGive Review

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After the popularity of our post The 7 Best Online Giving Companies For Churches, we’ve decided to review each company separately to help you better choose the right one for you. The next in our series is our SecureGive review.

Online giving is the most convenient way for people to give to your church. Members can still give cash in church, but setting up regular donations online is often much easier and safer.

If you want to increase giving in your church, all you need is the right online giving platform.



SecureGive is made to help churches easily grow their giving. In fact, the company’s so confident that you’ll increase giving that if giving doesn’t grow in the first year, the software’s free.

The company has a long reputation, including being the first to create giving kiosks for churches. Obviously, it’s a concept that many others have emulated. The overall goal of SecureGive is to take some of the administrative burden off of church staff with easy to use software that also increases church funding.

SecureGive is proud to currently help power the online giving of 33 of the 100 churches in America. They’ve also helped over 2,300 churches since starting in 2004.

Main Features

SecureGive offers four different giving platforms – online, mobile, text and kiosk. Online giving is the most versatile since it’s available everywhere, even on mobile devices. You can subscribe to just the platforms your church needs, though.

All options are branded and easy to customize to best fit your church. You can even embed the mobile app inside your church’s app or use SecureGive’s app instead. Giving options also integrate well with most of the top church management systems, making administrative tasks even easier.

No matter how people give, they can rest assured that their transactions are secure. Our SecureGive review found that SecureGive is PCI compliant, putting security first.

Let people donate the way they want. Accept one-time donations or make it easy to set up recurring payments. You can also set up one-time payments for events, merchandise and more.

Sometimes, people prefer to give to just certain parts of your church, such as youth ministry or a specific fundraiser. Set up custom categories and let users donate to one or more. They can even divide a transaction between multiple categories.

The text to give option allows you to set up keywords for specific categories. Use a unique number or a giving shortcode to make it easier for people to remember.

When it comes to kiosk giving, you have three options to choose from. Select from an iPad with stand, freestanding and countertop versions to add to your church.

Pricing And Fees

While all the features sound great, we can’t finish our SecureGive review without looking at the pricing and fees. The great news is there are no setup fees and plans are the same price per month no matter how big or small your church is.

First, let’s look at the fees since these are the same across all plans. No fees are listed for ACH (bank) transactions. However, SecureGive has some of the lowest per transaction fees with 1.5% to 1.75% + $0.30 for debit and 2% to 2.5% + $0.30 for credit.

There are three main plans to choose from. If you have over 10,000 members or weekly attendance, you’re advised to contact SecureGive for special pricing.

The Kiosk Only or Online/Mobile plan is $99/month. This is the basic giving plan and doesn’t include text to give.

If you want mobile, online and text, you’ll need the second tier plan for $129/month. This doesn’t include a kiosk.

To access all of SecureGive’s giving options, you’ll need the $199/month plan. This gives you the most flexibility, but only if you need all of the giving options.

If you need more than one kiosks, additional kiosks are $50/month. You can also add on additional campaigns and check scanning for $50/month each. Check scanning allows you to scan in paper checks without going to the bank.

Online giving makes a great addition to any church. While SecureGive is a wonderful company, we also recommend you check out

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