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The Benefits Of Reallocating Church Resources

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One of the most difficult areas for a church is how to best handle their various resources. Which areas are most important?

It’s important from time to time to consider reallocating church resources if your church isn’t meeting the goals that have been set. A simple change in focus could be the growth opportunity you’ve been praying for.

The key is learning which areas might need a little extra love, care and of course, funding.

Choosing Your Areas

While this obviously varies based on your church and your unique goals, you have to choose which areas are the most important when reallocating church resources. Your main resources are finances and volunteers. How should you use both to help grow and build your church? A few areas churches should start focusing on more include:

  • Creating a digital presence
  • Investing in new technology
  • Creating a warm welcome and follow-up for new visitors
  • Volunteering more around the local community
  • Offering free or donation-based services for members and non-members

Increase Tithing

Ask about the state of church giving and you might just hear a collective groan, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a viable solution. By reallocating church resources and investing in an online giving solution, you’re able to increase tithing, especially among millennials who rarely carry cash and prefer doing most things online.

By putting more of a focus on making tithing more convenient, members and even people who just like visiting your church’s website are more likely to give. Plus, they can also set up regular payments so they don’t forget to give.

Place Volunteers Where They’re Needed Most

How do you currently utilize your volunteers? Getting more involved in local community events and projects helps increase your church’s reach and creates a positive reputation among people who are on the fence about attending church.

Renting a booth at a local festival and offering fun games or babysitting kids who get tired increase your church’s visibility. Helping out at a local animal shelter and hosting adoption days makes animal lovers respect your church. Don’t be afraid to get involved on a hyper-local level. Remember, starting local means those you help are more likely to check out your church’s online presence and share that with their friends and family.

Expand Your Reach

Part of growing your church means expanding your church’s reach. Even if you’re not getting tons of new members, you might get more digital members. By reallocating church resources to creating a digital presence, including a website and social media, you’re able to reach people worldwide 24/7.

Share your sermons, blog to inspire others, post thought-provoking questions and much more. The idea is to boost your reach and create an audience for your church that goes far beyond your local area.

If you’re not sure investing in these digital strategies is worth it, give Thom Rainer’s podcast about technological trends a listen.

Appeal To A Younger Audience

There’s nothing wrong with having an older church family, but eventually you’ll need to pull in younger members to keep the church thriving. Younger members are harder to engage, simply because they’ve grown up differently than your older members.

However, reallocating church resources to create an engaging digital presence, offering online giving and adding some new tech to your church all help you appeal to that younger audience.

Give Your Church A Modern Makeover

One sign of an outdated church is not having an updated website. Another sign is having technology that doesn’t quite keep up with what your church needs, such as an audio system that puts out more static than sound.

Reallocating church resources to give your church a modern makeover helps pull in new members. You don’t have to re-build or go overboard. Simply creating a church website and adding some better audio equipment is a great start.

Ready to start reallocating some of your church resources? Find out how to start with your own church website today.

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