4 google non profit tools that will change your marketing

4 Google Nonprofit Tools That Will Change Your Marketing

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Did you know as a church you have access to powerful tools to transform your marketing? With Google Nonprofit tools, marketing doesn’t have to be stressful anymore.

These are the kind of tools major businesses use, but you get them for free. It’s all part of Google’s desire to give back and help nonprofits change the world for the better.

As long as you qualify for the program, which most churches do, you gain access to marketing and management tools that make running your church easier.

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1. Use YouTube To Share Your Story

People love a good story and sometimes it’s much easier to show than tell. This is where YouTube comes in. The YouTube Nonprofit Program allows your church to create videos that showcase your church in action. Share why you’re working to make things better in a certain area or for a certain family or cause.

You can even add donation cards to make it easy for viewers from around the world to donate as they watch. You don’t even have to worry about finding equipment or the right place to create your video. All you have to do is find a YouTube Spaces studio in your area, which is free for nonprofits to use.

2. Map Your Story

Once again, it’s always a great idea to show what your church is working on to increase donations. If your church tends to volunteer outside your local area, Google Earth Outreach may become one of your favorite Google Nonprofit tools.

Make your supporters feel like they’re right there with you with detailed street view maps. Have volunteers tag their locations to show where you’re church is making an impact. The more you let people know about what your church is up to, the more likely they are to want to get involved themselves. From volunteering to donating, showing is always a great marketing strategy.

3. Free Marketing Via Google

Google is used globally and your church could be seen globally as well through Google Ads. One of the most popular Google Nonprofit tools is Google Ad Grants. It’s something we’ve talked about and still encourage churches to apply for and use. The benefits make it ideal to help churches expand their reach, stay on track to reach their goals and save money all at the same time.

You get $10,000 a month in free ad credits to get more volunteers, increase donations, bring in more members, fundraise for specific campaigns and events or just spread the word. With this much free marketing money every month, even small churches can market on par with much larger churches.

The platform makes it easy to manage all your ad campaigns in a single place. While they only display on Google searches, that’s still billions of searches daily and your ads reach a targeted audience to make your marketing even more effective.

4. Reach Donors And Decrease Costs

Most donation apps and platforms take a fee out of every donation. While it’s typically around 3%, that eventually adds up. For instance, if you raised $3,000 with credit card donations, your church would only receive $2,910. Of course, there are sometimes other fees, such as creating a custom donation app or a fee for donations over or under set amounts. All this cuts into what your church receives.

Google One Today is one of the best Google Nonprofit tools for ensuring churches receive everything a donor intends. The great thing is the tool makes your marketing much more effective by allowing you to share in-depth details about why your church is asking for funds. Donors are able to give as little as $1, making it accessible to people who only have a little to spare. Remember, every dollar adds up.

Create campaigns for different causes and events. Track your goals with automatic receipting. By eliminating fees and automating the paperwork, your church’s marketing is even more effective and you spend more time on the tasks that matter most.

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