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How Your Church Can Change The World With Ad Grants

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Every church would love the chance to change the world, but sadly, money sometimes gets in the way.

Without the budget for expanding your reach, it’s often hard to make much of an impact outside of your local community, though that’s a wonderful place to start.

Thanks to ad grants from Google, budget isn’t a concern anymore when it comes to marketing your church. Without finances in the way, you have more power to make positive changes in the world.

Reach A Much Larger Audience

Google grants for nonprofits allow you to reach a much wider audience by giving qualifying churches $10,000 per month in AdWords credits for free. Imagine how many more people you could reach per month with that big of an advertising budget. While you can only use it on Google, there are an average of 3.5 billion searches daily. At the time we wrote this, there were 5.5 billion searches on this day just a few hours before midnight.

When you reach more people, more people are inspired by your message. The more people you reach, the more good you’re able to do.

Inspire Volunteers Worldwide

Now that you’re expanding your church’s reach, it’s time to really start making an even bigger difference in the world. While you may have volunteers in your own community, what about other areas? Since ad grants let you reach people worldwide, you’re able to inspire more people to volunteer throughout the world.

Maybe someone from another country sees an ad for your church, clicks it and sees all the good your church volunteers are doing. Suddenly, they’re inspired to do the same. You may even want to create groups on Facebook or on your website for all your global volunteers to connect and discuss projects. Some Google for Nonprofits management tools also help with this.

Increase Online Tithing

Even with ad grants, your church still needs money to fund charity projects and help more people. The good news is ads make people more aware of your church and your causes. Thanks to Google for Nonprofits marketing tools, such as the YouTube Nonprofit Program, you’re able to show people exactly what your church does.

By showcasing all the good you do, you inspire more people to give. You may want to set up different options for online tithing so donors are able to give to the projects closest to their hearts. Having this option may allow your church to change the world even faster.

Bring Faith To More People

With all the evil that happens every day, it’s easy to believe that most people have lost their faith. However, they might just need the right church to help them understand faith and what it really means to be Christian.

Ad grants help get your message to more people. Someone who is searching for an answer to a faith-based question might see your church’s ad, check out your church’s website and be inspired to explore their faith further. You may inspire them to read your church’s blog regularly and view online sermons. If they’re local, they may even start attending your church.

When you start by bringing faith to more people, you start creating a wave of positive energy that continues to grow. Those you reach share their stories with others. As a result, you have more people trying to be better versions of themselves while helping others.

Create Friendly, Faith-Based Communities

Sometimes, it’s not always easy for people to attend church. Yet, they crave the community aspect. Bring people together to talk about their problems, faith and ideas by using ad grants to guide people to friendly, faith-based communities.

You might create a forum on your church’s website or have different groups on Facebook. You might have live streaming events on your site or Facebook where viewers can interact with each other. The idea is to inspire more people to make positive changes in the world by creating a large community where everyone feels accepted, loved and inspired.

Need help making the most of your ad grants? See how we can help you reach even more people and make bigger changes in the world.

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