churches failing at creating leaders

Why Churches Fail At Creating Leaders

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Creating leaders is important to keep a church running smoothly. Churches need leaders for various programs and groups.

The problem is churches sometimes fail at creating great leaders. The good news is there are leaders within your church family. You just have to find the right way to appeal to them.

Tackling some common obstacles to your leadership problem will help you uncover the hidden talent within your church.

No Available Opportunitiescustom church website button

How often does your church broadcast leadership opportunities? Perhaps it’s an issue of a few people trying to do everything on their own. Or, you’re just waiting for people to volunteer. The problem is no one knows the church needs help.

Talk about leadership opportunities at the end of services, post it on social media and add details to your website. This not only makes the opportunity known, but it also helps you get more volunteers.

Too Much Micromanaging

When you want it done right, you micromanage it to death, right? While it sounds good in theory, micromanaging isn’t an effective way of creating leaders. In fact, it just drives them away. Provide guidance, but give leaders room to make mistakes and learn on their own. It’ll make them stronger and more passionate about their position.

It may be hard to let go, but your church will be the better for it. You’ll also discover more members wanting to be leaders.

Looking For The Same Mindset

It’s okay to look for leaders who share the same mindset as you, at least to a point. However, if no one ever has unique ideas, it’s difficult for the church to grow. It’s important to look for qualities such as a positive attitude, confidence and great people skills. It’s also good to look for someone who wants to make changes. Leaders can’t be followers and if they always follow the ideas of everyone else, they’re not going to be a great leader.

Difficulty Reaching Members

How easy is it for your church members to come and talk to you about leadership roles? How easy is it for you to reach members for meetings or schedule changes? Creating leaders means having open communication channels. This goes beyond a few services each week. Instead, make it easy to connect on your website with a special forum or social media. The more ways you have of reaching members, the easier it is to create and maintain excellent leadership.

grow your church buttonTrying To Make The Wrong People Fit

Every one of your church members has a different skillset. For instance, asking a carpenter to head the bake sale and a seamstress to manage the set for an upcoming play isn’t going to work well. Instead, ask members about their skills and hobbies. Then you’ll know who might be best for potential leadership roles. Another thing to keep in mind is to separate relatives to avoid arguments.

When the wrong people are in the wrong leadership roles, no one is happy. Creating leaders means noticing strengths and letting people lead in the areas they’re strongest in.

Throwing People Into Leadership

You’re busy and need leaders to help out with a wide variety of tasks, but it’s important to remember that the people you choose or that volunteer may not have a clue about what being a leader entails. It’s vital to create a leadership culture that includes regular training, meetings and special information to help them succeed in their new positions.

Something as simple as sharing leadership advice, videos and blog posts on social media is a great way to reach new leaders and help them learn the ropes quickly. Remember, they’re busy with other aspects of their lives, so keep training and meetings as short as possible to avoid making anyone feel overwhelmed with being a leader.

Leaders are already in your church. All you have to do is know how to reach them and train them.

Looking for better ways to connect with leaders in your church? Start with a highly effective church website.

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