Six Church Landing Pages Your Site Needs To Include

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If you want people to find our church online, you must create great landing pages. 

A landing page is a page on your site targeting people looking for a specific kind of content. 

But what kind of landing pages does your church need to create? 

We aim to answer that question and much more in today’s conversation. 

Plan Your Visit

Every church website should have a plan-your-visit page. This is a page where users can learn everything they need to know before showing up on a Sunday morning. 

A good plan-your-visit page should help visitors understand what to expect, what you offer for kids, and call them to action.  

Ask your visitors to fill out a form to let you know they are coming. This enables you to prepare for your guests, and in our experience, makes them much stickier. 

Watch Online

The pandemic forced a lot of churches that had never had services online to start filming. In our post-pandemic world, every church website should include an easy way to watch online. 

A good Watch-Online page will include more than just an embedded video. It should have opportunities for visitors to interact, respond and give if they desire. 


A prayer page is one of the most effective landing pages a church can build. But it has to be more than just a prayer request form. 

Take the time to tell people why you believe in prayer. If you can, create a short video about it.  

When it comes time to ask people for their prayer requests, make sure to spell out what you will do with these requests. Who will pray and what should the submitter expect next?


Recovery ministries present one of the most significant opportunities for churches to reach people with the Gospel. But let’s face it, if you are in need of recovery from addictions, walking into a church can be intimidating.  

And often, when people are in the middle of a struggle, giving them options, 24/7 can be a good thing. 

A page about how Jesus can help those in need of recovery and a form to ask them to take the first step can be compelling. 


In addition to recovery, many churches offer support groups for the community. Divorce Care, Cancer Support, and Single Parents groups are just a few examples.  

A landing page that helps people connect and get support when they are going through life’s challenges can help your church be an asset to your community. 


Finally, Coaching or Counseling opportunities make for great landing pages. Many churches offer Financial Peace, Parenting, or Marriage classes that can greatly impact people’s lives. 

Build a landing page that helps people in your community gain access to these resources. Be sure to include info on how they can jump into any training opportunities coming up. 

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Six Church Landing Pages Your Site Needs To Include

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