How To Build Better Church Website Navigation Menus

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Getting the church website navigation menus right is one of the most complex parts of developing a great site. 

Here are REACHRIGHT; we have been known to spend over 20 hours just thinking through the right way to organize the content you need in your menu. 

But get it wrong, and your website is dead in the water. 

Join us as we discuss the keys to a great church website navigation menu. 

We hope it helps your church reach more people and grow. 

Less is More

It used to be that having seven or eight links in your menu was the norm. Those days are gone. You will get better results if you find a way to whittle your menu down to 3-5 links. It will take some pruning, but it will make for a better experience for your visitors. 

Ditch The Dropdowns

Dropdown menus need to live in the past. With most of your website visitors finding you on their mobile devices, dropdowns make for a bad user experience. Instead, consider using longer well-designed pages. Think of the way that users interact on social media channels. Web users are used to long-form content as long as it is well designed. 

Use A Button

Don’t be afraid to use a button in your website menu. This button should be where your primary call to action for visitors lives. The button should be bright and stand out. Research shows that the top right of your menu is the best spot. 

We all love creative core values and acronyms, but they don’t belong in your website navigation menu. As boring as it sounds, using terms like “about,” “ministries,” and “sermons,” are very clear and probably your best choice. The problem is that they don’t tell a website user what they will get when they click the link.  

Create A Mobile Version

Almost every modern site will include a mobile responsive version. But that isn’t enough in this day and age. Your church should consider a mobile-specific menu for mobile devices that may have only the most important links that a mobile user needs to see. 

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How To Build Better Church Website Navigation Menus

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