Six Local SEO Tips Your Church Needs To Know

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In today’s episode, we unpack six Local SEO tips that your church needs to know. 

Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically over the last few years. 

Google has put more attention than ever into making sure that local results show up more often, and that is great news for churches. 

But the way you rank in local searches is different from how a church would rank in a general search. 

Join us as we discuss some of those differences in this conversation. 

We hope these local SEO tips help your church reach more people and grow. 

Understand What Local SEO Is

Local SEO is not the same as traditional SEO or On Page SEO. The primary goal is to see your church in the Map Pack Listings.

These are the 2-3 organizations listed at the top of most local searches on Google. These link to your Google My Business Listing, rather than your church website. 

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

It is hard to show up in the Google Map Pack if you haven’t claimed your Google My Business Listing. It isn’t too hard to do. You can get started at

Once you are there, it is essential to add all your church’s information. Don’t forget to add images. 

Consistently Use Your NAP

Consistently using your NAP or Name, Address, and Phone Number is one of the most important things you can do for Local SEO.

Churches must always write their name, address, and phone number the same way whenever they share it online. This helps Google’s algorithm better rank your church. 

Submit Your Church To Listing Sites

There are hundreds of sites that list organizations online, from Yellow Pages to Linkedin, to Yelp. Each one of those sites plays a part in how you rank on local searches. The listing sites that link to your church, the better you will rank in Google’s Map Pack. This is one of the most important local SEO tips for churches

The easiest way to do this is to use a service that submits your info to hundreds of listing sites and keeps that info up to date. 

Ask Members for Reviews

It may seem weird to review a church. But reviews are really important to most people. When was the last time you bought something on Amazon without reading a review.

It may be helpful to think of reviews as a chance to share testimonies. Ask your members to share those testimonies online. But be careful not to go against the review site’s guidelines. 

Respond To All Reviews, Good And Bad

Just as critical as reviews are your church’s response to the review. Leave an encouragement for people that leave you positive reviews.

Sadly, every church will receive some negative reviews. Makes sure to respond kindly and address the issue at hand.  

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Six Local SEO Tips Your Church Needs To Know

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