What Kind of YouTube Content Should Your Church Create?

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Your church has a YouTube channel. 

That’s great.

But how can we actually engage people on YouTube?

The key to connecting with people on YouTube is to create great content, and that is where so many churches get stuck. 

In today’s episode, we answer the question – What Kind of YouTube Content Should Your Church Create?

YouTube Intro

The first piece of content you create for YouTube should be an introduction video. This is where you introduce your channel and tell people what kind of content they are going to find on it. Most of the time, people will pin this video to the top of their page. Be sure to ask people to subscribe in this video, as that will help them see future content you create. If that feels cheesy to you, you’re not alone. But it is proven to work and will help your channel grow. 


Most churches already put their sermons on YouTube each week. If you are recording sermons but not putting them on here, you are missing a huge opportunity. In most cases, we do not recommend loading your entire service, including your worship time. Unless you have invested a lot of time and resources into it, making live music sound good is very hard to do. When you load the sermon, make sure to take the time to include notes in the description. 

Sermon Clips

In addition to full-length sermons, it makes sense to clip those down and add shorter clips to your YouTube page for most churches. If you have a 3-point message, in many cases, you can turn that into three separate clips that can stand on their own. Keep in mind that the algorithm prefers videos over 5 minutes, so if possible, set that as your minimum length per clip. 

Testimony Videos

People love to hear stories. Testimonies are just that, and they are encouraging stories about what God has done. Video testimonies are powerful content for any church YouTube channel. But remember, this kind of content takes work. Producing a quality video testimonial is not something you can throw together in a few minutes. In most cases, you will get what you put into it. 

Bible FAQ

If you have pastored any length of time, you have been asked a few hard questions by people inside and outside your church. What happened to the dinosaurs? How can a good God not let everyone into heaven? One of the pieces of content we love is when church leaders take the time to answer some of those questions on YouTube. Q and A format videos do very well in the algorithm. 

Behind The Scenes

Finally, people love to catch glimpses of what church leaders are like in real life. We can give people a taste of that with behind-the-scenes videos. These help to engage your audience and build trust with them. The more authentic you feel to your viewers, the easier it is to build trust. 

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What Kind of YouTube Content Should Your Church Create?

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