Best YouTube Shorts Strategy for Churches in 2024

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Is your church currently posting YouTube Shorts? YouTube is the second most popular search engine following google. So if you want to reach more people you better be asking the question: What is the best YouTube shorts strategy for churches?

In episode 137, we discuss what’s working NOW for YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts have only been around since 2021. But interest immediately skyrocketed, and Shorts have surpassed 15 billion views a day.

If you’re going to have a presence on YouTube, creating content for Shorts is a must!

Here’s what your church needs to know to successfully use YouTube Shorts to spread your message.


[0:00] Intro: Best YouTube Shorts Strategy for Churches

[1:27] What’s the difference between Shorts and regular YouTube videos?

[2:30] Tips for creating excellent short videos

[4:08] Should you optimize for YouTube search

[5:32] Experimenting with types of content

[8:04] Posting consistently

We hope this conversation has helped with your YouTube shorts strategy.

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YouTube shorts strategy for churches

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Best YouTube Shorts Strategy for Churches in 2024

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