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Church Instagram Reels Content Ideas to Try Today

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In episode 138, we discuss Instagram reels content that is perfect for churches. You may remember how Instagram started as a social media platform to share pictures. But now, it’s all about short form video.

The Instagram algorithm is prioritizing reels, and there’s even a reels tab in the app bottom navigation.

Knowing that trend is hot right now, here are ideas to create great Instagram reels content that fits your social media strategy.

Instagram Reels Content Churches Should Be Posting

Here are some general types of reels content you should be posting on your church Instagram account along with some examples.


0:00 Intro: Why your church needs to post Instagram reels

2:06 What are reels and how do you make them?

3:25 Behind the scenes church content

5:12 Interviews with pastors and volunteers

5:54 Address a pain point

6:57 Spiritual growth tools and resources

8:23 Sermon content

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What Are Instagram Reels?

Reels are short videos that can be up to 90 seconds. They are typically made with audio, effects, and other creative tools.

With reels, you can add music or your own voiceover to your videos as well as use various editing tools such as filters, speed controls and more.

Creating reels is a great way for churches to share content with their members in a unique, entertaining and more personal way.

Behind the Scenes Local Church Content

People love to catch a glimpse behind the curtain. Also, don’t forget how important the fun factor is on social media. For example, you can show behind the scenes footage like:

  • Preparing for a service or upcoming events
  • Worship team practice
  • What happens during the week (church office, small groups, etc.)

Interviews With Pastors and Volunteers

Your social media audience wants to see more people sharing authentic experiences and feelings. So one reels content idea is to use an interview style format or solo video talking into the camera to share more content.

  • Q&A with the past following services
  • Stories from the church community
  • Highlighting a volunteer and “day in the life” of serving

Address a Pain Point

Use social media platforms to reach beyond the walls of your church to engage and encourage followers.

For example:

  • Discuss common problems and biblical solutions
  • Advice on how to navigate difficult life circumstances
  • Feature other users and resources on your platform that can help people

Spiritual Growth Tools and Resources

Another Instagram reels content idea is to help people grow in faith and their relationship with God. You can easily form these topics into a weekly series posted on your accounts.

  • Answer common theological questions
  • Share Bible verses on a certain topic
  • Hold live prayer with your friends and followers

Sermon Content on Your Instagram Account

Finally, you’re creating content in the form of your weekly sermon every weekend. Your sermon series are bound to give you an idea or two for some posts.

  • Upload sermon clips
  • Share the big idea behind the weekend message or takeaway for the upcoming week
  • Bring in someone to share their own spin on the weekend message

You can also learn more about how to repurpose your weekly sermon content with Sermon Sling.

What types of content have you found resonate with most people in your feed?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Church Instagram Reels Content Ideas to Try Today

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