22 Ideas for Promoting Your Church’s Christmas Eve Service This Year

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Christmas is one of the only holidays in the year that inspires people to connect with their faith. That’s why so many people venture to church for Christmas Eve service, even if they never attend any other church service. As a result, Christmas Eve service is one special day that many churches try to promote the most in hopes of attracting new guests.

So what can your church be doing to attract those faith seekers to your Christmas Eve service? How can you make sure your church message reaches those who are still considering a place to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

Don’t fret. You probably have all the tools and resources you need to fill your seating capacity this Christmas Eve. And all you really need are some inspirational ideas to help you coordinate an outreach plan. Here are 22 ways that today’s churches promote Christmas Eve services. You can leverage these suggestions directly or for inspiration, and make sure you have a full house on the 24th.

1. Setting Invitation Goals

When it comes to evangelism in general, there are two times each year you’ll want to set specific goals – Easter and Christmas. And with your church’s Christmas Eve service just around the corner, you’ll want to break down guest invite goals by the week or by day. 

Coach members and volunteers about how they can join in your efforts. Additionally, if you commit to inviting 100 people yourself, share that goal with your members. Inspire them to set personal goals, too. 

The best thing about establishing objectives now is that you’ll be able to track results. For example, see how many guests showed up for Christmas Eve service and compare those totals with your efforts. Then, you can use those metrics to set goals next year.

2. The Social Media Schedule of Sharing

Social media is a super-valuable tool for communicating with a younger, more tech-savvy crowd. Use your church’s Facebook and Instagram profiles to share a status about the Christmas Eve service

Additionally, you can use your church’s Twitter account to share the event details as well as relevant graphics. That way, those that may have been considering coming but are not sure will find out all the information they need in just two quick clicks of the mouse.

3. Marketing Materials for Promoting Your Church’s Christmas Eve Service

It may seem like a no-brainer effort, but as a reminder, make sure you have marketing materials around – specifically, flyers. These are perfect to hand people as they walk into the building on Christmas Eve night. 

Additionally, people who might not otherwise come if they don’t know it’s happening or stumble across your online messages. Therefore, putting a few flyers in common gathering areas around town can be a great way to invite guests in for Christmas Eve service. Share these printed marketing materials with your members, too. They can be leaving them behind wherever they go, as well.

4. Using Facebook to promote your church’s Christmas Eve Service

Facebook has a variety of uses beyond the traditional profile post. Promote your church’s Christmas Eve service with the use of video and imaging. Do a live stream to invite guests into your church. You can even create an online group for the general public to join, where you share inspirational holiday messages with a captive audience.

5. Cross-Posting Your Christmas Eve Service Times

Don’t just post your church’s Christmas Eve service on the church profiles. Also, look for other online groups and chat boards to post service times. 

There might be city groups on Facebook where you can post about the Christmas Eve service. You might also be able to join in Christmas festivities conversations, where sharing service times is permitted.

It’s these other groups and online threads that will allow you to extend an invitation to those who might not yet be looking for a church. But they can be inspired to join you for Christmas Eve service with an invitation.

6. Create a Virtual Team to Evangelize 

You might feel like you have too much on your plate to tackle the online outreach all by yourself. Instead, it may be helpful to create a virtual team of volunteers to help with your efforts. Others can post and share Christmas Eve service times and respond to any questions. And many will reach different audiences based on their respective rosters of friends and family online.

7. Build Excitement Around Your Church’s Christmas Eve Service with YouTube

Consider creating a YouTube series of videos to promote your church’s Christmas Eve Service this year. Maybe a 12 Days of Christmas theme or Meet the Members series will inspire. Also, using your smartphones to conduct brief member interviews is super-easy. As a result, you have a great way to generate excitement for the upcoming holiday service.

Those finished YouTube videos can also form a library on your website for additional access. And they’re great for cross-posting across other social media platforms, too.

8. Create an Inspirational Video Inviting Guests

Sometimes, the best way to really connect with people is a heartfelt conversation. For example, you might reach new visitors by creating an inspirational video where you talk directly to them. 

Discuss common stresses this time of year. Talk about loneliness or depression. Then, you can introduce your church as the spiritual place to find faith healing. Invite viewers of this video to join you for Christmas Eve service as your call to action.

9. Find Community Calendars to Add Your Church’s Christmas Eve Service

Your city might have a community calendar that your church can join with Christmas Eve service times. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, it might help to join in on a local Christmas Market or Breakfast with Santa event. Look for ways to assimilate into what your community is promoting this month.

10. Texting Christmas Eve Service Reminders

If you have a database of existing members or potential members, consider implementing a mass text service. You can send out text reminders for Christmas Eve service, along with the various times and online viewing availability. As a result, you can reach people with the devices they use most.

11. Custom Facebook Profile Frames

Facebook offers a variety of customization tools. Some allow profiles to feature custom image frames with messaging. Consider creating a digital frame with an invite to Christmas Eve service and use it for the church profiles. Additionally, you can invite members to use the frame on their personal profiles to reach a broader audience.

12. Create a Countdown Video to Your Church’s Christmas Eve Service

Build excitement about your church’s Christmas Eve service by creating a countdown. For example, create a social media series of shareable messages. Feature images of your church and goings-on with members. Use language like “only ten days away” or “only five days left” to create a sense of urgency. Remember, too, to keep those service times visible and invitations guest-friendly.

13. Email Campaigns for the Church’s Christmas Eve Service

If you have an existing roster of emails, usually used for general contact or email marketing efforts, put them to work as invitations. You can create campaigns leading up to the 24th and send reminders and welcome messages right to those inboxes.

Send these messages to your existing members, too. Ask them to share with their friends and family for even more reach and frequency.

14. Create Video Openers for Your Website

Don’t forget to update your website this holiday season. Additionally, many churches create video openers that pop up with each new visit to the homepage. In this video, you can personally invite viewers to join you for Christmas Eve service. 

Even if you don’t want to do the video, you can create temporary messages with reminders of service times on Christmas Eve. Make sure you also provide links and information for online viewing from home on the 24th.

15. Don’t Forget the Exit Pop-Ups

If you’re creating a video opener for people when they first arrive at your website, think about an exit message, too! When clicking to leave, you can have a dialogue box pop-up that features a reminder about your church’s Christmas Eve service times. Don’t forget to include a “you’re invited” message there, as well.

16. Visit Community Outreach Centers to Share Christmas Eve Schedules

Stop into the local Salvation Army, Red Cross, or Workforce Development center with flyers or cards. These community outreach services might allow you to post on bulletin boards or leave invitations at the checkout or front desk. Those frequenting these locations might be most desperate for spiritual healing this season. And finding your card or brochure might be just the sign they need to make an appearance on Christmas Eve.

17. Share Footage of Last Year’s Christmas Eve Service

If you have video footage of last year’s service, you can use it to your advantage this year. For example, maybe create a compilation video of service, members singing, and the holiday cheer. You can then share the video with members and across social media channels

New potential guests might watch to see what church is like before attending. A welcoming, open-armed visual can help dispel any churchgoing myths guests might have. 

18. Appeal to Children and Families

Don’t be afraid to appeal to children and families directly. You might find there are plenty of adults who don’t themselves feel compelled to come to church. But, if there are kid-friendly and family inspirational messages to share, parents might be swayed to attend to offer their children the Christmas Eve service experience.

Make videos with existing members who have children. Ask the kids for testimonials about what they love most about the church celebration at Christmas. Have a group of little ones sing a song. These types of invitations can be great for online sharing. And they’ll resonate with parents and families.

19. The Business Card for Your Church’s Christmas Eve Service

Many churches make smart use of business cards as invitations to Christmas Eve service. Have plenty printed up with a warm message on one side and church times on the other. Keep several in your wallet and car. Pass them out among your members for sharing, as well.

Everywhere you go throughout your day, you have an opportunity to hand out a card or leave one behind. For example, if your goal is to personally invite 100 people to your church’s Christmas Eve service, have 100 cards on hand. As a result, neighbors, bank tellers, and wait staff can all get personally delivered invitations!

20. Add More Service Times If Need Be

Christmas Eve service grows when you offer attending availability that’s convenient. Therefore, you might decide to expand to offer different service times throughout the day. 

Be flexible with how guests can interact this season, too. For example, promote your live-streaming service just as much as your in-person service. 

Some sources suggest the most popular times among members include 4:00 PM and 2:30 PM. But most will say as many service times as possible before 5:00 PM will attract the most attendees.

21. Heavy Up with Reminders on the 23rd 

If you don’t do anything over the next couple of weeks to promote your church’s Christmas Eve service, at least heavy up on the service reminders the day before. For example, post across all social media. Share those videos and reminders wherever you can. Members can join in the last-minute inviting, too. As a result, you could inspire some last-minute guests.

22. Record and Share Your Church’s Christmas Eve Service on the 24th 

Keep posting and sharing throughout the day on Christmas Eve. Also, record your first Christmas Eve service and share it online. You can invite people to join in person for the next service time. Or you could inspire people to hope online and tune into your live stream of service at a different time or on Christmas day.

Also, these video resources will come in handy next year. So, do your best to document with video and images of this year’s celebration of Jesus’ birth. If you need help with promoting your church’s Christmas Eve service, tap into these ideas for inspiration. And if you need a digital hand with your social media posting or website upgrades, let ReachRight help! ‘Tis the season to work with the digital outreach partner you need to connect with your community.

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